Video Games: ‘The Last of Us’ Episode 3 Review

Hey! Hallie here! It’s been way too many days since this episode came out and I’ve been dying to talk about it. This episode has been widely praised since its release. Some critics have even gone as far as to call it one of the best episodes of television ever made. And really, who amContinue reading “Video Games: ‘The Last of Us’ Episode 3 Review”

Books: ‘The Stand-In’ by Lily Chu

Hi! It’s Annie! Yay, another book review! I got a bookstore gift card as a gift for Christmas and I’ve finally gotten the opportunity to actually go and buy more books. This one was on the top of my list and has been for a while. When I go out to buy books I usuallyContinue reading “Books: ‘The Stand-In’ by Lily Chu”

Netflix Shows: Reasons to Watch ‘The Sea Beast’

Hey! Hallie here! Recently the nominees for the 2023 Oscar’s were announced, including the nominees for Best Animated Feature Film. The movies up for the Oscar were all easily predicted by most people, all aside from one entry. ‘The Sea Beast’ making it onto the list of nominees was a surprise to most and effectivelyContinue reading “Netflix Shows: Reasons to Watch ‘The Sea Beast’”

Live Entertainment: Sailor Moon in Japan

Hi! It’s Annie! Firstly, Happy Changkyun Day! It probably isn’t the most fitting to do a Sailor Moon themed post on his birthday (pastels versus his usual all black), but I didn’t want to start my post today without saying that first! I promised to do a post about Sailor Moon events in Japan thatContinue reading “Live Entertainment: Sailor Moon in Japan”

Video Games: ‘The Last of Us’ Episode 2 Review

Hey! Hallie here! The second episode of ‘The Last of Us’ landed on HBO Max on Sunday with even more things for me to get excited about. Just like the first episode, this one stuck pretty closely to the content of the video game, but there were a few surprises that caught me off guard.Continue reading “Video Games: ‘The Last of Us’ Episode 2 Review”

Theme Parks: Sanrio Puroland

Hi! It’s Annie! I am currently hoping, (though I am not sure if it’ll even happen) to go to Japan for the first time within the next couple of years. To prepare for this, and also completely out of excitement, I’ve been looking up potential places that I might want to visit. Considering my immenseContinue reading “Theme Parks: Sanrio Puroland”

Video Games:Would the ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Love Interests Be Good Partners? (Pt.2)

Hey! Hallie here! In my last post of this series I essentially said I was going to save the best for last. Meaning, this final post is going to cover the big Solas vs Cullen debate. These two and their dateability have been a hot topic among ‘Dragon Age’ fans, and some have even calledContinue reading “Video Games:Would the ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Love Interests Be Good Partners? (Pt.2)”

K-Pop: Monsta X ‘Reason’ and Bias Updates

Hi! It’s Annie! I feel like I’m making this too late, but I absolutely needed to talk about ‘Reason’, Monsta X’s new release! Not only because this is one of the main groups that I stan, but also because this has to be one of my all-time favorite releases from them. I loved absolutely everyContinue reading “K-Pop: Monsta X ‘Reason’ and Bias Updates”

Video Games: ‘The Last of Us’ Episode 1 Review

Hey! Hallie here! The first episode of ‘The Last of Us’ is finally out and it did not disappoint. We still have eight episodes of this series left, but the first episode alone is already a masterclass in adapting a video game to a more widespread form of media. ‘The Last of Us’ isn’t theContinue reading “Video Games: ‘The Last of Us’ Episode 1 Review”

Books: Misconceptions About Jane Austen

Hi! It’s Annie! Recently I’ve been attempting to read the entirety of Jane Austen’s works because I received a really fancy and adorable collection of the books for Christmas. It’s definitely one of my favorite gifts that I got and it now holds a special place of honor on my bookshelf. I have read bothContinue reading “Books: Misconceptions About Jane Austen”