Hi! I’m Annie!

UPDATED as of 2023

Is your name really Annie?- Nope!

How old are you?- I am almost twenty-four! (Or twenty-four depending on when you read this.)

Which one are you?- I’m the one with the long hair. I have auburn hair most of the time and sometimes I even go ginger.

What are your pronouns?- She/Her

Introvert or Extrovert?- I am a total introvert.

Favorite colors?- I’m a pastel girl. I like wearing soft pinks and blues, but you’ll also often find me in black if I’m feeling lazy.

What’s your personality like?- I’m the soft one. I am often emotional and compassionate and it can be difficult to get me angry. I also am a massive over-thinker and experience a lot of anxiety. I’m very much in my heart and in my head at all times and I’m more likely to stop and think before doing something drastic.

Favorite movie?- So many. But usually you’ll find me watching Jim Henson’s ‘Labyrinth’ starring David Bowie.

Favorite shows?- I love so many shows! K-Dramas and C-Dramas are my favorites right now, so for those I like ‘Crash Landing on You’ and ‘Falling Into Your Smile’ respectively. I also love ‘Sailor Moon’ a lot (I actually like ‘Crystal’ better than the OG, I know, I’m sorry!!!) and have been really into ‘Critical Role’, specifically Campaign 2 as a web series.

Favorite music?- My favorite group is ATEEZ! I am an absolute K-Pop fan and am specifically really into ATEEZ, BTS, and ONEUS right now. But I like a lot of groups! ATEEZ is really just right up my alley in their music type and storytelling and I don’t think anybody could have been my ult bias other than Yunho once I figured out he existed. It was only a matter of time! Besides that, I grew up on 80s rock and absolutely had an emo phase, so I still listen to those types of music sometimes too.

Favorite book?- Recently I’ve been really getting into romance books so for those I’ve been a huge fan of ‘XOXO’ by Axie Oh, ‘Float’ by Kate Marchant, and ‘This Time It’s Real’ by Ann Liang. Other than that, I’m a huge fan of anything by Jane Austen and I LOVE ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern. No book does escapism as well as that book does it.

What’s your fashion sense?- Bows, flower crowns, chokers, skater skirts, cute dresses, sneakers, and leggings. Mostly in pastels, particularly pink. You’ll generally see me in most of them at once. Once I put on a skater skirt for the first time, my entire life changed.

Do you collect anything?- Funko pops and plushies. Anyone will tell you that I have a funko problem.

What characters do you kin?- Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6), Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Eliza (This Time It’s Real), and Jane Porter (Tarzan).

Why are you Annie?- Because if either of us is the girly, posh, British girl; it’s me.

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