Twins in Media: Fred and George Weasley

Hey! Hallie here! The only way to follow up a post about the great Hikaru and Kaoru is to go back to the roots of red-haired mischievous twins. Who else could it be but Fred and George Weasley? Now I will preface this by saying that my once giant love for Harry Potter, and IContinue reading “Twins in Media: Fred and George Weasley”

Twins in Media: Hikaru and Kaoru

Hi! It’s Annie! As twins who have been affected by media our entire lives, you can bet that we’re going to talk a lot about twin representation in media. The first anime that I ever watched was one ‘Ouran Highschool Host Club’ and at first watch I HATED Hikaru and Kaoru. Why? Because twincest madeContinue reading “Twins in Media: Hikaru and Kaoru”

Hi! I’m Annie!

Is your name really Annie?- Nope! How old are you?- I am twenty-one! Which one are you?- I’m the one with the long hair. Most of the time, it’s slightly purple or red. What are your pronouns?- She/Her Introvert or Extrovert?- I am a total introvert. Favorite colors?- I’m a pastel girl. I like wearingContinue reading “Hi! I’m Annie!”