Marvel: ‘WandaVision’ Episode 6 Review

Screenshot of Elizabeth Olsen in Episode 6 of ‘WandaVision’. Copyright goes to Marvel Studios and Disney.

Hey! Hallie here!

Once again this episode was crazy. Every episode I feel like the tension can’t rise any further, and every episode I’m proven wrong. There’s so much to talk about, so I’m just going to jump right into it. SPOILERS ahead.

What I Liked:

Wanda: This episode explored Wanda’s character a little less than previous episodes have. She was really into her role as the 90’s mother and she didn’t seem entirely eager to break character. Even when she discovered Vision had lied to her about aiding the neighborhood watch for Halloween patrols. She was, however, extremely suspicious of Pietro. We saw her actually begin to question why Pietro didn’t look the way she remembered him. We saw her getting closer to him but still hesitating to tell him anything personal. And, eventually, we saw her lose her cool and send him flying after he made a bad joke about Vision’s death. Wanda did, however, tell Pietro that she had no idea how she had created Westview. This might imply that someone else helped her create Westview. Whether she knows this person or not, as well as whether or not this person has good or bad intentions, is yet to be seen. We do know that a few things in Westview have been beyond Wanda’s control, like Pietro’s appearance, and that does seem to imply that someone else is playing a role here. Wanda also demonstrated the ability to grow the area affected by her alternate reality. In growing the area to prevent Vision from dying, she also turned SWORD into a huge circus and swept Darcy along for the ride. Whether she’s fully in control or not, her powers only seem to be growing and there are very few people who can stop her now.

Vision: Vision wasn’t in the mood to play Wanda’s perfect husband right from the beginning of the episode. When Wanda thanked him for wearing his ridiculous Halloween costume, he was very blunt about the fact that it was the only thing in his closet. But immediately afterwards he was sweeter to her. His sweetness turned out to be a ploy so she would trust him enough to let him leave. After he lied to her about his plans for the evening, he decided to wander out to the edge of Westview. There he found people acting like nothing more than robots set to fill space. He also ran into Agnes who “took a wrong turn”. He disconnected her from Wanda’s spell, as he did before, and Agnes informed him that he was both an Avenger and dead, neither of which he remembers. Eventually he found the barrier to Wanda’s alternate reality. As many suspected, though, his attempts to leave Wanda’s alternate reality began to kill him, returning him to the state he was in before Wanda created everything. Wanda barely saved his life, but her distrust of him after his attempts to leave might turn their relationship even more hostile than it was before.

Pietro: Pietro was undoubtedly the strangest part of this episode. Pietro knows exactly what’s going on. He knows that he’s stuck in an alternate reality of Wanda’s creation. He’s able to reminisce with her about their parents and events that happened in the real world. And he was weirdly pushy about asking her questions. Especially about how she created the alternate reality. He was so pushy that even Wanda was suspicious, which is something that SWORD has avoided when sending people in to talk to Wanda in the past. Pietro seems like a plant, or in the very least he’s someone from an outside world attempting to gain information. While this could mean that Pietro is from an alternate universe and his memories are simply there because of the effects of Wanda’s spell, it could also mean that Pietro isn’t exactly who he appears to be. It’ll be interesting to see who Pietro really is.

SWORD: SWORD seems to get more villainous each episode. Especially Director Hayward. This episode we learned that SWORD has been keeping it’s eye on Vision, not Wanda. In other words, their main priority isn’t stopping Wanda. It’s regaining possession of Vision. Which confirms the theory that Vision was being held by SWORD to create something dangerous of his remnants. This also means it’s very likely that Wanda stole Vision’s corpse out of necessity, which many suspected after we were shown the tape of Wanda stealing Vision’s body. Hayward attempted to have Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy removed, but Monica and Jimmy proved how badass they are by taking out the agents escorting them off premises. Monica and Jimmy left Darcy in order to gain Monica’s “way back into the Hex”. Because of this they were able to escape being overtaken by Wanda’s alternate reality when the barrier grew. However, Hayward also managed to escape. What either of them are planning next is a mystery, but it’s clear they’re going to need a lot more help if they’re going to stop Wanda.

What I have Questions About:

Is Wanda Really Behind All of This?: Is this just a demonstration of how Wanda’s powers have grown beyond what she even believed possible? Or is her confusion actually a sign that she isn’t the only person behind the creation of Westview?

Who is Pietro?: Is Pietro a plant sent by a different organization to gain information? Is Pietro a villain sent to push Wanda to her limits? Or is Pietro simply a Quicksilver from an alternate universe, likely tying in to Fox’s X-Men, trying to make sense of the new situation he’s in?

Who is Agnes?: Is Agnes actually Agatha Harkness? A large group of fans, including myself, thought that Agnes was absolutely Agatha Harkness. She seemed to know more about what was going on with Westview and she didn’t seem very surprised about Wanda’s display of powers. However, when Vision disconnected her from Wanda’s spell, she seemed like a normal person. Was she playing dumb while she was talking to Vision? Or is she really an innocent in all this?

Why Did Wanda Steal Vision’s Body from SWORD?: Did Wanda know what SWORD was doing with Vision? Did she always plan to bring Vision back or were there other motives to breaking him out of the SWORD facility?

What Happened to Darcy?: I hope Darcy is okay! Hopefully she’ll reunite with Jimmy and Monica soon!

Those are my thoughts on this week’s episode! I’m way too excited to see the next episode but, unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait until next week to see what happens next. We only have three episodes left and the story is already promising an exciting ending. I know I’ll miss this show when it’s all over.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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