K-Pop and K-Dramas: “Butter” is Out!

Promotional photo of Kim Seokjin, Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, and Jung Hoseok. Copyright goes to BTS and the HYBE Corporation.

Hey! Hallie here!

I have now watched “Butter” several, several times and there’s so much to talk about. So much. To start out, this music video was insanely good. They all looked absolutely amazing. There is nothing I can criticize here. The song, the lyrics, the vocals, the looks were all impeccable. Honestly, this music video has to be one of my new favorites. I’m just going to get right into this because I’m still freaking out. Let’s freak out together!

The Song: This song was just as catchy as “Dynamite”, if not more. I also found it a bit more satisfying to listen to. Something about the retro beats in the background and the satisfying chorus that compliments each of the vocal line’s voices just hooked me into the song. On top of all of that, this song gave the rap line some time to shine. Instead of the occasional line sung by a rap line member, this song gave each member of the rap line a verse to show off some of their skills. It was something I really missed in “Dynamite” and something I’m so glad to see here. The lyrics are also really great. Apparently RM got a bit more say in this song than in “Dynamite” and it feels more like BTS as a result. Instead of just a feel-good song about having fun, this song is “you love us and we know it”. Which really works for the mistreatment BTS has seen in America. America loves BTS but refuses them respect and acts surprised that they’re so popular to try to cover up how amazing a non-white group is. But obviously, there’s plenty of talented people America likes to gloss over because they aren’t white, and BTS really embraces that. Regardless of the racism that’s still rampant, BTS is rising above it and “Butter” is a song that acknowledges how amazing they know they are and how much they dominate the attention of both fans and haters. It isn’t the diss-track some people wanted, but I think it’s just as good.

The Music Video: There are a lot of iconic moments in this video. So many that I actually went shot by shot through it to catch them all. This music video started out with the black and white look we saw in the teaser. We saw a few really cute scenes of the boys dancing together as well as some really good shots of Jungkook’s hair. One of these shots showed Jungkook laughing, and it was so adorable I had to pause after I watched it. After a brief switch to Tae, which involved a very much appreciated look at Tae and a lollipop, the music video switched to a mug-shot scenario. Here Jin started to center, and he actually centered for a lot of the video. I’m so happy to see how much Jin is killing as center. There were some rapid fire shots of each of the hyung line separately in this part of the video as well. I appreciated seeing the hyung line getting some extra love, and these individual shots were amazing. I especially loved J-Hope’s sleeveless top with his coat slung over his shoulder. After this segment we got to see some color and some amazing choreography! Tae came in next with his orange suit and the slicked back hair really worked for him here. Between Tae in the elevator and Jin with his sunglasses, this part of the video exuded so much confidence. My sister absolutely melted when the scene switched to Jimin lifting his sunglasses with an eyebrow quirk that suggested he knew exactly what he was doing. The sports gear was also adorable, but we didn’t see it for long because we switched to some really awesome individual scenes of the members dancing in an elevator. The dancers killed this, but Jin also really shined here. Who says he isn’t a dancer? After some more of Yoongi and the sporty fits, we saw the adorable shot that’s being shared of all of the members spelling out ARMY. This is probably my favorite part of the video. After this we were given a gold stage for some more choreography and some amazing shots of Hobi, who ended the video with eating an entire piece of butter. You go, Hobi.

The Looks: Jungkook’s long hair kills me. It’s such a vibrant blue/purple and the style fits him so well. His fake eyebrow piercing is also a really good look for him. Taehyung’s best look here was the orange suit. I’ve said it before, but it looks amazing on him. Although there is something to be said about his dorky smile with his hat and glasses combo later in the video. Jimin has slicked back hair throughout most of the video, which isn’t a look he has often but it’s one I love. The rainbow colors in his hair give it something extra that pushes it over the edge. Hobi wears A LOT of sleeveless shirts in this video and I absolutely fell in love with each one. He looks insanely good with his arms exposed. Plus his yellow hair fits his personality perfectly. Yoongi has some gray in his hair in this video which I didn’t expect. It looks really good and especially adorable with the sporty outfit. I loved his necklaces and bracelets there as well. Jin rocks every pair of sunglasses here. He owns sunglasses now. I don’t make the rules. And finally, Namjoon’s pink hair is really nice here. It’s a more metallic pink color that fits his personality much better than a pastel. And his harness. Enough said. I loved all of these looks. From the exposed chest we got on J-Hope, to the sheer shirt that flowed so well on Jimin, to the blue stripes on Jungkook’s sporty outfit to match his hair. But I’m not sold on the looks they have now that shooting for this music video is over. Namjoon’s brown bangs and ends look somewhat strange with his pink hair. Tae’s perm reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. I already miss Jungkook’s long hair. But then again, there’s not much they can do to undermine how good they all look.

That’s it! I will be listening to this song on repeat for several days, so consider me distracted for a while. I’m so happy with this music video and there are still things I’m pretty sure I missed. So if you haven’t watched this music video yet, watch it right now! Stream and download this song! It deserves everything “Dynamite” got and more!

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


2 thoughts on “K-Pop and K-Dramas: “Butter” is Out!

  1. Actually, the music video was so- how do I say this- hot. So hot that even my MOM fangirled over Jung Kook. She told us last year she loved Jin because his vocals were amzing and he looked amazing even when barefaced. And then longhair-purple-Jung Kook came out. dang.

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