K-Pop and K-Dramas: BTS Muster, Sowoozoo Day 2

Photo of (from left) Kim Namjoon (RM), Kim Seokjin, Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin, Min Yoongi (Suga), Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), and Kim Taehyung (V) from Day 2 of Sowoozoo. Copyright goes to BTS, Hybe Entertainment, and BTS’s social media accounts.

Hi! It’s Annie!

I have never done it before and wasn’t sure I would be able to make it, but I have officially watched both days of a BTS online concert that both began at 2:30 AM in California. Is my sleep schedule absolutely screwed up now? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! I honestly never thought I’d pull an all nighter like this until I discovered BTS and I’m so glad I did. I had so much fun with this concert that I probably very much needed. I was definitely tired by the time I got to this concert though, and that happened with pretty much everyone that I watched it with. By the second day we were all still enjoying ourselves, but the energy dipped. But we still had such a good time!

Multiple Angles:

Before I get into what actually happened during the concert, I want to address the multiple camera angles. An option for tickets for Sowoozoo was to buy a view with multiple camera angles of the boys throughout the concert rather than just the main one. Obviously, this cost more money and when I originally saw this I wasn’t tempted to purchase it, but I honestly didn’t think too much on it either. Now that people that bought multi-view are sharing their footage, the cameras did some good things for the concert. For example, showing exactly who was running after who and nailing who with water during both performances of “So What”. There were a couple technical difficulties that the cameras showed. One of the rover cameras on stage bumped into Hobi’s knees pretty hard. But some of them revealed that the boys were probably not told about the option for fans to watch the multi-view version of the concert. I personally am not going to talk about exactly what people saw when the boys didn’t think the cameras were on them. It wasn’t like they did anything bad or weird, but they seemed to be under the impression that they were essentially off-stage. Sometimes that meant adjusting costumes and attempting to make themselves presentable in ways that some ARMY found funny or potentially embarrassing. While there was nothing groundbreaking here, I personally was not sure I liked the idea of their privacy being invaded in this way. I don’t blame anyone who bought the multi-view tickets. I doubt any of them were aware of the possibility that the boys hadn’t been told about this ticket option. But I personally believe they should have been able to take care of their appearances and prepare for the next song in peace. Or in the very least have been told about what the multi-view option entailed.

Same Songs:

Much of the songs performed were the same as yesterday, so I’m going to talk about the small differences between the performances here. The first three songs were exactly the same and felt like they had a lot of the same amazing energy from yesterday. “Life Goes On” started out calmly and went very well into “Butter” which then went into “Dynamite (Tropical Remix)”. The costumes for these were also the same, but their hair styles definitely differed today. Jungkook and Jimin flipped hairstyles. Jimin’s hair was pushed back and looked a bit less cute than yesterday whereas Jungkook’s bangs were on full display and made him look a little more boyish. I love both for both members so I absolutely loved seeing the different sides here. Hobi had his signature “Dynamite” look which always absolutely slays. They all looked amazing! I will say I found that “Stay” with Namjoon, Jungkook, and Jin was a bit more mellow for day two while “Fly to My Room” seemed to be slightly more high-energy and bouncy. It was such a small difference over-all, but it was interesting to see how each group switched up their performance for the second day. Of course there were several other songs that were the same, some more from ‘Be’ and things like that, but I feel like my sister covered more of that in her post yesterday. They were just as good both days and I loved watching all of it!

“Film Out” and Talking:

They performed “Film Out” while sitting down. Just before this they each talked about their solo songs and each sang part of theirs respectively. Hobi sang “Blue Side”, Jimin sang “Promise”, I believe Namjoon was singing ‘Bicycle’ but it was hilariously difficult to tell because he was a bit nervous and started singing it a bit more jokingly, Jungkook sang “Still With You”, Yoongi gave us a bit of “People”, Jin sang “Abyss”, and Tae tried to sing “Winter Bear” but he couldn’t remember the melody because he’s been working so hard on his new mixtape! I honestly don’t blame him, but it was funny watching the members poke fun at him. Then they went into “Film Out” which was beyond amazing to hear live. All of their vocals were perfect and they all put so much emotion into that song. Not only that, but they all seemed so excited to share it with us!

