K-Pop and K-Dramas: What I Learned About BTS After Finishing ‘Bon Voyage’

Screenshot of Kim Namjoon (RM) and Min Yoongi (Suga) in the ‘Bon Voyage’ series. Copyright goes to BTS and BigHit Entertainment.

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After I finished season 1 of ‘Bon Voyage’ I made a post highlighting what it would be like to travel with each member of BTS. But that first season was filmed quite a few years ago. Now that I’ve finished watching the series and seen how these boys have changed overtime, I have a better idea of what they’re like now. Especially because the last season was only released back in 2019. Let’s go through how the members travel habits changed from the first season.

Kim Namjoon (RM):

In my last post I talked about how prone he is to losing things, but it was unfair to assume that he was the only one. Literally every member of BTS has accidentally left something behind at some point. They really need someone to make sure they have all of their belongings before they leave a location. Still, Namjoon is most prone to lose something important. Like an entire backpack full of his belongings or his passport. He’s lost his wallet on multiple occasions as well, though fortunately he’s been able to retrieve it each time without too much hassle. At one point it was just in his back pocket which was frustratingly hilarious. Namjoon is an extremely helpful and caring leader. He keeps track of all of the members and ensures they’re having a good time. He often feels like he isn’t helping enough because he can’t cook or drive, but he always jumps at the opportunity to clean after a meal or help the drivers navigate. He’s also a very deep thinker and a change of scenery only increases his thoughtfulness. Whenever he was alone with another member he’d always get into a deep conversation with them inspired by the change of scenery, and at times he felt obligated to work because of his inspiration. But overall he’s a pretty responsible traveler. He enjoys the simple things, never looks to spend too much money, and is willing to compromise to keep the group happy.

Kim Seokjin:

I tagged Jin as a pretty chill traveler before, but I missed out on one very large quirk Jin has when traveling. He greets everyone in the street. Literally everyone. He’ll walk up to a group of random strangers and attempt to join their conversation even when he doesn’t understand their language. He’ll ask someone passing by if they know BTS to the embarrassment of all the other members. On one occasion this did work to his advantage. On one of their first days in Malta he walked up to a random elderly man to ask if he knew BTS and generally attempt to hold a conversation with him. A few episodes later Jin was set to be paired off with Jungkook to explore Malta, but Jungkook was tired (or eager to dye his hair) and left Jin to explore on his own. Jin walked into a random bar and found the same man was the owner of the bar. The man took pity on Jin because he was alone and spent the night talking to him. He even bought Jin a drink. The man was incredibly kind and the two regarded each other as friends when they parted. Although Jin made it his mission to embarrass every member he was paired off with, he also would accompany anyone who needed it, even if he was scared of the activity they were doing. He’s also an excellent cook and one of the people who will volunteer to drive the most. If you can get over the embarrassment, he’s a pretty solid travel partner.

Min Yoongi (Suga):

Yoongi is the type of person who won’t pressure himself to do multiple activities while traveling. He likes to explore, but he also takes time to nap in his room or work if he feels like it. Unlike Namjoon, he doesn’t pressure himself to do work if he’s inspired. He will simply do it when he feels like it and refrain when he doesn’t. Yoongi doesn’t like the bigger, scarier activities. When some of the members decided to ride a giant swing, equivalent to bungee jumping, in New Zealand, Yoongi adamantly refused to go along though he cheered them on from the sidelines. He prefers activities like fishing. He also enjoys a good bar and is willing to teach any member who doesn’t know much about alcohol what types of alcohol are best. He notably did this with Jungkook in Malta. Yoongi is one of the most responsible members. Whenever the group was camping, Yoongi was designated cook. He’s excellent at grilling meat and he seemed to know the best ways to cook food when there weren’t many resources available to do so. He also enjoyed keeping track of the groups money whenever he could and ensured that no one was spending too much. He sleeps the most out of any other member, but his laid back approach to travel is admirable.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope):

