Halloween: Morticia and Gomez Addams Are One of the Best Relationships in Media

Screenshot of Morticia (Anjelica Huston) and Gomez (Raul Julia) from the 1991 ‘The Addams Family’. Copyright of Orion Pictures and Paramount Pictures.

Hey! Hallie here!

Every year, when October rolls around, I get the sudden reminder that I’ve been neglecting my favorite fictional couple all year. There are some nice fictional couples out there, but none so healthy and devoted as Morticia and Gomez Addams. Regardless of which adaptation you watch, Morticia and Gomez’s love for each other stands out. This especially surprised me coming back to the movies a few years ago as an adult. As a kid, Wednesday Addams was the character that stood out the most to me. But rewatching it, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Morticia and Gomez. Every Halloween it’s incredibly important to point out what exactly Morticia and Gomez do right that other couples in media don’t. Here’s my list of the most admirable things about this amazing relationship.

They Actually Like Each Other: This might seem obvious, but I would like to point out that it really, really, isn’t. It’s really common in media to see two people who have been married for a long time start to dislike each other. In fact, it’s a common joke in media for spouses to be annoyed with each other on a constant basis. This is especially true of spouses who are shown to have kids they are taking care of. This is absolutely untrue of Morticia and Gomez. They enjoy being in each others presence, so much so that they sometimes forget other people are present. They are never insulting towards one another, even if they don’t fully agree with what the other is doing. They often try to find time alone as well, as they both know how important alone time with one another is to their relationship. Regardless of what version you watch, they constantly speak about when they met or the day of their wedding as if it barely passed. It’s obvious that their feelings for each other have never waned and they have taken steps to ensure they both stay happy.

They’re Still Attracted to One Another: This specific thing blows a lot of people’s minds when they watch ‘The Addams Family’ movies. Gomez can’t stop kissing Morticia, and Morticia isn’t afraid to call Gomez “Mon Cherie” in public. This specific thing was even included in the black and white television show that aired in 1964. It was a controversial piece of the show at the time. It wasn’t very common to see a married couple act so affectionately in public, and was definitely not accepted enough to be commonly seen on television. Still, ‘The Addams Family’ has never been about portraying a conventional family. Fortunately, the creators of the show were less concerned about what couples in everyday society would do as much as they were concerned about creating interesting characters with a strong relationship. Not enough married couples in media are allowed to be so affectionate, even more than fifty years later. Morticia and Gomez deserve praise for being shameless in their attraction for one another.

They’re Good Parents: Morticia and Gomez love being around one another, but they always make time for their kids as well. They both are supportive, eager to guide their children and cheer them on. At Wednesday and Pugsley’s Shakespearean performance they are the only ones cheering, but that doesn’t affect how eager they are to show their pride. They can be strict with their children, but they rarely, if ever, raise their voices at them. Gomez and Morticia show just as much love and care raising their children as they do in their relationship. Often times media treats this balance as an impossibility. Couples can either care for their children or care for each other. The very act of a couple being devoted to one another seems to imply that they are bad parents. Just think of how many movies present parents going off on a date night and leaving their children with a babysitter as an irresponsible move. Gomez and Morticia prove that devotion in both areas of their lives is far from impossible.

They’re Equals: Morticia and Gomez have never, even in 1964, been portrayed as unequal in their relationship. There is no situation where Morticia’s views have ever been treated as less important than Gomez’s. In fact, Gomez is fully aware of how intelligent and strong Morticia is. He relies on her for both emotional support and advice. Likewise, Morticia knows that Gomez is much more social than she is and can be trusted in social situations Morticia isn’t knowledgeable in. On occasion Morticia will act as a damsel in distress, but Gomez never doubts that she is fully capable of saving herself. Gomez, also, can be very dramatic and easily depressed, but Morticia doesn’t doubt that he can bounce back from his slumps. They both know each others strengths and weaknesses, and admire one another for them. Neither would be caught dead (pun intended) taking advantage of their significant other in a vulnerable moment.

Morticia and Gomez’s relationship never fails to make me aware of just how single I am. Their love for each other is absolutely undeniable. Most importantly, they lack all of the unhealthy traits I see in other popular relationships. There’s no unbalanced power dynamic. There isn’t an unhealthy amount of bickering that is somehow portrayed as “quirky”. They aren’t expected to avoid one another just because they’re parents. They share interests but they don’t like all of the same things. They spend time together but they don’t shut other people out. They are probably the closest Hollywood has come to portraying a perfect couple. Their love of everything spooky is just an added bonus.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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