Marvel: ‘WandaVision’ Episode 4 Review

Hey! Hallie here! I don’t think any episode has been quite as eventful as this one was. We basically got all the answers we’ve been looking for during the last three episodes. Everything from who’s doing this to what the different SWORD appearances really were. Plus, we got a look into all of the charactersContinue reading “Marvel: ‘WandaVision’ Episode 4 Review”

Marvel: Avengers vs X-Men Part 2

Hey! Hallie here! I have recently come to the realization that there are way more connections I can make between the Avengers and X-Men characters. Because of that, I’m back with another post in this series! In this series I put characters from the X-Men and Avengers films up against each other based on theirContinue reading “Marvel: Avengers vs X-Men Part 2”

Marvel: ‘WandaVision’ Episode 3 Review

Hey! Hallie here! I know this is a day late, but so much happened in the third episode of ‘WandaVision’ that I absolutely have to talk about it. As I said in my last post, for the future I was hoping that we’d get to see both Wanda and Vision outside of their television showContinue reading “Marvel: ‘WandaVision’ Episode 3 Review”

Marvel: Avengers vs X-Men

Hey! Hallie here! The Marvel fandom has often debated which Marvel team is better considering the success of both the X-Men and Avengers movie universes. There are other major teams in Marvel, like the Fantastic Four, but none have made anywhere near as big of an impression as these two did. And with the biggestContinue reading “Marvel: Avengers vs X-Men”

Marvel: ‘WandaVision’ Review

Hey! Hallie here! ‘WandaVision’s finally here! I’ve talked a bit about the female representation in Marvel before, but I’ve never quite gotten to speak about how much I love Wanda Maximoff. She has definitely been one of the bright points in Marvel’s messy on-screen female representation history. She’s the most powerful superhero they’ve introduced soContinue reading “Marvel: ‘WandaVision’ Review”

Superheroes: The Most Frustrating Female Representation

Hi! It’s Annie! I know this also isn’t a Christmas post, but I promise I’ll get back to those soon! My sister and I have recently been talking about female representation specifically because of a really good episode of ‘Inside Pixar’ on Disney + where a woman received an award for coming up with algorithmContinue reading “Superheroes: The Most Frustrating Female Representation”

Marvel: New Disney+ Trailers

Hey! Hallie here! Yesterday Disney dropped a bunch of their upcoming releases for investors. This included a large amount of animated feature films and Disney+ shows, some more Star Wars content for Disney+, and, of course, a whole lot of Marvel news. A lot was released, all in varying stages of development, but the threeContinue reading “Marvel: New Disney+ Trailers”

Super Heroes: Power Rangers

Hi! It’s Annie! I am not at all embarrassed to admit that my favorite television show growing was definitely some form of ‘Power Rangers’. I grew up watching the original ‘Mighty Morphin’ series with my Aunt while pretty much simultaneously watching the Power Rangers series that were on Disney on my own time. These charactersContinue reading “Super Heroes: Power Rangers”

Marvel: Unpopular MCU Opinions

Hey! Hallie here! While all MCU fans are waiting patiently, or not-so patiently, for the Disney+ shows to drop, everything’s pretty much been on hold in the fandom. The biggest thing that’s happened to it recently was the fandom collectively coming together to acknowledge that Chris Pratt is the least attractive Hollywood Chris. Which resultedContinue reading “Marvel: Unpopular MCU Opinions”

Superheroes: How Harley Quinn is Changing the Game

Hi! It’s Annie! I have never been the type to participate in those ‘Star Trek’ vs ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Marvel’ vs ‘DC’ debates. I always felt that, though the franchises are comparable, they are still different and there really is no reason to compare them. I will admit that, despite this, I definitely preferred MarvelContinue reading “Superheroes: How Harley Quinn is Changing the Game”