K-Pop and K-Dramas: Comeback Looks

Image of Kim Namjoon in his video teaser for the upcoming ‘Butter’ single. Copyright goes to HYBE Entertainment and BTS’s social media.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Back to one of my favorite topics, of course, K-Pop. A couple of my favorite groups have comebacks coming out at the end of this month. Of course, I’m talking about BTS and the girl group Everglow. While my sister has already talked about ‘Butter’ more extensively, we’ve recently finally seen a couple of images that show the looks of the boys more closely. And in a similar vein, Everglow released two sets of images to promote their upcoming single album ‘Last Melody’. So, I kind of want to go over each group and their looks for their respective comebacks and give my opinion on each member’s styling this time around. So that’s enough intro, let’s just get into it!

BTS (This will all be based off of teaser photo one):

Namjoon: This man is a straight up liar. We knew that they were hinting that some of their looks would be a serious callback to their ‘Run’ era, but we never expected Namjoon to do this. In an interview that they did not too long ago, Namjoon was asked if he would ever bring his pink hair back. He responded to this question by saying that his pink hair was a ‘no, no’ and then ended it by scrunching his nose drastically and declaring “nah”. But his hair here is definitely pink and he rocks it. For this specific picture he’s in the back so it’s difficult to fully see what he’s wearing, but it looks as though it’s mostly white which makes his hair pop even more. He’s seriously bias wrecking me here with his pink hair. This is why he’s my bias wrecker.

Jin: Jin looks as gorgeous as he always does with his dark hair and wearing white. Seriously, he just looks so handsome in all of the promo images and footage. Jin is just effortlessly handsome, I don’t know what else to say. Many have noticed that he’s one of the members that received some of the least drastic changes and really has been throughout the years. But I see no problem with this. Jin has a classic handsome look to him and this time around they’re really trying to emphasize that. His hair is longer though, which makes the slick backed look even more eye-catching. His shirt is so flowy too, which is very Jin.

Yoongi: He still has that mullet he’s been growing out that we all love. Here he’s also wearing all white, he looks slightly more casual with his posture and shoes. And I’m so happy to see him centering here after he’s been gone for so long. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I’m so happy that he’s back and we’ll get to see him participate in the promotions for ‘Butter’. There would be something completely off if we didn’t have the calm and cool presence of Yoongi. Also, his curly bangs here are killing me.

Hobi: What the hell are they trying to do to Hobi stans? I swear these images almost killed my sister. Hobi looks the most casual with his slightly unbuttoned button-down and sneakers. Hobi looks so attractive for this comeback and it’s really insane. It’s also insane to see that his hair is bleached a yellowish blonde. Not only does the look work for him, especially with his dark roots which makes it stand out even more, but it really reflects the sunflower nature of Hobi. This just feels perfectly hopeful and way too attractive all at the same time. Are you Hobi stans ok?

Jimin: It was difficult to see his hair color in the teaser, but now that this picture is out we can see that he’s not just blonde again like we were all expecting. He’s mostly blonde with streaks of what looks like pink, purple, and blue. Though I would have to get a closer look to see if there are any more colors or if it’s just dual colors. Anyways, he has rainbow hair! I feel like if anyone could pull off rainbow hair, it’s definitely Jimin. This is another hair style that seems to fit his bright personality. I was also surprised that they decided to put Jimin in a darker color as he’s one of the two members wearing grey, but it makes his hair stand out more.

Tae: Tae’s slicked back hair here with the single strand in front of his face is too attractive to be fair in any way. And I think it’s really interesting how formal his outfit here is and also the fact that he’s the only one wearing bright orange. Another style choice that reflects the personality of the member. I can’t say enough about the way Tae is looking at the camera here. And it really is interesting to see that Tae is one of the ones this comeback without colored hair. He really does go back and forth, but I will always have a soft spot for all of their darker colors. Though I have to say, I love whatever any of them do with their hair.

Jungkook: I think we all thought for sure that they had finally cut Jungkook’s hair. This photo, thankfully, proved all of us wrong completely. Jungkook looks more grown up than he ever has before. And that’s funny coming from me considering he’s two years older than I am. He’s with Jimin in wearing the darker suit colors, but his are even darker than Jimin’s. And then of course, his hair. He’s wearing it in a ponytail (yay!) and it’s a really nice shade of dark purple. It is absolutely unfair the way this man looks. For some reason he kind of looks like he could beat me up just based off of the photo, and I’m not completely mad at that.


EU: Honestly, I didn’t even recognize her when these pictures first released. Since last comeback she’s had one of the most drastic changes if not the most drastic. Her bleached blonde hair is now a really dark brown and she has bangs which frame her face completely differently. You can’t really see her outfit for the black themed pictures, but the white themed pictures gives us a full look. They really are going for the fringe this time around, but it’s pretty. I personally preferred her last style, I thought her hair emphasized her features a bit better, but EU looks good with literally anything.

Sihyeon: The black themed photos are another example of the photo looking stunning, but it’s difficult to get the full picture. The white themed picture fully displays her new hair style which is half cut half not. This is a highly stylized hair style that I’m not particularly fond of personally, but I can see why they used it. These pictures are giving me slightly futuristic space vibes, so that hairstyle definitely works for that. Her boots for the white outfit are great though!

Mia: This is another complicated one. So here we actually get to see more of Mia’s hairstyle and outfit in both. This automatically caused some fans to question the style because her hair is in what appears to be three long braids. However, POC fans have assured others that these are regular braids so there probably isn’t anything to worry about. But others might have other opinions and I’m not POC, so I won’t say much about that. This also revealed that the person in the teaser photo is in fact, Mia. People are already outraged that it features only her after all the backlash the company has already gotten over favoriting Mia. And all of her stuff is getting less likes because of it. I really don’t think we should be punishing Mia for the company’s decisions and we should all reserve judgment for when the MV comes out. But I love her outfits in both scenarios, and I especially like her framing bangs!

Onda: Onda’s look is by far my favorite of the looks they released. She looks like an absolute princess in both the black and white themed photos. In both she’s shown wearing different stylized head pieces that look like a medieval princess would wear them. Her black themed outfit is a gorgeous dress and we see less of the white outfit but it definitely looks interesting. I just love how much they went for the princess theming with her here. It suits her so well and makes her stand out, and I’m definitely all for making Onda stand out. Especially because she doesn’t have as many lines in their songs. She’s such an amazing dancer and she deserves more attention.

Aisha: Aisha hasn’t changed too much for this comeback, but she always looks stunning. The white themed picture is just a close up on her face while the black themed picture gives us a lot more to go off of. Her puffed sleeves and cropped shirt also look very princess-like. I really don’t have a whole lot of notes here but it all looks amazing and it’s not too different from her usual style. But that’s completely fine. Kind of like Jin, Aisha has a more classic style and she pulls it off very well.

Yiren: Yiren looks adorable in the pictures we’ve been given. In both looks her hair is up in pigtails, which suits her so well. Her hair is also much lighter than it was last comeback, and I feel the shade of brown really suits her as well. It’s difficult to see too much in the black themed photo because it’s shadowed, but I really like the high neckline with her hair. The white themed photo is so different thematically. These two photos go seamlessly in between badass and pure and Yiren pulls both off.

So those are my feelings on the looks for these two upcoming comebacks! I’m really excited for each and even more now that I know they’re both coming up so quickly! It’ll be here before we know it!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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