C-dramas: Can we all just agree to leave Wang Yibo alone?

Image of Wang Yibo from a photoshoot. Copyright of YeHua Entertainment.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Many of you will recognize the man above and many of you won’t, which is completely fine! That is Wang Yibo, an actor who is becoming more and more popular mostly for his portrayal of the character Lan Wangji in ‘The Untamed’. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you might also recognize him from my review of the Chinese e-sports drama ‘Gank Your Heart’. Wherever you’ve seen him before, we need to talk about some of the things that have happened to him and why we need to stop stuff like this from happening to him and literally any celebrity ever again. Wang Yibo has been known for being treated poorly by fans and haters alike. Many of his fans feel that they are exempted from human boundaries while haters feel that he’s entitled because of how sassy he is in interviews. I don’t know the guy in real life. I’m not going to assume what he’s like. But even if he was a not-so-great person; nothing, and I mean nothing, gives you the right to do any of these things.

The Car Incident:

Wang Yibo was sleeping in a car when he was found by fans and his vehicle was immediately surrounded. Many of the people around the car were doing more than screaming and were instead attempting to break the windows and get to him. That sounds absolutely insane and beyond scary. He’s not like BTS where he travels around with masses of security. Especially at the time of this happening, which was before his popularity blew up to quite where it is now. It grieves me to think that this isn’t common sense and that I have to say this; but you are not entitled to the privacy of a celebrity. If you see a celebrity who doesn’t look like they want to be bothered, especially if they are sleeping, absolutely stay away. Obviously, attempting to break into that person’s private property is even worse. Wang Yibo as well as other idols are constantly busy. He probably really needed that sleep you just ruined. Also, if you want to make a good impression on your favorite idol, making them fear for their lives is probably not such a good strategy.

The Fanfiction Incident:

Now, this affected Xiao Zhan more than it effected Wang Yibo; but it still did harm to them both. After starring opposite each other in ‘The Untamed’, many people started shipping the two stars in real life. I’m just going to say right now, I have never understood and probably never will understand shipping real people together. Not only can you strain a relationship by doing this, but those are real people, not fictional characters. It is not your business to try and find proof that they’re dating who you want. But anyways, a fairly explicit fanfiction of the two blew up in China causing them both to lose fans and people to boycott their products. Gay relationships and fanfiction are definitely not as tolerated in China as they are in the United States, which sucks. The incident got pinned on Xiao Zhan’s fans, which is why he took the fall for what happened. But if you were one of those people boycotting them for something that they didn’t even do, leave them alone! They didn’t do anything and shouldn’t be held responsible for every single one of their fans. That’s just ridiuclous.

The Phone Number Incident:

Somehow someone got a hold of Wang Yibo’s phone number and started selling it to fans. Wang Yibo began receiving dozens of phone calls a day, much of which he answered in the hopes of convincing fans that buying his number was wrong. This invasion of privacy only continued to the point where Wang Yibo had to switch his personal phone number and his company, YeHua Entertainment, issued a statement that they might take legal action against any fan who called him. Once again, there will never be a good reason for you to possess the number of a celebrity unless they are a close personal friend. That is, once again, an invasion of their privacy. Do some research about boundaries and then get back to me.

The Crime Incident:

This is the most recent thing that Wang Yibo went through and is essentially the problem that prompted me to write this. An anonymous person called the police and reported Wang Yibo for a crime that must have been serious as he was thoroughly investigated because of this prank. Eventually they realized that, as I said before, it was a false prank on Yibo. This guy has really been through too much at this point. Getting reported for a crime you didn’t commit would be absolutely horrifying. I do not understand this constant targeting of Yibo, but all I want is for people to just leave him alone.

Wang Yibo is a talented actor, and whether or not he’s a good person, he does not deserve this constant breach of his safety and privacy. Yibo has been targeted more recently than most. Somebody choosing for their career path to be in the public eye is not an invitation for you to do whatever you want to this person. I’ve heard a lot of people say that if a celebrity didn’t want a breach of privacy than they shouldn’t have become a celebrity. As if it comes with the job. First of all, that seems to put becoming a celebrity in a light that makes it sound easy. Or always predictable. Which it is never either of those things. Secondly, if you think that anything will ever entitle you to any person’s privacy I would ask that you re-evaluate. Yes, they are actors and many of them are rich but that doesn’t make them cardboard cutouts. They are real people with real emotions who can experience real fear. Stay out of their business and leave them alone.

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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