Video Games: ‘Animal Crossing’ Species Ranked

Various villagers and visitors surrounding K.K. Slider from ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’. Copyright goes to Nintendo.

Hey! Hallie here!

Bunny day is just a day away for Animal Crossing fans, fortunately. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to farm for some much needed resources only to end up with your pockets full of eggs. But while this egg hell that comes every Spring is coming to a close, it isn’t over yet. So to cheer the masses of ‘Animal Crossing’ fans that are going slightly insane, here’s a little post to get your mind off of Bunny day and the insanely disturbing Zipper. Animal Crossing has far to many villagers for me to rank. Most of them are too cute to even attempt to try. But there are a limited amount of animal species you can encounter in the game and some contain much more likable traits than others. So let’s look at what types of villagers are the most adorable, and which species you should be more choosy about when picking villagers for your island. As a disclaimer, this is just my personal opinion.

35. Monkeys. There aren’t very many monkeys to encounter in Animal Crossing, but somehow the majority of them are insanely creepy. They’re strangely lanky compared to the other villagers and most of their individual designs are nothing short of ugly compared to the other villagers. Don’t believe me? Look up Elise. Why did they do that to her lips? I’d argue that the most normal looking monkey in Animal Crossing is Shari, but unfortunately, myself and many others turned against Shari when she started a rivalry with Jacksepticeye. We’re watching you Shari.

34. Hippos. There are even less hippos than monkeys in Animal Crossing, which is saying something. The issue with hippos is that the designers very clearly couldn’t figure out how to make them cute. None of them have particularly pleasing features and the protruding teeth only serve to make their appearance odder rather than adorable. There’s also Harry, who’s creepy beard drags down this category by quite a lot.

33. Mice. There’s some adorable mice in Animal Crossing, but they are just about equaled by the not-so-cute mice. What makes this worse is that the creepy looking mice are some of the most disturbing looking characters in the game. From Limberg who suffers from a creepy beard, to Moose who is infamous for looking like he doesn’t take no for an answer, to Rizzo who was one of the first villagers I had as a kid that creeped me out. I may be a bit biased, but you see my point.

32. Hamsters. This might be controversial, but I’m not a huge fan of the hamsters. Some of them are kind of cute, but I find their proportions more strange than adorable. Then there are hamsters that look plain awful. Like Rodney. Kill it with fire.

31. Rabbits. Another possibly controversial opinion. I think these animals would be much cuter if they weren’t designed to look so much like humans. Out of all of the animals in Animal Crossing, rabbits seem to be the most humanoid or stylized, just with bunny ears. There are some exceptions, like the adorable Gabi. But let’s be honest, Carmen doesn’t look like a rabbit at all. Most of them don’t even have noses.

30. Gorillas. I don’t dislike gorillas nearly as much as some other fans seem to. They’re pretty cute, in my opinion, and some are downright awesome. Just look at Hans, a snowy white gorilla and Boone, the extremely large baboon. Those two have some of my favorite designs in the entire game. But they still aren’t by a long shot some of the cutest characters. Unfortunately, for Animal Crossing, I gravitate towards cuter animals.

29. Chickens. I’m not a huge fan of chickens, but there are honestly some pretty cute ones in Animal Crossing. Ava is a good example, and who doesn’t love Knox’s knight attire? But I still don’t find them as a whole very adorable. So they’re down here.

28. Kangaroos. Kangaroos aren’t the worst Animal Crossing animals, but there is something I find creepy about them. Namely, that the women characters all have a Joey in their pouch. I have no problem with some of these characters being mothers! I do have a problem with the fact that these children are never mentioned. Or that a sisterly character like Sylvia can talk about how she likes kids but isn’t sure she wants any with her child sitting right there. Or that said child has her same exact haircut. So yeah. Not my cup of tea.

27. Bulls. The bulls are some of the larger male mammals that are more mediocre but by no means bad. Angus is a cutie who I loved as a child when he stayed in my village, and Rodeo has a very cool black and red-eyed design. But there are some really bland designs here as well.

26. Cows. Cows are quite a bit cuter than the bulls, but the same rules apply here. While Patty is definitely adorable, Tipper is quite bland. She’s a normal black-and-white-spotted cow And I say that knowing that Tipper was one of my favorite characters as a kid (She wasn’t snooty then).

25. Anteaters. Anteaters as a whole are pretty cute! Olaf and Annalisa make up the list of interesting designed offerings, and their long noses make them stand out from the other animals overall. Otherwise, the small number of anteaters don’t really stand out compared to some of the other animals.

24. Alligators. There are some ADORABLE alligators. Just look at the perfectly pink Gayle. But like the other species that I’ve put around this point on the list, there are very few of them and most are pretty plain compared to some of the other animals. The alligators do have some surprisingly cute designs, though.

23. Bears. This is already getting extremely difficult. I love the look of the bears and there are a specific few that really steal my heart. Nate, Pinky, and Tutu have been bear characters that I have loved for quite a long time. I love how tall they are but still fluffy and huggable. But there are some really awful bears out there. Like Chow with his creepy smile. Or Paula with her singular tooth. Because of these designs, bears fall down here.

