K-Pop and K-Dramas: Get Well Soon, Yoongi!

Promotional image of Min Yoongi on the set of the ‘ON’ music video. Copyright goes to BTS and Big Hit Entertainment.

Hi! It’s Annie!

I’ve mentioned it before and I will not hesitate to mention again that I am a Yoongi bias. I could go on forever on how much of a comfort this man is to me. If you’re ARMY, or even if you just read the Twitter trending page, you probably already know about Yoongi’s recent shoulder surgery. I’m not here to go into the specifics of how he got the injury in the first place, but I know that this is definitely something he’s been dealing with for years. The shoulder surgery going well is amazing for him and you can’t help but be happy for him finally getting it done! Unfortunately, this also means that Yoongi might be out for a little while so that he can recover properly. So while we patiently wait for his return, I thought we should look back at some of the excellent artistry he’s put out there. I am an absolute sucker for a good Suga rap (which is all of them) so in the interest of time, I’m only going to talk about my favorite tracks of his that he’s put out under the name ‘August D’ rather than all of the amazing stuff he’s also put out with BTS. Just look it all up if you haven’t, it’s all good. So, let the Min Yoongi appreciation begin!

5. What Do You Think?

One of the two raps on this list that Yoongi referred to as roach poison for his haters just before laughing maliciously. Yoongi writes a lot of raps with the theme of “haters back off” and he pulls it off every single time. Not only are his raps extremely effective, they are also catchy. You just can’t help but feel like a badass after listening to any single one of them, and this is no exception. When going after people who dislike or troll him, Yoongi never really calls them names or makes a lot of direct insults. Yoongi is not the type of person to get into schoolyard fights. His argument is always along the lines of “When you become qualified to tell me whether or not my music career is good, come at me again”. Because why scream at someone that they’re bad when the awards and voices of thousands of people are pretty clear that you’re wrong? What’s really funny is that this is a roach poison. These people who hear the good reviews of his album buy it in order to pick it apart and are then greeted with Yoongi basically telling them that they can get back to him when they’ve topped Billboard. It’s a savage takedown and I’m here for it.

4. Agust D

His track actually titled ‘Agust D’ is definitely one of my favorites. This one feels a bit like an introduction to his Agust D persona and it’s one of the most badass introductions to anything I’ve ever heard in my life. Not only does this track show off the full extent of his talent, but it also is more of a description of him as a rapper. He talks again about his accomplishments but also refers to himself as a lunatic. The music video just reflects this as he does seem slightly unhinged in the absolute best way. For anyone who has ever expressed the idea that Min Yoongi is more shy than the others and therefore less of a showman; everything about that is wrong. Especially the showman part. I’ve said before that Yoongi is the type of person that you just can’t help but listen to when he opens his mouth. In this case, you not being able to help listening might be because you’ve lost the ability to speak. It is almost cruel to use this as an introduction and yet, it’s absolutely beautiful.

3. Burn It (feat. MAX)

It’s impossible at this point for you to not have heard of ‘Blueberry Eyes’, but not a lot of people seem to be aware that this collaboration between the two exists. It is definitely a far cry from ‘Blueberry Eyes’, as that one is sweet and this one makes you feel like a storm is coming. I mentioned in my intro post that I’m also a really big fan of soundtrack pieces from things like movies, and this feels like it alone could be used a soundtrack piece for an action sequence. The contrast between his incredible rapping and the calmer tones of MAX makes the song a strange and new form of beautiful to listen to. All that, while also making you feel like you could kick anyone’s ass after listening to it. This track also has a more emotional feel to it because of it’s meaning. In this track Yoongi ponders how much he has actually changed over the past years and isn’t sure who he’d be if he burnt it all. He fears what he would find if he faced his past self and also reminds his listeners that it’s ok to take it easy on yourself too. Every bit of this is emotionally charged and it becomes almost cathartic to listen to.

2. The Last

I would be absolutely remiss if I did a post like this and didn’t mention ‘The Last’. Yoongi has dealt with extreme depression, anxiety, a fear of social situations, and OCD; he is very open about this. His struggle with all of these things is laid out for everyone to hear in this track and it’s one of the most emotional things I’ve ever heard. I’m just thankful that he shared this with all of us. He expresses in this that he’s doing better and that’s a relief. This track is so raw and deals with issues in mental illness that we don’t even talk as much about. Like facing yourself in wondering if your negative thoughts are all you are. It also famously has the line about holding his shattered shoulder, which is a direct reference to the reason he had to get his surgery. It’s incredibly easy to look at any member of this band and just assume that their life is great and that they don’t have any issues or lasting problems. But these are human beings. Them being rich and famous does not exempt them from mental issues, nor does it somehow diminish the things they experienced in the past. Yoongi lived a pretty rough early life and he shows incredible courage by releasing this.

1. Daechwita

Who’s not surpised? Definitely not you! This track is nothing less than art. It is the best rap I’ve ever heard in my life; so good that my head spun after first listening to this. Also, if somehow you haven’t yet watched the music video, go do that. You need the full experience. From Yoongi as the mad king to Yoongi as the overthrower to a disguised Jin and Jungkook getting into a fight in the back of one of the shots. It’s absolutely perfect. This is the other track Yoongi referred to as roach poison, but he also referred to this one as the trap. Because it is both. This is the one that blew up and this is the one that they’ll buy the album for. And then they’ll listen to it and realize that there’s no way out. I have not met a single person who doesn’t like this rap, even the people I know who don’t like rap thought this was good once it started going around social media in mass. Yoongi is always at his best, but this is an entirely new level that he just created.

Yoongi once described himself as not being particularly talented and this is the proof that he’s absolutely wrong. Yoongi is an excellent rapper, producer, and human being in general. Though I’ll miss him while he’s recovering, I’m incredibly happy that he’s feeling better now. I have anxiety and also have had anxiety about health issues, so this was pretty inspiring to me. The fact that he made the decision to get surgery shows so much strength and it makes me so happy to hear that he feels like a weight has been lifted off of him. And missing him will just make his return all the sweeter. So everyone remember to stream ‘Blueberry Eyes’ for Yoongi and please cut him some slack. Do not complain about Yoongi not appearing in anything because I can assure you that he feels worse about it than you do, which is partly why he almost didn’t get this much needed surgery. Yoongi (and every member of BTS) is a human being, not a machine, and he needs time to heal. We’ll all look forward to when he gets back. Get well soon, Yoongi!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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