K-Pop and K-Dramas: BTS Movies

Poster for ‘Break the Silence’. Copyright goes to Hybe Entertainment and BTS.

Hi! It’s Annie!

I have finally watched all of the BTS movies that have been released; specifically ‘Break the Silence’, ‘Burn the Stage’, and ‘Bring the Soul’. All of the movies were so different, which surprised me. It was really nice the way each movie was able to differentiate itself from the others. So in the interest of watching something in order to get over post concert depression and also to distract from BTS being disrespected yet again; let’s go over the movies the boys have put out so far!

‘Burn the Stage’ (2018):

This is the first of the movies they came out with and probably the most raw of all of them. I think most people knew that being an idol must be pretty difficult; but seeing it in this way brought it to an entirely different level. Not only do we see the boys preparing backstage, but we also see several injuries and health issues they suffered through. The most famous of which from this movie being the time when Jungkook almost passed out. The boys also show their arguments with each other; for example the argument between Tae and Jin. This also includes how they solve them. Namjoon really steps into his leader position for much of this movie when it comes to attempting to settle disputes, keeping the boys connected during concerts, and making sure the boys are ok when they’re upset. In that same vein, you can see better how they all work together behind the scenes. Jin and Hobi also take a lot of responsibility for the group, Yoongi is a calm voice of reason, and the maknae line add so much energy and laughter backstage that keeps everyone else energized. Along with the behind the scenes footage, we also get a confessional style section where each member talks about what they were feeling during different scenarios in the film. This in particular reveals how close they all are and how much one of them suffering in any way will effect them all. You can really see how close all of the boys are here.

‘Break the Silence’ (2020):

The style of this movie was very different from the first one. While ‘Burn the Stage’ has a fairly classic documentary style, this one focused on each individual member. It reveals what each member is often thinking while traveling and also a bit of what they do on their free time. They fully display Namjoon’s love for nature, Tae’s love for photography, and so much more when it comes to each member’s individual interests. This also has the rather infamous moment of Jimin looking out at a soccer field and commenting on how peaceful of a place it is. While this was a prelude to Jimin making some really nice points on how idols lives are different but not any better or worse than other people’s lives; he was hilariously teased relentlessly by the other members when they re-watched this movie. But I do feel like this movie is the one that goes the deepest into the struggles of fame, though it is definitely also mentioned in the other films. Jungkook in particular talks about how difficult it was to grow up with fame. The point here is that, though they may have fame and money they often can’t enjoy things most people find to be normal. I’m not sure anything has ever illustrated this point as much as this movie.

‘Bring the Soul’ (2019):

I’m putting this one last because this is the one I most recently watched. And by recently, I mean today. I have no idea why I watched the other ones and not this one, but I was finally able to correct this oversight. And I’m so glad that I did. This is the movie that features Jungkook getting the very large gash in his heel just before their London concert. I feel like these movies are often identified by which injury Jungkook got, and I really hope he takes it a little bit easier on himself! This movie also deals with the very real danger of artists catching travel colds during tours. This effects both Tae and Hobi and is something that I feel like most people don’t even consider. This is also the presence of comfort Jimin. I think we’ve seen it in all of the movies, but Jimin is always there when one of the members is going through something difficult. Hobi talks about how little they generally go outside, which was super important in adding perspective. Jin talks about how in South Korea they are able to go to the market, but overseas they can’t leave anywhere without security. We get to see adorable tired Yoongi throughout most of it. And both Tae and Namjoon are very adorable about giving words of wisdom and comfort. Namjoon talks about how there is just as much effort in doing the work and waiting between people who care for each other while Tae tells us all that he loves us more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. Their professionalism, especially Jungkook’s despite his injury, shines through. As well as all of the ups and downs of their lives that you usually don’t see. This is probably my favorite of the movies just because it wasn’t too invasive while still being very detailed. Over-all, I thought this one struck the best balance. You also get some really hilarious footage of the boys exercising and teasing each other!


As we are reminded every week by racist journalists; BTS still are not respected enough for the work that they do. Much of that is complete ignorance. There are so many people who feel that all famous people are fair game because they’re rich, but these movies are perfect examples as to why none of that makes any sense. BTS works very hard and are very good at what they do. And much of the ire towards them are because of people’s refusal to accept cultures that aren’t their own. Our boys are some of the most hardworking people that I’ve ever seen. It’s up to you whether or not you like their music, but your opinion is never an excuse for absolute disrespect. As our leader and president Namjoon has said; “If you can’t respect, don’t even open your mouth.” I think that applies here.

I love our boys so much and I’m seriously just at this point where I will watch anything with them in it. I think part of our connection with them is because of how determined they are to prove to everyone else that they are real and normal people. Celebrities should be seen as normal people and many fans who don’t understand things like this will feel like their privacy is not important. I’m glad that they have cultivated a fandom who care more about things like their privacy and seeing them as human beings. But, if you take one thing from these movies regarding fan behavior, I would hope that it is not to approach them on the street. Hobi should not have to say “important business” to you for you to leave them alone. Sometimes they just want to feel normal. And they should be able to have that.

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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  1. Love this post! I haven’t visited here due to school preparations, but it’s nice as always!

    I didn’t watch all of them yet, but this gives a pretty clear idea on what they’re about. Thanks!


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