Disney: The Princesses Who Deserve The Hate And The Ones That Don’t

Hi! It’s Annie! As some of the older Disney movies are looked at again, and with some of them being questionably remade, the Disney princesses have been specifically scrutinized. This isn’t without reason; many people have been looking back at them to see which princesses are actually good female representation. Even though there are definitelyContinue reading “Disney: The Princesses Who Deserve The Hate And The Ones That Don’t”

Disney: Unpopular Star Wars Opinions

Hi! It’s Annie! I’ve thought about doing this post for a while but was definitely way too nervous to. The Star Wars fandom is not only a beast, but a toxic place a lot of the time. Discussing your opinions on Star Wars in a public place can often lead to some form of argument.Continue reading “Disney: Unpopular Star Wars Opinions”

Disney: The Descendants Characters

Hi! It’s Annie! Because I have absolutely nothing better to do, I recently returned to the ‘Descendants’ series. When this came out it immediately interested me due to the connection with other Disney stories without attempting to force a retell onto audiences. Instead it focused on the lives of four kids who have the misfortuneContinue reading “Disney: The Descendants Characters”

Disney: Top 5 Male Love Interests

Hey! Hallie here! I grew up with Disney movies and fell for most of the Disney princes. I’ve been a romantic ever since I was a kid and I could appreciate most of them for the love and devotion they showed the female leads. Going back to some of these movies, though, there are aContinue reading “Disney: Top 5 Male Love Interests”

Disney: The Rise of Elizabeth Swann

Hi! It’s Annie! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! YE BE WARNED. I don’t think I’ve quite made it clear yet how much I have an absolute love for Elizabeth Swann from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. Not only is Keira Knightley one of my favorite actors all of time, but there were few characters as formativeContinue reading “Disney: The Rise of Elizabeth Swann”

Disney: What Was With Frozen 2?

Hi! It’s Annie! I just watched ‘Frozen 2’ a couple days ago, yes I know I’m late, and I have a lot of thoughts. I’m going to be completely honest here and say now that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first ‘Frozen’ film. Sure, I didn’t hate it. It wasn’t the worst thingContinue reading “Disney: What Was With Frozen 2?”

Disney: Ahsoka Tano in the Mandalorian

Hi! It’s Annie! I haven’t talked much about Star Wars on this blog yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. I love the Star Wars franchise, but no part of the franchise, with a possible exemption for the Original Trilogy, is as important to me as ‘The Clone Wars’. Before we ever sawContinue reading “Disney: Ahsoka Tano in the Mandalorian”

Video Games: ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Is Disappointing

Hey! Hallie here! My favorite game growing up was ‘Kingdom Hearts 2’. It was given to my family randomly because we loved Disney and because we had a dusty PS2 that we never used. None of us had played the first ‘Kingdom Hearts’ game. None of us played video games at all. However, it interestedContinue reading “Video Games: ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Is Disappointing”

Disney: What Disneyland Did Wrong with Galaxy’s Edge and Pandora

Hey! Hallie here! One of the things I’ve missed the most in lockdown is being able to go to theme parks. I love the immersive feel of most theme parks, Disneyland included. But Disneyland has been slipping up with a few of their attempts at more immersive areas. The popularity of “lands” made to fullyContinue reading “Disney: What Disneyland Did Wrong with Galaxy’s Edge and Pandora”

Disney: The Best Changes to the Haunted Mansion for Haunted Mansion Holiday

Hey! Hallie here! Around this time of year, I always plan to go on Haunted Mansion Holiday at least once. It’s the best time of the year to ride the Haunted Mansion, especially for a ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ fan. The premise of Haunted Mansion Holiday is Jack Skellington taking over the mansion and decoratingContinue reading “Disney: The Best Changes to the Haunted Mansion for Haunted Mansion Holiday”