K-pop and K-dramas: ‘Run BTS’ Quarantine Watch List

Screenshot image from ‘Run BTS’ starring (from left) Kim Namjoon (RM) , Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), Kim Seokjin (Jin), Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook), Park Jimin (Jimin), Kim Taehyung (V), and Min Yoongi (SUGA). Copyright goes to BigHit Entertainment and VLive.

Hi! It’s Annie!

It is very very obvious at this point that I am both very obsessed with BTS and that I am currently bored out of my mind. This only leads to one logical conclusion because I have so much time on my hands. Binge-watching all of the episodes of Run BTS that are out so far. For those of you who don’t know, Run BTS is a show that follows the members of BTS as they play games, go to unique places, and compete against each other to avoid punishments (like climbing a mountain at sunrise for instance). At this point in time there are about a hundred and twenty episodes for you to binge, so if you do decide to take this route it WILL take over your life. But just like any variety show, some episodes are better than others (even though it’s always fun to see the boys do just about anything). If you aren’t looking to spend all the time it takes to watch every single episode of Run BTS, this list might be for you. These are the episodes that are the best, in my opinion.

Episode 3- “Amusement Park”:

In this episode they all go to Six Flags Magic Mountain in California to compete for different things while on rides. At least this was the idea. There’s not so much competing as there is just watching the boys have fun, but that is just as worth it. You will feel sorry for Hobi because of his fear of heights, but he ends up having fun in the end. It’s short and sweet, like most of their earlier episodes. My favorite episodes of Run BTS are generally the ones where they’re going out and doing things, so this one definitely fits the criteria.

Episode 4- “30 second mission”:

This one takes place at a pool where they have to compete in several short missions; including playing Jenga on the water which looks incredibly difficult. Their penalty is drinking garlic juice, and the only person who doesn’t react to it at all is Yoongi. Seriously, it’s badass. But what really makes this one is how much fun they’re having and the joy they get in pushing each other into the pool.

Episode 5- “100 second athletic mission”:

The boys compete against the crew in doing a relay sports challenge. What makes this episode is how frustrated they get with each other when a challenge is not met and how happy they look when they win. The lap they all do around the field when they win is guaranteed to make you smile.

Episode 7 and 9- “Silmido Part 1 and 3 “:

They play paint ball against each other; Namjoon, Tae, Jin and Jungkook against Yoongi, Hobi, and Jimin. Though it’s kind of difficult to follow what’s going on in this episode, they have so much fun it’s insane. And Namjoon uncharacteristically tries to cheat. Part two wasn’t my favorite, but I really like the bungee jumping in part three. You really connect to some of them over their fear of heights and watching them jump even though they’re afraid makes you feel weirdly proud of them.

Episode 11- “Back to School”:

They are all given roles for a school skit, and Yoongi must play a female exchange student. Everyone else must try to win the affection of said foreign exchange student. This episode is nothing short of hilarious. Really, that explanation is all you need.

Episode 12- “Cops”:

Namjoon, Tae, Yoongi, and Jungkook play the officers who interrogate Jin, Hobi, and Jimin for crimes that don’t make any sense. Most of the crimes are something about them looking too good, so this episode is a lot of them all jokingly flirting with each other. This one is also freaking hilarious.

Episode 13-15 “The Spy Who Returned”:

Yoongi is the MC and then it’s the maknae line versus the hyung line. They compete in several games at an indoor water park where they all look they are having the time of their lives. But one of the teams has a spy in it attempting to help the other team win, and if they do not guess who the spy is then the team he is on will lose no matter what. I was not able to accurately guess the spy on this episode, so make sure to second guess yourself. They’re all pretty good at this.

Episode 16- “Snowpark Winter Olympics”:

They go to a snow park to compete against each other in a series of freezing and adorable challenges. They all look adorable bundled up and the way they all cheer for each other is amazingly cute. Did I mention this episode is cute?

Episode 20- “The taste of Korea”:

Teams try to create the better tasting dish that will impress the chef of the group, Jin. I don’t think I have to tell you that the team with Yoongi on it wins as he is the next best chef in the group. However, this episode was the birth of “Squirrel trapped in garden” which is now a running joke among the boys and the fandom.

Episode 23- “Pet friends”:

The members of BTS are each matched with a dog and compete against each other in dog show competitions. Obviously the draw of this one is just to watch the boys play with the dogs. They all end up bonding with their dogs by the end of it.

Episode 24- “BTS vs Zombies”:

A classic as most of them don’t like horror. They are told they will be taken to a zoo and then are let off the bus amongst dozens of zombie actors. None of them are able to get much done and in an ill-advised match up, Jin and Yoongi are paired up. They end up pretending to be zombies to try and get the actors to leave them alone. Just…watch this one.

Episode 26- “Secret Agent”:

They compete in escape room style secret agent games. The best part of this episode is them watching each other go through it on the monitor and laughing at each other. This episode includes one of the most famous instances of Jimin falling out of his chair.

Episode 28- “Welcome to Your first MT part 2”:

This episode is worth it because of the karaoke bit. Specifically the group consisting of Namjoon, Jin, and Jungkook. Namjoon and Jin scream hilariously and then Jungkook soothes your eardrums with his voice afterwards. It’s the perfect hilarious combination.

Episodes 29 and 31- “Stylist and Variety Show part 2”:

Though episode 29 is technically separated, it leads into the following two. They style each other in outrageous clothing and then play variety show games that Yoongi hosts. Episode 30 they play regular games, but episode 31 is when they have an adorable nap time and then have to answer questions after they’ve just woken up.