22. Ducks. I’ve seen ducks near the bottom of a few fan favorite lists. But there are definitely ducks worth noting. Molly and Pate come to mind as fan favorites. Ducks have pretty adorable proportions and I wouldn’t say there’s any one of them that drags the group down a whole lot. I’ve seen some hate for Derwin, but personality aside, I think his cute glasses and derpy haircut aren’t all that bad. Still, there are better animals ahead.

21. Frogs. Another group of animals that I see ignored by many fans. Among the frogs is Prince, who suffers from the weird beard design. But there are some genuinely cool designs here. I love the robot design of Ribbot, and Lilly is a classically cute character. Plus, who doesn’t love the mustache on Cousteau? But they don’t quite match to the appeal of other animals.

20. Birds. The big head and little body proportions here aren’t too different from ducks, and it works in their favor. Plus, most of the bird characters are quite pretty. Their major issue is the fact that they aren’t as conventionally cute as other animal characters. No pinchable cheeks here. So while I may love the colors on Twiggy and Midge, the birds stay here.

19. Pigs. Pigs have round faces, fun designs, and easily noticeable cuteness. Most of the credit goes to the female characters, who are amongst the best female characters in all of Animal Crossing. Lucy and Agnes have been headliners amongst the villagers, Lucy with her appealing white and pink color palette and Agnes with her quirky spots. There are some dark points here, like Truffles and his horrible haircut, or Sporky who’s smile looks straight out of ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’. But overall pigs are a pretty solid group.

18. Rhinos. There aren’t many rhinos, but they stand out. Rhonda’s gothy look and Merangue, who actually has a strawberry and cream on her snout, are some of the best designs in the game. Overall, Rhinos have a pretty nice design amongst the bigger creatures. The main issue is when they stick their snout in your face when you try to talk to them. But I don’t mind it enough for me to like them any less.

17. Lions. The flat face that most of the lions dawn are bewildering, especially because of how nice the snouts look on the tigers. But they’re quite interesting overall. Most of them have fun beards or mustaches, which actually works on them because of their manes. The lions also have fun personalities. Like Mott, the jock with charming glasses. Or Bud, the hippie. A few of these characters are even regal, matching their regality of their species. I like them quite a bit.

16. Penguins. These animals were made for Animal Crossing. Their proportions are perfect for the series, and their naturally cute appearance really works. Unfortunately, a few of them have quite plain color schemes. And then there’s Cube, who’s crossed out eyes give off a dead look. But there are definitely some fun designs to draw your attention. Like Sprinkle and her wintery color scheme.

15. Koalas. Koalas suffer from the flat-face problem that lions do. But they are also much cuter than the lions. Alice and Melba have cute cream and brown designs with such compelling expressions that I’ve loved them since I was a kid, even without either ever showing up in my villages. Eugene has a cool Greaser design that I’ve seen many praise. My main critique here is similar to the penguins. Some of these characters have the same exact color scheme. I’m being nitpicky at this point, but some variety might be nice.

14. Ostriches. Ostriches have the most fun designs of any bird characters in the entire game. Some of these characters aren’t even strictly ostriches! Like Flora, the flamingo character amongst this group. In this species you’ll find beautiful colors like the reds and yellows on Pheobe. But you’ll also find complementary whites and grays like those on Blanche or fan favorite Gladys. Once again, no pinchable cheeks here. But still pretty.

13. Cubs. As you can see, the Cubs are far above the Bears. There’s more of a variety here, and while they look less huggable, there are some far cuter designs here. Maple has been a dream villager of mine simply for her beautiful brown design, and Bluebear is one of the most recognizable characters in all of Animal Crossing. What drags this group down is the simple existence of Barold. Barold is a creep. He looks like a middle-aged man with an awful beard, and his house looks like a mix of a boring office and a creepy lair used to spy on the rest of the village. No.

12. Dogs. By nature they’re some of the cutest animals in Animal Crossing. And with the additional of villagers like Shep, the sheep dog with a tuft of fur falling in his face, the dog characters only keep getting more adorable. But they aren’t the most uniquely designed villagers. For that, they stay off the top ten list.

11. Sheep. Sheep are extraordinarily fluffy and each is adorned with a charming scarf. They are so cute it’s almost unbearable. The issue here is how controversial a makeup look is on a sheep. Timbra looks far less adorable than the others, and while the gothic appearance of Muffy is appreciated, it is sometimes also mocked. I don’t necessarily dislike these looks, but I do acknowledge that some animals look far better with makeup. Also, the clown makeup on Pietro is terrifying. End of story.

I’m going to end it here. This has been a pretty long post and I want to leave a different post for my top ten picks so I can spend more time talking about the villagers from those species. I love seeing how different everyone’s opinions on Animal Crossing species are based on who they’ve had in their villages and I love discovering a villager with a new take on the species design. There are so many, it’s worth playing the game over and over just to see them all.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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