K-Pop and K-Dramas: Common Misconceptions About BTS Part 2

Photo of Park Jimin during an interview event. Copyright goes to Big Hit Entertainment and BTS.

Hey! Hallie here!

The last time I wrote one of these I promised it would be a series, so here’s the second one! The first post in this series was a bit more serious. I talked mostly about the more negative assumptions made about the boys, or negative thoughts people assume most ARMY’s have before they enter the fandom and find out what it’s like for themselves. With all of that out of the way, I want to talk about a few of the lighter misconceptions people have about the members of BTS. A lot of this is coming from my own experience. My sister was an ARMY several months before I became one, which led to me hearing a lot about them without knowing enough to draw the right conclusions. Some of this is also coming from assumptions a lot of new ARMY’s, or people on the cusp of becoming ARMY’s, make that I’ve heard about recently. Whether or not you’ve believed these things before, hopefully you learn something from this list!

Jimin’s Style is Androgynous: Let me break down what androgynous means in this context. Jimin stylistically is often paired with pastel colors, flowers, and either more flowy or tighter fitting clothing than the rest of the members of BTS. In general, a lot of his style is pinned to be a cross between feminine and masculine styles, and a bit more feminine than the rest of BTS. This isn’t an unfounded assumption either. Jimin has worn clothing on stage and in photo shoots that has reflected this. I think the biggest misconception here is that the looks every member of BTS choose for their stage presences are exactly the style they prefer off-stage. Just like most artists, their stage presences look and feel a bit different from who the BTS boys really are and what they really enjoy. If you look at photos taken of Jimin outside of photo shoots and stage appearances, he likes a lot of black and white. He likes a good leather jacket. He is often found wearing black skinny jeans and some cool sunglasses. Sometimes he likes showing off his tattoos. There are even accounts of himself and Yoongi accidentally wearing outfits that are very similar and having a good laugh about it. While I don’t doubt Jimin likes some nice pastels and some fun flowers, it shouldn’t be mistaken for his entire style preference.

J-Hope isn’t Serious: I see a lot of people assuming J-Hope is the jokester of the group based off of how he interacts with others in interviews. He’s always energetic, willing to get up and dance in front of people when the conversation lulls, and is always ready with a loud response for a lighthearted question. But his energetic and enthusiastic attitude doesn’t mean he can’t be a serious guy. J-Hope is the dance leader for BTS and often contributes to and helps teach the choreography. All of the members of BTS have talked about how serious and sometimes scary Hoseok can be when he’s teaching. Sometimes they’ll even recall messing up a piece of the choreography during a live performance and looking up in time to make eye contact with him. He notices almost every mess up, but he’s also helpful and willing to go through choreography with the members only minutes before performance. Hoseok is also known for checking in with the other members frequently. He does this so often, in fact, that Namjoon has said that he is the honorary second leader. He is known to be one of the most responsible and caring members of the group despite his love of laughter.

Jungkook is Naive: This is a misconception that is mostly given to Jungkook because he’s the youngest member. Some people enjoy babying him, but others genuinely believe that he doesn’t know much or is immature. This idea only circulated more when ‘BTS in the Soop’ showed Taehyung and Jungkook ensuring their relationship wasn’t growing apart after Taehyung expressed how he felt he was changing and maturing. This seemed to make some believe that Jungkook was still immature, and the fact that he and Jin, the oldest member, are said to squabble the most of the group didn’t help the situation. However, Namjoon has spoken about how wise and mature Jungkook can be. Some of the members have even said that he has felt like an older brother to them at times despite the fact that he’s younger than all of them. While Jungkook sometimes likes to act cute and innocent, as many of the members do when they’re joking around, that isn’t his entire personality. He’s shown his wisdom multiple times to fans during interviews, and there are many personality traits he hasn’t shown to fans at all. We shouldn’t assume they aren’t there simply because we can’t see them.

All the Members are Dating/Not Dating: This is actually a pretty hot topic. There’s a lot of back and forth between people who believe the members of BTS are in relationships and the people who are very adamant that they are not. The true answer is we don’t know. All the members of BTS have said that they have no time for relationships, which given how much they do isn’t hard to believe, but they also aren’t allowed to reveal a lot of their personal lives to the public. Big Hit Entertainment is still in charge of their public image, which often benefits from all of them appearing single. That still doesn’t mean that they can’t date or that it’s impossible for them to date. But it’s also incorrect to assume that any one of them is absolutely in a relationship. The simple answer is, anyone who takes any side in this argument is just as in the dark as everyone else. No one has an answer and no one should assume that they have one. This is also personal information BTS doesn’t owe the general public, so it’s best to simply let the topic go.

I’m not done with this series yet, but I’ll leave this post for now. This one is a bit lighter than my last post, but there’s still a lot I hope any ARMY of any type can take from it. The most important take away from this post is simply that we should stop assuming we know everything about these boys. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we aren’t personally close with them considering how devoted they are to the fans and how much behind the scenes content we get. But none of us truly know them personally. We know the personalities they show the world, but not the traits they keep for the people in their personal lives. They are human beings with multiple facets to their personalities that only their loved ones can completely appreciate. ARMY’s can, however, support them for the kind people they are and appreciate the heartfelt work they put out into the world. Every member of BTS is amazing and they deserve to be appreciated for their complexities just as much as the amazing traits they show to their fans.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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