K-Pop and K-Dramas: New Microphone Colors

Photo of BTS’s old microphones from their social media. Copyright goes to HYBE Entertainment and BTS’s social media accounts.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Over the last couple days we’ve had some pretty great performances from various different K-pop groups between the event with Amazon Music and the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert. But what struck a lot of people about these performances, almost as much as the performances themselves, was the different colored mics that a couple of the groups seemed to debut. Both BTS and ATEEZ were involved in this, so of course I want to talk all about their new performances as well as their multi-colored mics. So let’s get into it!


For the virtual Lotte Duty Free Family Concert, BTS was sporting all new mics. This seemed to be something people were more or less expecting considering the appearance of the mics in the new BTS HYBE museum. So, besides the heartwarming presence of Yoongi and the amazing high notes Jimin hit during ‘Telepathy’ while harmonizing with Hobi, there was still so much to talk about.

Namjoon: Namjoon has gone through a couple microphones, but for the most part they have been various shades of lighter blue and silver. The one he had during the most recent concert was a silvery white, but definitely seemed to me like it was white. Though I miss his blue one, I did like the color of this new one!

Jin: The color of Jin’s mic used to be bright pink and famously so. Jin has associated himself with the color pink pretty often over the last couple years between his mic color, his jewel themed room for ‘Be’, and his all-pink outfit for his performance of ‘Moon’. The color of his current mic was widely debated last night. Some were saying it was mint while others said it was just light green. But it was definitely a shade of green. While I love the color of this one, I also do miss the pink that I generally associate with him.

Yoongi: Yoongi’s mic has always been black, which is practical and actually pretty fitting for him. He hasn’t really gone through many changes with that over the years. The one from the most recent concert is a completely reflective microphone. You can seriously see every color reflected in it now. It makes it really interesting to look at!

Hobi: Hobi is another person who has gone through a few different colors with his mic. He started out with silver before the more silverish color went to Namjoon and then ended up with red. The brighter color really seemed to reflect his bright personality a bit more and it often went with his outfits very well. I’m talking about that bright red suit that none of us can forget. This time he’s back to a more silverish color that looks slightly more silvery than Namjoon’s current white mic.

Jimin: Jimin hasn’t changed too much, he’s had his trusty golden mic for quite a few years now. So it was definitely a change to see him without the gold this time around. His mic, like Namjoon and Hobi’s, was also silverish. But, during ‘Telepathy’, you could tell that it was more of a blush pink color. Jimin has the pink mic now! It was really fun to see him with that color.

Tae: Tae has always had his deep but bright green. I almost wonder what the color means to him, because I don’t think he’s ever changed it. And that includes now. The trusty green color was still present, and I really like the color. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. It’s interesting to see him be the only one who stuck to his original color.

Jungkook: He’s also stuck with the same color over the years. With the famous phrase “I purple you” being associated with the group, at least one person has to have purple. And of course, the maknae has stuck to this color. While his mic color was more of a dark purple before, now it’s definitely a neon purple. The brightness of it makes it stand out!

Personally, I prefer the more distinguishable colors of their previous mics, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy seeing the new ones. And I think it always takes ARMY’s a little while to get used to the new mics after we’ve fallen in love with the last ones. I love how much we’ve attached to their mic colors and I’m excited to see more of the new ones!


During the Amazon Music event, ATEEZ performed an amazing rendition of ‘Leave the Door Open’ by Bruno Mars. Between Yunho and Jongho’s amazing vocals, Yeosang’s spoken interjection, and literally everything else we had a lot trending on Twitter. (Did you see Seonghwa and Yunho playing with the pillow in the background? So cute!) Seriously, this is one of my new favorite covers. The boys actually looked pretty relaxed and like they were having fun even though I’ve never seen them perform in this style before. They were so good! But I also thought it was amazing that we’re seeing their colored mics now!

Hongjoong: Hongjoong’s new mic is pure white and considering his cool toned hair, it made his entire image pop. Hongjoong always spits fire into his mic, so it definitely makes the stark white stand out.

Seonghwa: His mic was a silver that was also rather reflective. Seonghwa really looked like he was having the time of his life during the performance, and the bright colors bouncing off his mic oddly reflected that mood.

Yunho: Ok, I just about died when the performance started out with a close up on him. But the dark blue mic being my introduction to their colored mics was almost just as good. I don’t know what just seems to fit about Yunho and blue, but the color suits him so well.

Yeosang: Yeosang’s mic was completely bright red. And also I just want to point out how much Yeosang got in this song. I loved hearing more from him! But the brightness of his mic really made him stand out even more.

San: San was another one who stunned with his high notes during the performance. His golden vocals were only highlighted by his new golden mic. He looked really at home with this new mic, so of course I can’t wait to see more of it.

Wooyoung: Wooyoung went with a black mic, which I think actually goes well with the stage persona he’s been developing. He’s definitely gone for more of a darker look lately, it suits him so well along with his longer hair, and the black mic is perfect for that.

Jongho: I think Jongho was possibly one of the funniest members during the performance, especially towards the end of it. But the plum purple mic was not a choice I was expecting, but also suited him well. It wasn’t too bright for him, but it was still bright enough for the maknae.

Now I just can’t wait to see Mingi with his new mic. But I would like to include a small reminder not to expect Mingi too soon or pressure him in any way. Just because he’s back in the area doesn’t mean he doesn’t still need time to readjust. There were quite a few people expecting him to be there for this performance and were disappointed when he wasn’t there. I think your disappointment is only going to make him feel worse. Just be patient for him to fully heal, so he can come back in a way that’s healthy for him. Mingi being healthy is by far the most important thing right now and is definitely far more important than him returning immediately.

Well, there you have it! The new microphone colors were dazzling and I thought it was so interesting what was chosen for each member. I can’t wait to see more of them all!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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