K-Pop and K-Dramas: The Devastation of Bias Wreckers

‘Butter’ promotional and teaser image of Min Yoongi (Suga). All rights go to HYBE Entertainment and BTS’s social media.

Hi! It’s Annie!

We’ve talked about how difficult it is to choose a bias on this blog, but no one expects the difficulty of bias wreckers. At least not initially. Bias wreckers can be difficult to both choose and keep for a multitude of reasons and no one knows this more than I do. Bias wreckers continuously ruin my life, so of course I need to talk about them. I know that a lot of people experience the difficulty of bias wreckers, which is why it’s become a common joke in most fandoms. More recently the “come get your man” videos have been trending. So let’s talk about all the ways you can expect bias wreckers to absolutely ruin your life! Please, do not take any of this very seriously, I guarantee that this is all for fun!


Obviously, they’re called bias wrecker because they make you question whether or not your bias is really your bias. They are your bias-wrecker because, if they were in another group where your bias wasn’t present they would most certainly be your bias. And once again, it doesn’t mean you massively prefer them to other members of a group. Part of liking a group is loving all the members. It’s just who you often feel drawn to when watching interviews or videos. But a bias-wrecker will often be a point of contention for people because they want to stick with a certain bias and someone is coming up and making them question everything. Most of the time they won’t quite pass your bias, but maybe a new comeback features your bias wrecker more and you start being drawn to them a bit more. That’s typical bias wrecker behavior. It’s so bad that a lot of people have recently taken to just saying they bias two people rather than having a bias and then a bias wrecker. But it’s really common to have a bias wrecker and they are there to turn your eye when you least expect it.

Bias-Wrecker Becoming Your Bias:

This hasn’t happened to me, but it did happen to my sister. In BTS my bias was Jimin, for a while I thought he wasn’t, and then I realized it was Jimin again. With ATEEZ Yunho wasn’t even my bias wrecker before he skyrocketed to the bias position. With my sister J-Hope started out as her BTS bias wrecker and then suddenly became her bias. All three forms of this happen extremely often. But the bias wrecker becoming your bias is such a common thing. Especially when you’re within a year of becoming a fan of a group and still getting to know them. But even if you aren’t, it still can be common. The thing with biases and bias wreckers is that generally you like all of the members of a group so much that you don’t even realize when another member of the group has snuck up on you. Sometimes it takes a while to realize it too. Even though this hasn’t really happened to me too much, I totally understand why it happens a lot to other people. Especially because it’s so difficult to choose a bias in the first place.

Wrecking Your Bias-Wrecker:

This is the kind that happens to me the most often. With me I usually stick to a bias for quite a while or just keep my first bias entirely. But my bias-wrecker can change quite a bit especially because of how much I love all the members of a group. Recently this one has been beating me the most, because recently my bias wreckers for almost all of my favorite groups changed! For BTS my bias has consistently been Jimin and Namjoon is my bias wrecker. For Ateez my bias is Yunho and my bias wrecker recently changed to Wooyoung. And for Everglow my bias is Mia and my bias wrecker recently changed to Onda. This all can be affected by new comebacks or performances. Namjoon’s part in ‘Butter’ was one of my favorite parts (though Yoongi also killed me), Wooyoung’s work with Felix from Stray Kids on ‘Wolf’ on Kingdom absolutely slayed me, and Onda’s new parts in the new album made me so happy. I feel like new releases are especially when bias wreckers start rearing their heads. Though I’ve fallen for all these members a long time ago, these comebacks started to make me question absolutely everything. But I’m also only about a year into being a fan of all of these groups, so you never know what might change or if my current bias wreckers will just stay that way! But this category is definitely where I have the most trouble with bias wreckers personally.

You don’t need to have a bias wrecker if you don’t want to. It’s really something just for fun and even having a bias isn’t a requirement for being a fan of any group. But if you do end up having a bias and a bias wrecker, just beware of the bias wreckers. They will often cause you the most headaches in the best possible way. I figured I would talk about something a bit more lighthearted today after the disappointment BTS fans have been facing the past few days between the McDonalds meal and the ‘Friends’ reunion. I personally am not particularly swayed either way on these topics. McDonalds has always skimped out on merch collaborations in the US and most of the celebrity cameos on ‘Friends’ were the same as BTS’s, though I still think that both of these companies hyped up BTS more than they should have for what we got. So I’m pretty middle of the road here. But I do think western media needs to start seriously respecting BTS even when they aren’t speaking English. And literally any other artist from a country that doesn’t natively speak English for that matter. Western media has such a long way to go when it comes to giving respect to different countries and cultures. But while it is important to let western companies know that we want more from BTS and we aren’t satisfied with the way they’re treating BTS or any other K-Pop group; we all need to take breaks from all that sometimes. Remember to take it easy on yourself too and enjoy the content your favorite groups are coming out with!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

One thought on “K-Pop and K-Dramas: The Devastation of Bias Wreckers

  1. only armys know how funny, frustrating, and ridiculous it feels when you can’t decide on a bias.

    but all members need equal love, right?
    (says the completely yoongi biased gir hahah)


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