K-Pop and K-Dramas: Run BTS 131 and 132

Screenshot of Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook from ‘Run BTS’. Copyright goes to BigHit Entertainment.

Hi! It’s Annie!

I’ve already done a giant post on my favorite episodes of Run BTS but, of course, that was before these last two episodes came out. These were some of the funniest episodes I have ever seen. While I did worry about the boys potentially getting sick from all the water, it seemed like they were also having a blast! (No pun intended.) If you haven’t watched these episodes of Run BTS yet you really should. They are the perfect way to get into this variety show if you haven’t yet. But there will be SPOILERS in this post because I am going to talk about the highlights. If you’re still here, great! I mean, all of the episodes are always great, but why were these that good?

Warm Up:

Before the game really even started they had a warm up, which involved the members of BTS floating to the middle of the pool on a floatie and trying to make each other fall in, in pairs. But the catch was, as it generally is, that they had to make the other person fall in without touching them. Part of what made this episode so hilariously chaotic is how much they really didn’t want to follow this one single rule during this game. This game started out with Jimin and Yoongi who did not purposely break this rule, in their defense. Yoongi lost his balance and fell on Jimin resulting in them both falling into the water together. Tae and Hobi went up next and Hobi lost while they both also ascribed to the rules. The issue began with Namjoon and Jin when their game lasted so long that Namjoon seemed to have had enough, resulting in him grabbing Jin and plunging them both into the water. Jimin and Jungkook faced off next which began with a hilarious ‘Titanic’ recreation (pictured above) as they were floated out to the middle of the pool. This one also went apparently too long for Jimin’s liking, and he promptly pushed Jungkook into the pool. All of this was taken to another level when Tae pretty much threw Jin off the floatie in the next round and fell in after him. The members of BTS were also asked to write Run BTS on their palms and try to keep the ink on as they went into the next water events.

Moderator Jungkook:

The first water debate started out with the topic of dry versus mushy cereal. Each time a member hit the desk a canon of water was blasted in their face and a giant bucket of water fell on the moderator. After they discovered this, Tae began incessantly hitting the desk resulting in Jungkook getting dunked with water over and over and over again. When they filmed this Jungkook’s hair was long, so he kept whipping his hair around like a drenched puppy. It was adorable, but you just couldn’t help but a feel a little bad for him

Moderator Namjoon:

The second topic was eggs versus green peas on jajangmyeon. This one stirred controversy from the beginning because nobody preferred the peas over the eggs, but the debate must go on. Namjoon was a very good moderator in that he tried to prevent the boys from talking over each other. The key word here is “tried”. Here the forbidden action was getting up. Though Namjoon now had the water bucket over his head, he had an advantage here in that his height prevented it from completely covering his head. That doesn’t mean he didn’t still get completely soaked though.

Moderator Jin:

The topic of this one was hard peach versus soft peach. Right away this one began to go awry because from the very first second of this debate starting they were all blasted with water and it would not stop. They tried in vain to figure out why they were being blasted as Jin was practically being drowned until Jungkook finally looked at Yoongi who had his arms crossed. The staff knows Yoongi very well as this is how he usually sits. So that entire time they were being constantly blasted because of poor Yoongi. I’m seriously impressed that Jungkook was able to figure it out.

Moderator Hobi:

Starting with the second episode we had Hobi as the moderator. Oh, this poor man. The topic was washing your face first in the morning versus brushing your teeth first. The issue was that in this one the forbidden action was touching your hair. Which, of course they were all doing because they were getting soaked and wanted their hair out of their faces. None of them could figure it out for a long while and Tae just started leaning out of the way of water canon. Eventually Tae figured it out and reached over to try and fix Hobi’s hair for him (Hobi was the one who was touching his hair the most because of the large amounts of water being spilled on him), only for them all to be blasted again.

Moderator Tae:

The topic for this was should you eat or not eat the kelp pieces in ramen. Namjoon called out Tae right away for wearing a baseball cap in a way that protected his face from the water when the other moderators hadn’t, so Tae flipped his hat around. Tae spent the entire time laughing and taunting the water stationed above his head. A couple times he even got up and did some Michael Jackson moves as the water came down, so he didn’t do much moderating. Jungkook made him regret all of this after a while though, after Jungkook figured out that the forbidden action was moving the water goggles they all were wearing, which he continued to do for fun. Tae wasn’t having as much fun by the end of that.

Moderator Jimin:

The topic for this was whether or not you should eat the rice in the sikhye (a sweet rice drink). Jimin knew from the beginning that their forbidden word was ‘yes’. Though the forbidden word didn’t effect much before this, Jimin kept getting them to say it here. Of course, the forbidden word does not effect the moderator. The forbidden action here was standing up and the water completely covered Jimin every time the action was done. But Jimin eventually stood up himself as if it was his own water show. Jimin and Tae had so much fun as the moderators which made it really funny to compare them to the others.

Moderator Yoongi:

The topic for this was bread with raisins versus without. Because this was the last debate they were able to choose freely which side they were on. The forbidden action here was pointing fingers which they all do so much. At this point you could tell they were all thoroughly soaked and a little tired, so no one was doing anything on purpose anymore. Yoongi got so into the debate he started arguing as the moderator for the raisin team. You could see that it was completely dark outside by the time they got to this one, so it was no wonder they were done with the water.


The end of the episode involved them all swimming in the pool and revealing how well protected the writing on their hands was. Jimin’s was by far the most well protected, so he ended up winning the challenge. His little hops when he went to retrieve the award were so adorable. The staff seemed to know that this chaotic episode was a lot for the boys, so they sat the producer of the episode in the moderator position and dunked water on him.

These episodes were so hilariously chaotic and I couldn’t stop laughing, so I obviously had to write about them. The boys were laughing just as much as the audience was which made it even better. I just really love seeing them that happy.

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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