K-Pop and K-Dramas: What I Learned About BTS From ‘Bon Voyage’ Season 1

Screenshot of Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin, and Jeon Jungkook from ‘BTS Bon Voyage’. Copyright goes to BigHit Entertainment and BTS.

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I’m currently in the middle of watching ‘BTS Bon Voyage’ to help pass the time and it’s really amazing so far. You get so many insights into the members personalities and it’s insanely fun watching them goof around. However, you also get to learn what it’s like to travel with them. Every member seems to have their own anxieties, fall backs, and hilarious quirks when they’re left to make their own decisions while exploring somewhere new. And it’s not simply that they always make a point to go shopping after they find their hotel. From the frustrating to the hilarious, here’s what I learned about what it’s like to travel with each member.

Namjoon (RM):

Namjoon’s a pretty responsible traveler on the surface. He’s constantly keeping track of all the members and whenever they need his English speaking skills he’s more than willing to step in. He also takes it upon himself to settle most issues the group needs settled. When Jimin lost his suitcase he called the bus company to find it, he instructed Jimin on how to ask for his suitcase in English, and he called the hostel owner when the time had come for them to settle in. He also isn’t a huge spender. He likes to enjoy the nature in every location he visits and he doesn’t always feel the need to spend money to do so. He does go shopping with the other members, but he’s very careful about what he chooses to spend money on. There’s one major problem with Namjoon, however. He’s extremely forgetful. In the first season he decided to forgo riding a cable car to hike up a hill, only to forget his backpack at the top. Luckily the staff had found it before they left, but it would have cost 30 dollars to send him back up for his backpack. After this he lost his passport and had to fly back to Korea two days earlier than everyone else. He was, understandably, very upset and it was heartbreaking to see him fly back. And yet, somehow, this was not the last time he lost his passport.


Jin is another responsible traveler, but unlike Namjoon, he’s a bit more responsible with his belongings as well. Jin will forgo many things to eat a good meal, but he isn’t a big spender. Like Namjoon, he’s careful about what he spends money on. He’s more likely to take time to rest than visit a lot of shopping areas. He’s pretty laid back too. Whenever something unexpected occurs he makes the most of it and remains content. He simply seems to enjoy vacationing, regardless of what he ends up doing. On the other hand, Jin can be a bit too confident in himself at times. He and Jimin once spent way too much time walking to their hotel because Jin didn’t really know where he was going despite his apparent confidence. He’s also the most likely of the members to randomly interact with people on the street despite the obvious embarrassment of whoever he’s with. But overall, he seems to be a pretty sensible travel companion.

Yoongi (Suga):

Yoongi is certainly an interesting traveler. Like Namjoon, he takes up a few of the groups responsibilities when they travel. Namely, taking care of their finances. He is always extremely aware of how much money they’re spending, how much they have left, and how much each thing they do will cost. In fact, he was made fun of multiple times for his habit of counting money the instant the staff handed him any. There was no worry that the group would go overbudget when he was around. Yoongi is also pretty laid back, though in a different way than Jin. If he’s tired, he will forgo activities without feeling like he’s missing anything. At times he even decided to use the inspiration the trip gave him to write music, regardless of what was planned for the day. He doesn’t feel obligated to explore, though he does enjoy it. He simply gives himself time to rest as well. He also has a habit of losing things with the somewhat reckless opinion that they’ll find their way back to him eventually. When leaving a hostel the staff had to pick up his iPad when he left it on the counter. This isn’t as reoccurring of a problem as Namjoon’s, however.

Hoseok (J-Hope):

Hobi is the opposite of a laid back traveler. Like Namjoon, he looks after the entire group throughout each trip. He makes sure everyone has what they need, and when they don’t he’s ready to help. But he can be pretty anxious when things go wrong. When Jimin lost his suitcase Hobi was very obviously concerned about it and didn’t relax until Jimin had it again. Another instance he was careless with the tickets for a cable car ride, believing the group didn’t need them anymore. When he realized that they did need them, he instantly became paler. A kind stranger returned them to him and Hobi sang the stranger’s praises for a good ten minutes afterwards. Hobi is friendly and not easily embarrassed. He held conversations with various English speakers, including some fans, and was very complimentary of everyone he met. He also easily figured out that if he told everyone he was on “important business”, he could kindly turn them down when they asked for a picture. He even openly dances in public places without batting an eye, though he became quickly embarrassed when a crowd started to form on one occasion. He’s an energetic travel companion who seems to be the most likely to worry of everyone in the group.


Jimin has his share of quirks when it comes to traveling. He’s one of the members who seems to enjoy himself regardless of what he’s doing or who he’s hanging out with. He’s also very conscious of the other members. Whenever the group splits up he always makes sure that he tags along with whoever’s alone. At one point this led him into an exhausting hike with Namjoon. He was also the go-to member to call if one of the boys was separated from the rest for any reason. He can be a frustrating travel companion, however. For one, he almost rivals Namjoon in his ability to lose items. At their first location Jimin became so enamored by the scenery that he left his suitcase on the bus. On another occasion he left his suitcase right in front of the airport despite the fact that he was standing right next to it. Fortunately, that time he noticed it before they left. Jimin is also notorious for being late. Whenever the group is ready to leave a location they find that Jimin is in the bathroom. Whenever they leave their hotel for the morning they have to wait several more minutes for Jimin to join them. He does like his sleep.


Chaos. This man is chaos. In the first season of this series Tae was forced to travel separately from the rest of the members on two occasions. The first occasion was because he was filming at the time, forcing him to leave a day later than everyone else. When he arrived on location he was instructed to go straight to the hostel, but instead he treated the staff attending him to TGI Fridays because he was hungry. Despite the fact that he, and the other members, were supposed to stick to a budget provided by the staff. The second time he travelled alone, this time because he overslept and underestimated the amount of time it would take the other members to reach the airport, his flight got delayed. When he finally arrived in their next location he was instructed to take a bus, but he got so tired of waiting for the bus that he used his ticket to board a random bus instead. This bus, unsurprisingly, took him to the wrong location. He and the staff members ended up in the middle of nowhere, where the director was forced to drive two hours out to in order to retrieve them. However, this is also the beauty of Taehyung. He’s an absolute romantic. One of the reasons why he wanted to stay out and eat before reaching the hostel was because he saw so many people wearing cultural outfits and wanted to spend time taking in the crowds and the atmosphere. When he was lost he told Jimin over the phone that the beautiful greenery made up for it all. He even decided to walk to a river despite the worrying situation. He absolutely shouldn’t travel alone, but you can’t help but admire his outlook.


Responsible? No. Troublesome? Also no. He doesn’t lose his things and he’s pretty content to follow the instructions of the older members. Jungkook doesn’t ever seem to have much of a set agenda. He seems content to follow whoever has an adventurous idea. Whether that means going for a hike, joining in on a shopping spree, or simply eating a large meal, he always seems content. He enjoys goofing around with the other members and, so long as he’s doing that, he’s happy. He relies on the other members for a lot of things but that doesn’t seem to bother him or anyone else. He’s still pretty serious about his self care, even abroad. He was so worried about the smell of his clothes that he wound up doing the laundry for all the members on their trip. He also loves taking pictures, which on some occasions meant he stopped in the middle of nowhere to pull out his camera and the other members nearly left him behind. Fortunately, he was with Hobi on most of these occasions, who is far too aware to leave Jungkook behind.

Of course, all of this was back in 2016 so many of their habits have probably changed since then. I guess I’ll have to watch the other seasons to see what changes. And, as always, I’ll fill you in as I go along!

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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