K-pop and K-dramas: BTS

All rights go to BTS Facebook and their other social media. (Left to right) Kim Seokjin (Jin), Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), Kim Taehyung (V), Min Yoongi (Suga), Park Jimin (Jimin), Kim Namjoon (RM), and Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook).

Hi! It’s Annie!

I know I mentioned it in my introduction, but I am definitely a big fan of BTS. I will admit, I sort of joined ARMY late into the game. I didn’t really have a chance to properly look into them until quarantine started. Doing more research about this band, listening to more songs, and watching more videos and interviews of them was exactly the kind of serotonin I needed during this time. They are a band that devotes their time and effort into caring for the public and making everyone happier; whether it be through charity work or their music. There’s so much I could say about BTS, but it would probably fill a few books, so we’re going to start with basically telling you about my first reactions and impressions of all seven of these incredible men.

Namjoon (RM):

Gotta start with the leader. RM will be the first noticeable member for most English speakers because he is the most fluent in speaking English. All of them speak English to a degree and they are all improving so quickly, which is so impressive considering how difficult it is to learn a completely different language. But Namjoon will often translate for the others during interviews and, because of this, you probably hear him talk the most in any English interview. He immediately came off to me as very well spoken and smart. He’s definitely the responsible one. I am also that in my friend group, so I definitely respect it. He’s also an incredibly powerful creative for this band and you can’t help but admire his work.


Ah, it’s Worldwide Handsome. Jin came off to me right off the bat as just goofy, which I love. He’s got an incredible ability to lift the tone of an interview and just get everyone to laugh. I noticed that Jin seems to be noticed the least of everyone in this band, but this detail is still something I’m navigating through. I see a lot of arguments about Jin not getting enough lines and I honestly haven’t looked enough into the situation to make an educated conclusion on this. I do think he’s incredibly under-appreciated when it comes to the members of this band and I just think that interviews would be a lot darker and less fun without him there. That’s not even mentioning how much he adds to the vocal line.

Yoongi (Suga):

The guy who waves every time someone sings that Harry Styles song and my incredible bias. When you first see Suga in interviews, he comes off as very quiet and anti-social. These words are often met with a negative connotation, especially for celebrities. As someone who is often quiet and anti-social in social situations, I just found it incredibly relatable. The more you look into Suga, the more you’ll find videos of him goofing off with everyone else or talking deeply about an album and you just can’t help but listen. He’s the type of person with the ability to make everyone stop and listen when he talks because he generally has something really interesting to say. He’s also a complete badass and another powerful creative behind the band.

Hobi (J-Hope):

He’s your hope, he’s my hope, he’s J-Hope. An incredible dancer and a mood setter for the band, this guy just radiates positivity. He’s constantly smiling and laughing and spreading hope. Definitely the kind of person who makes you smile when they smile. I was pretty confused when I first saw him in interviews because the first BTS music video I ever watched was ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ and he looks very intimidating in that. The difference between that music video and watching a BTS interview shocked me more with him than any other member. He’s got this incredible duality and it’s honestly hard for me to believe that my first impression of him was in any way being intimidated.


It’s baby mochi! Ugh, Jimin is such a sweetheart! Talk about incredible duality. Jimin is a complete badass onstage and a complete softy offstage. He’s got the biggest heart and just wants everyone to be happy. He can be really quiet in interviews until someone cracks a joke and he’s the first one laughing. The amount that he cares, just about anything and everything, is incredible and such a relief to see in a world so dark. He radiates kindness in everything that he does and I could honestly talk about how sweet he is all day. His voice is also absolutely incredible and it makes me smile every time I hear him sing. This guy has been through so much and still has the kindest soul and I need to shut up now before I get carried away.

Taehyung (V):

The originator of the phrase “I purple you”. He has one of the most unique styles of anyone in the band and has the type of voice that could sing you to sleep. V is fun to watch. He can be very unpredictable in the way that you never know exactly what he’ll do. You can’t at all tell what he’s thinking just by looking at him. V gives off this vibe of being himself all the time. He never seems like he’s being anything but himself and it’s amazing and refreshing to see. The way he talks about ARMY as well is amazing. He has an incredible love for his fans and he’ll bring them up in any interview, at any time, just to talk about them. He really does love his fans back and it shows.


Finally we get to the youngest member of BTS. He was actually the first member I had ever heard about, because I first heard about BTS from a Jungkook bias. He immediately strikes me as being very mature for his age. He started all of this when he was really young; he pretty much grew up with the band and with all of this responsibility on top of it. There are not many people who could deal with that pressure with the grace and maturity that he does. He seems to be the most popular member of BTS at least in America, and it’s easy to see why. He has an eye catching style and an ear catching voice to match. There are not many people I know who have been that hard working for so much of their young lives and it’s completely admirable.

I guess that’s just a little introduction to the members of BTS, but this definitely will not be the last time I talk about them. It’s also only the way I see them and a bit of an introduction to the way ARMY talks about them as well. Just like with any celebrities, it’s not indicative of themselves as people on a regular basis. You can’t truly know the complexities of a person just through media; but I am grateful of what these amazing men do share with all of us. Many BTS fans are told that they are too old or young for boy bands or are questioned for liking music and media that comes from non-English speaking countries. I shouldn’t have to say that this mentality is ridiculous. Music has always been known to bring people together; it doesn’t matter what kind of music it is or where it came from. BTS has brought so many people together and has brought happiness into so many lives. That’s what really matters. I’m just happy that we have something so positive like this that has helped open the way for more cultures to be seen and appreciated.

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie.

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