Hobi is a lot less anxiety ridden than I originally perceived him to be. Whenever a member isn’t present or an item is lost, he’s absolutely one of the most anxious members. But otherwise he walks a line between laid-back and attempting to keep track of everything. When Yoongi wasn’t present Hobi offered to take care of the money, and despite leaving a few things behind in his efforts to watch over the money (such as a room key and a shopping bag), he showed himself to be pretty responsible. He enjoyed it so much that he offered to continue doing it even after Yoongi returned. He’s also the most likely to make sure the members have everything they need and is the first to offer help if they don’t. If someone had difficulty driving their camper in New Zealand he would offer to teach them how to drive the vehicle or offer to drive it himself. He even became the designated organizer when the members struggled to find space for groceries in the camper. Aside from this, he’s pretty casual. He’s scared of many things, but he showed himself willing to try anything once, even the giant swing in New Zealand. Whenever he was paired with another member he would be open to any activity they suggested. He would take pictures for the members whenever they asked it of him, and whenever a member was doing something cute or impressive he’d film them with a large smile on his face. He’s a very helpful travel companion.

Park Jimin:

Jimin is so sweet. I did criticize him for being late often in my first post, but this isn’t always the case. He’s definitely the last to wake up in the morning, but if he needs to be quick when getting ready he can be. Out of every other member he’s most likely to join someone who’s alone, comfort someone who’s sad, or notice someone who’s struggling. Both Namjoon and Taehyung at separate times depended on his words of advice to deal with their anxieties. When Taehyung was struggling with loss, Jimin pulled him into a hug and started talking about how clear the night sky was. On occasion he’d drive, but he’s the type to get carsick. This was especially a problem in New Zealand when all of the members noted that it was easy to get carsick in the camper. He would always set up camping sites and help whoever was cooking make food, though. He was willing to try most activities and participated in almost everything (Except the swing in New Zealand). If given an opportunity in a situation where every member was paired off with someone else, he’d always make an attempt to spend time with Taehyung. The two are best friends and they tended to share the same opinions on a lot of the activities they wanted to do. When Taehyung decided to go horseback riding Jimin decided to (unsuccessfully) attempt to race him with his bike. When Tae came late to Malta Jimin showed him all of the sights he’d seen that he knew Tae would like. In general Jimin is a sweetheart and a fun travel partner.

Kim Taehyung:

Taehyung grew up a lot as the series progressed. In the first few seasons he was spontaneous and mischievous. He’d leave to do random activities even if they weren’t exactly allowed by the staff and if he had an opportunity to get out of cleaning up, he’d take it. Malta was the first time this situation changed. His spontaneity was still there. He arrived late and, because of this, wasn’t able to do some of the activities the other members were scheduled for. So he ended up going to a Popeye themed water park on the beach and jet skiing afterwards, to the staff’s bewilderment. But he was quiet for most of the trip due to a recent loss. When he was given the opportunity to attempt busking, like Jungkook had done earlier, he was so nervous that he attempted to practice his song before he went up and left after the first verse. But he was proud of his accomplishments and still very sweet. At one point he, Jin, and Jungkook decided to go to an amusement park and enjoyed it so much that the three payed for the staff to go on one of the rides with them. In the final season, he did dishes every time they needed to clean up, and the one time he fell asleep before he could clean he became guilty. He can’t cook but he’d offer to help anyway and he’d keep up the mood with loud music and even louder singing. You definitely see him grow up as the series goes on and I’d say he’s much more responsible of a traveler now.

Jeon Jungkook:

Jungkook is still very much the type to go with the flow. He’ll try anything any of the members want to do and he’ll enjoy himself regardless of what it is. When Yoongi and Jin decided to go fishing, Jungkook went with them to try it out. He ended up being good at it and continuing to fish with them. He’s also a bit of a daredevil. Unlike Yoongi, he reveled in anything mildly scary. At the swing in New Zealand he decided to go upside down. When they tried diving with sharks he immediately went straight to the bottom of the cage to get a closer look. But he can also be pretty quiet and introspective. At one point he was left on his own to decide what he wanted to do without any other member, and he simply enjoyed walking around the streets. He became enamored with buskers, payed a few of them, and tried busking himself. He beat himself up over his busking because he thought he was bad, but he was truly amazing and Hobi never hesitated to play the clip of him busking in his presence to prove how good he was. He’s also very responsible. Like Jin, he’d offer to drive more than most of the other members and, in New Zealand, he considered himself in charge of the camper because of how difficult it was to drive. It’s so interesting to see how much he grew up over the years as well.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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