“So What”:

“So What” was definitely fun yesterday. Of course, we got the absolutely adorable clip of Kookie and Tae chasing each other around with water bottles. But yesterday the water was a little more tame and the battle took place mostly between the Maknae line and Jin. Today, the entire group got in on the action. They said towards the beginning of the concert that it was really hot that day, which probably had more to do with the absolutely out of control water fight that occurred today. Yoongi probably got the least wet by the end of it. Everybody else was absolutely soaked. Jimin was wearing what looked like a suit jacket that had very obvious water marks by the end of it. There was a hilarious bit where Jin stopped singing to shout in fear at Hobi who was chasing after him with a water bottle, laughing. Every time Jin tried to hit Hobi with water he was intercepted by Jungkook or Tae. Jimin often got hit in the crossfire. Namjoon even got in on the fun and his hair was so soaked by the end of it that Namjoon actually did the famous Yoongi hair sweep featuring water. I absolute died for obvious reasons. Jimin also finished the song getting particularly close to Yoongi, which was adorable. I don’t think I have ever laughed this hard during a concert! It was absolute chaos in the absolute best way!

“Chicken Noodle Soup”:

We were all hoping for this one and boy did they deliver. Instead of the OT7 “Daechwita” from the first day, we got OT7 “Chicken Noodle Soup”. And I absolutely loved everything about this! The boys spent quite a bit of it cruising around in cars. We got to see all of them do the dance. Yoongi in particular looked like he was having so much fun with it! I can’t get over their outfits for CNS! Hobi’s outfits were some of the best we’ve ever seen during these concert days, and his CNS outfit had to be one of my favorite Hobi looks of all time. And he looked so happy leading the rest of them! Of course, some of the biggest standouts here were Namjoon and Jimin who trended together after they covered Becky G’s Spanish section of the song. Everyone I was watching this with practically screamed at that point. Everything about this performance was amazing. And to all the solo stans who suddenly had a problem with Yoongi not performing singularly but did not with Hobi; just get out if you can’t enjoy the concert. I know that sounds harsh, but the boys have always loved sharing their music with each other. And the double standards are also ridiculous.


I loved seeing them all wear the concert tees and switch up the ones they wore based on the night. Of course, we all had to get tees afterwards! Today Namjoon, Tae, and Hobi were all wearing knit chicken hats, probably because of CNS. It was adorable and they all seemed to be twice as goofy with them on. They eventually got Yoongi to put one on, but he very cutely made a face and took it off before he thanked ARMY for their support. Tae was very honest about how much they had been struggling and they all got a bit more emotional this night. Of course, they closed out with “Mikrokosmos” which is one of their most comforting songs.


Watching BTS leave is always sad, but seeing them all smile even more at the fireworks tonight was heartwarming. It really felt like they were sharing a moment with ARMY while all of us were looking up at the fireworks. It was definitely an emotional moment.

BTS News:

For those of you who didn’t click off immediately after the concert ended, we saw the news video that also appeared on BTS’s Twitter this morning. This seemed to be a promotional bit for the announcement of a new track that will be appearing on the upcoming “Butter” album. Either way, hearing Namjoon and Jin’s hilarious voice over made leaving the concert just the slightest bit more bearable.

Well, post concert depression is a real thing. Though I’m not sure I’ve even been able to fully comprehend it due to how tired I am today! Though I loved their last concert, I think watching this one with a group made the experience even better for me. And even the boys seemed to like it better! They talked about how performing inside for their last concert was stifling, but performing outside for this one gave them new energy because they perform most in outside arenas on tour. Tae said that his favorite day was today because it took him a while to get in the swing of things. I totally get that, but I’m going to have to give it to yesterday for me. Part of that was probably because I was less tired then; but screaming the lyrics to ‘Daechwita’ will always be a great memory for me. Especially because of the huge plot twist of the premiere rap songs being performed OT7. I just can’t wait to hopefully see them live in person one day!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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