BTS: Run BTS Episode 143

Screenshot from ‘Run BTS’ episode 143 of Min Yoongi (Suga). Copyright goes to HYBE Entertainment and BTS.

Hi! It’s Annie!

I feel like every time I’m all set up to post some wholesome BTS content, there’s some fan war happening on Twitter. So I’ll address that briefly because I’d rather get back to the wholesomeness. Yes, there were some Blinks who said some absolutely awful things on Twitter. But you should never blame a celebrity or group for the behavior of some of their fans. I am personally not a Blink, but that’s just because I don’t vibe with their music as much. Just report the accounts that were saying this awful stuff, absolutely call out solo stan behavior, and then move on. It’s ok to be angry, but there’s no reason to blame the entire group for this behavior. Let’s just support our boys and keep going! With that aside, this is the second week of ‘Run BTS’ being back everyone! The first episode was absolutely cute, but it was also a fairly regular cooking episode. This one was so cute and so funny! And with all the cute stuff that happened in this episode in particular, I couldn’t not talk about it! This episode saw the boys making up children’s stories; their process was hilarious and the result was cute. They were separated into two groups that turned into three (or maybe four), so I’ll talk about each group singularly. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Jimin and Namjoon:

This group initially consisted of Jimin, Namjoon, and Taehyung; but eventually Taehyung went off on his own because of artistic differences. Jimin and Namjoon together came up with the story of a cloud protector that villagers take for granted. While the cloud attempts to protect people in the world from the unforgiving rays of the sun, the villagers in the world view him as a villain when they notice that he is covering up the sun. After they tell him to leave they experience an extreme lack of water and the heat burns their skin, causing them to plead with the cloud to come back and protect them. The cloud, who felt very sad before, is happy to go back to his former position as the protector of the earth. The story was very cute and Jimin’s drawings were adorable, though Jimin did say that he planned on making more but his hand became too numb to draw any more. They spent most of the time either creating the story or chipping in to help other people, as it didn’t take them long to figure out their plot.

Jin and Jungkook:

This group originally consisted of Jin, Jungkook, and Hobi. But after Hobi noticed that Tae needed help with his singular story, he left to help Tae instead. Jin was the main brain behind the story and originally pitched two different ideas. One of them being the story of a hot dog that creates a diary as he is being digested and then eventually becomes the fertilizer for a hot dog tree. (Which Jimin pointed out would be litter not fertilizer.) But everyone, including the members not in the group, felt that it would not be a great book for children. So they went with his original idea of a boy who only has one strand of hair and travels around in search of more hair only to realize that his hair is precious the way it is. This story accompanied by the illustrations of Jungkook ended up being something that actually looked very publishable. Jungkook’s illustrations were nothing short of adorable and hilarious, especially when he drew tears welling up in the main character’s eyes. The best part of this was watching Hobi try to water down some of Jin’s weirder ideas while Jungkook looked between them, beaming.

Taehyung and Hoseok:

Tae was originally in Jimin and Namjoon’s group. But while Jimin and Namjoon were listening to other members’ ideas and trying to find a story amongst themselves, Tae was writing out an entire plot. But by the time Tae shared his plot, Namjoon was already, understandably, pretty set on what he and Jimin came up with. Jimin wanted to be supportive, so he encouraged Tae to use his own idea despite that. Tae was originally supposed to be in a group by himself, but he was still having troubles with the story and was especially finding it difficult drawing anything. That’s when Hobi felt sorry for him and decided to join Tae’s group because he didn’t feel like he could do much in his own group with Jin in charge of the story and Jungkook drawing. They weren’t able to draw anything with what they put together last minute, but Hobi was happy to act out the story and do all the sound effects and voices. Tae created a story about a fairy who had no friends so decided to create some of her own, but eventually realizes that she needs heart for her friendships to succeed so gives a little bit of heart to her friends. I’m not sure if Hobi drew the pictures we see by the end of the episode, but he was listed as illustrator. And Jungkook did draw a picture for them of a fairy with a chiseled jaw after they all found it funny to have Hobi use a deep voice for the fairy character.


Towards the end of the episode the members decided that they were going to try to get Yoongi in on the activities with either assigning him book reports or having him read their stories aloud later. The staff asked whether or not they thought they could get Yoongi to do this, to which Jimin responded that he would call Yoongi because he said he specialized in getting Yoongi to do things. I just about died of cuteness. They ended up calling up Yoongi on camera who actually immediately agreed to it all without having to be convinced. We then got footage of him much later in his new Genius Lab in the brand new HYBE building where he read all of the stories aloud. Not only did we get a really good look at his space (including his really high quality drum set that confirms that Yoongi plays piano, guitar, and drums which basically makes him the shy artistic second lead from a K-drama which absolutely kills me), but his reading of the stories was definitely not taken lightly. He did voices for every character and he did it so well it made me want to cry. The cuteness level here was off the charts!

This episode also included hilarious and cute moments like Hobi being confused that they were separating evenly into two groups because he forgot Yoongi wasn’t there. And, of course, Jin not knowing what to say when he was asked to name three children’s stories with wolves in them so naming ‘Twilight’ as one. I know I keep saying this, but it is seriously one of the cutest ‘Run BTS’ episodes to come out. I just know I’m going to return to Yoongi reading those stories. And if there was any day for them to come out with one of the most wholesome episodes of this show, it’s definitely today! We all need the comfort and togetherness.

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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