Marvel: ‘WandaVision’ Episode 8 Review

Screenshot of Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn is episode 8 of ‘WandaVision’. Copyright goes to Marvel Studios and Disney.

Hey! Hallie here!

We’re nearly to the season finale and, as usual, that means more reveals! This episode was by far the most emotional episode so far. It also finally gave us Wanda’s full backstory and her version of recent events. We know so much and I still have so many more questions. As usual I’m going to cut this short by jumping right into SPOILER territory. Be warned.

What I Liked:

Wanda: Here she is in her usual spot. We have so much to talk about for this episode. First off, Elizabeth Olsen did an incredible job. Seeing Wanda break down as she revisited her past was heartbreaking. But we did receive some essential information. One is that Wanda was a witch even before HYDRA got involved. She protected herself and Pietro with her powers when their house was bombed. We also saw that, when she was exposed to the mind stone by HYDRA, the mind stone reveled to her the image of the Scarlet Witch. We know from Agatha Harkness that the Scarlet Witch is a powerful witch from legend and that Wanda’s insane amount of power confirms that Wanda is that Scarlet Witch. Whether she inherited that title from a long line of witches, like she did in the comics, remains to be seen. Additionally, the footage of Wanda stealing Vision’s body was altered. I suspected that Wanda took Vision’s body because of the evil intent of SWORD, but not that Wanda didn’t steal the body at all. Wanda did become enraged when she saw SWORD was dismantling and experimenting on Vision’s body. But after a heartbreaking moment where she confirmed she couldn’t feel Vision’s presence, she left without the body. She then drove to Westview where we discovered, in yet another devastating scene, that Vision bought property there for himself and Wanda. Upon seeing the property Wanda completely broke down, uncontrollably creating the Hex and a different version of Vision. While Wanda creating the Hex and holding hostage the people of Westview was an accident, she wasn’t exactly eager to undo it. Especially with how much grief she was going through. Once again Wanda has been proven to be a tragic character who’s villainous actions are completely understandable. I hope she receives her happy ending, but I doubt this story will end well for her.

Vision: We have two Visions to talk about this time around. The first is the real Vision. We got a few more insights into Vision and Wanda’s relationship this episode, and I don’t think I can love Vision anymore than I do now. We were given Vision attempting to comfort Wanda after she lost Pietro. This included watching a sitcom with her and attempting to understand why she found it funny. It also included the wise observation that grief was love persisting after death. This coupled with the land he bought himself and Wanda reveals just how thoughtful of a man he was. However, the second Vision we have to talk about won’t quite be so thoughtful. In an end credit scene it was revealed that SWORD used the real corpse of Vision to recreate him as White Vision. For those who don’t know, in the comics there was a point where Vision died and was brought back to life as White Vision. White Vision couldn’t feel emotions and eventually had to tell Wanda and his children that he didn’t love them. In this series, it seems like White Vision will be sent to kill Wanda in order to stop the Hex. It also seems like the ultimate goal for SWORD is combining White Vision with the better-functioning Vision Wanda created. None of this bodes well.

What I Have Questions About:

Why is Agatha Interested in Wanda?: At this point I’m completely confused by Agatha’s presence over all. We got the revelation that “It was Agatha all along” last episode, which I was skeptical of, but this episode revealed none of it was Agatha. In fact, it further doubled down on the fact that Wanda was the one who caused everything. Agatha did a few messed up things like use a fake Pietro to spy on Wanda, egg on Vision when he was attempting to leave, and kill a dog. But she wasn’t responsible for any of the major things that have occurred so far. So why is she here? What is she attempting to accomplish? We know that she was interested in how Wanda created the Hex, but we don’t know why. We also don’t know how Agatha managed to appear right when the Hex was created. Was she already tailing Wanda at the time? Was she in the area when Wanda lost control? Or did she tunnel in underneath the Hex in record time? Agatha in general confuses me.

Who is Pietro?: We received information that Agatha basically brainwashed someone so she could have them act as Pietro and use them as her spy. So who is the guy she’s brainwashing? Is he X-Men’s Quicksilver? Or is he just some random guy?

What will happen to Wiccan and Speed?: Knowing that Vision almost died when attempting to escape the Hex because Wanda is his creator, does that mean that Wiccan and Speed won’t be able to leave, either? They are also her creations, so it would makes sense. But I do want to see them turn into the fully fledged superheroes we see in the comics.

I’m so interested to see what the finale will look like. There are so many loose ends they still have to tie up before it ends. Including the series’ bridge into the next Doctor Strange movie. Will Stephen Strange show up? Will Vision merge with White Vision? Will he die or survive past the series? Will Wanda be a villain after all this, or will she be at least partially absolved of some of the events that have happened? Will Wanda be the creator of the multiverse? I’m excited to see what direction the finale will go!

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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