Episode 32- “Take Care of Santa”:

No one ever expected Hobi to be scary until they all had to run away from him. It’s a heartwarming Christmas special complete with a malicious Hoseok. What else could you want? (Also, Jimin in overalls.)

Episodes 39 and 41- “BTS Golden Bell part 1 and 2”:

This is hosted by Jin and he makes it absolutely hilarious. If you want to see Jin at his best, just watch these ones. He’s insanely funny and watching the other guys participate in these games is amazing as well.

Episode 40- “Lunar New Year Special”:

This split up the last two episodes because it was on the day of the lunar new year. The best part of this is watching them play a new year themed version of red light, green light. It’s both hilarious and adorable.

Episode 42- “Sports Challenge”:

They compete against each other individually in a really elaborate sports obstacle course. This also involves heights so a lot of them take a long time, resulting in those beneath them laughing and jeering at them. There are many instances of those below rolling on the floor laughing.

Episode 46- “BTS Workshop”:

The boys make pottery and Hobi and Namjoon recreate the scene from ‘Ghost’. Tae accidentally drops all of his pottery and they all end up hilariously deformed.

Episode 47-48- “Protect BTS Village”

I have to say, I think the spy episodes might be my favorite. These are my two favorite episodes of Run BTS. They are each given roles in the village and must find the spies (yes, plural) from a competing village. You will be kept guessing as to which of them are the spies and you will not expect most if not all of them. I was so convinced of some of their innocence that I stood up and yelled in disbelief when the spies were revealed. Again, question yourself and what you think you know throughout the entire episode.

Episode 51 -“50th episode special part 2”:

The boys once again go to an amusement park and this time are given tasks they must do while on rides. They are not able to focus most of the time, though. This one is just worth watching them have fun again.

Episode 53-56- “BTS Picnic”:

Though these are all tasks, this is a bit like watching BTS in their regular life. They do regular things, they play hilarious outdoor sports games that most of them are bad at, and they write poems to each other that they read around the campfire at the end of the night. It’s really heartwarming.

Episode 61-62- “BTS Sauna”:

They compete in games at a sauna that involve them helping members from other teams out of pity, as well as soaking each other with water after they’re all definitely over-heated. You’ll feel bad for them at first, but it turns into something fun for them and fun to watch.

Episode 69-71- “BTS in Toronto”:

They do compete in a couple activities, but mostly this is watching them live their regular lives while they visit Canada. It’s a breath of fresh air, and watching them blindly choose sleeping arrangements is hilarious.

Episode 76- “Run BTS Drama part 4”:

It is interesting to watch them making it, but there are definitely pieces of these episodes that can lull. This one shows a bit of them working as well as the hilarious finished product.

Episode 83-85- “Summer Outing”:

They play hilarious games on a lake including chasing each other around a giant floating obstacle course. Namjoon saves other people constantly. Eventually they all decide to challenge Jungkook, who wins because he’s the golden maknae and of course he did.

Episode 87 and 88 “Hangul Day part 2 and 3”:

These are the episodes of this with the action. They must find letters and unknowingly tag their targets. Jimin is hilariously betrayed.

Episode 97-98- “Pajama Party”:

They compete in games while wearing adorable pajamas. What more is there to say?

Episode 99- “Florists”:

They are all taught to make different kinds of flower arrangements. Jin makes one that is so hilarious I couldn’t breathe while watching the episode.

Episode 100-101 -“100th episode special”:

Rap line versus vocal line compete in recreations of former activities. Including foot volleyball, which the rap line are so hilariously bad at that they all end up crying from laughing so hard (you will too). It all ends with a paintball match that is both hilarious and truly shows you how badass and intimidating the maknae line is when they work together.

Episode 102-103- “King of Avatar cook”:

This episode is both hilarious and frustrating to watch. Yoongi and Jin must give their teams cooking instructions from the other room. Hobi MC’s and he’s an absolutely charismatic MC! It makes me want to see him as MC more often.

Episodes 105 and 106- “Photo Exhibition part 2 and 3”:

These are the episodes where they’re actually taking pictures of each other. They make clothes for each other and photograph each other in the clothes. It is beautiful and Jungkook is a brave soul.

Episode 109- “Dubbing”:

The boys dub over Disney cartoons and they are all actually really good at it! Hobi is surprisingly the perfect Scar from ‘The Lion King’. Jimin is just good at everything.

Special- “Dubbing Directors Cut”:

They dub over their drama final product where they all play each other. Jimin dubs Namjoon, Namjoon dubs Jimin, Yoongi dubs Hobi, Hobi dubs Jin, Jin dubs Tae, Tae dubs Jungkook, and Jungkook dubs Yoongi. Jimin’s voice is never the same.

Episode 112-113- “Dalbang School”:

Jin is a hilarious MC as usual and Yoongi and Tae teamed up is always adorable. The way they all interact in teams in this one in general is cute. Namjoon switches to English and pretends that he doesn’t understand Korean in one hilarious moment.

Episode 114-115- “League of Number One”:

BTS play games with professional e-gamers. The way they all bond is nothing short of cute.

Episode 116-117- “Teambuilding special”:

The activities are great, but the appeal of this is watching them do the random games set up in between. It feels like hanging out with them.

Episode 120- “Reply BTS Village”:

I’m so happy BTS village is back! More outsiders and more mystery! And Jungkook’s face when he looks at his role is hilarious.

There you go! I know it’s a lot, but I couldn’t bring myself to cut out any more episodes! Really, all of them are worth watching. I hope this gives you some idea of which direction you should go when watching these. Happy binging!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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