BTS: The Little Things to Love About Each Member of BTS

Screenshot of Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), Kim Seokjin (Jin), Kim Taehyung (V), Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon (RM), Jeon Jungkook, and Min Yoongi (Suga) from the ‘Butter’ music video. Copyright goes to Hybe Entertainment and BTS.

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I love talking about the members of BTS and I haven’t really done a post where I can just gush about them in a while. There’s a lot to love even before you really get to understand who they are. They’re all extremely talented performers. They’re polite and respectful in interviews. They care a lot about the community around them and they’re very vocal about their love for their fans. I feel that the size of their hearts and the general intelligence every member demonstrates is pretty obvious far before you jump down the BTS rabbit hole. But once you do come to know them a bit better, there are several small things about each of them that make them even more lovable. Today I’m going to spend some time talking about my favorite things I’ve noticed about each member. Because some days, it’s nice to just sit down and appreciate how wholesome BTS can be.

Kim Namjoon (RM):

There’s a lot I appreciate about Namjoon. The thought he puts into every lyric of every BTS song he writes is part of what makes BTS who they are. And the way he checks in with all of the members, whether it’s during a performance or an interview, is a testament to how good of a leader he is. But there’s a joy I find in the childlike glee he gets from nature. The way his face lights up when he looks for crabs in the sand is something that makes me instantly happy. He doesn’t eat seafood, which makes his love of crabs even funnier when he attempts to defend them to the members who do like seafood. But his love of nature doesn’t stop at crabs. You can find plenty of wholesome videos of Namjoon interacting with nature. There’s footage of him kissing a sting ray on the head when BTS once went swimming with them for a summer package. He also has plants and succulents that he is very dutiful in taking care of. When the members filmed ‘In The Soup’ during quarantine, he brought his red plum blossom tree along so he could continue taking care of it during the trip. He talks about nature a lot because he finds it calming. But his enthusiastic care for it is what really catches my eye.

Kim Seokjin (Jin):

Jin is sometimes referred to as the youngest member of the group despite being the oldest. All of it because he’s a large goofball both on stage and off. His caring nature can’t be argued, however. He created the series ‘Eat Jin’ to help those who struggled with eating so that they might find themselves able to do so with him. He also loves using his jokes to brighten the mood whenever possible. And this is probably my favorite thing about Jin. I love how Jin always tells more jokes or makes a larger joke out of himself when he sees that it’s making the people around him happy. Like when he tells a bad joke in the middle of shooting an episode of ‘Run BTS’ just to get a laugh. He’s always so conscious of whether or not the other members are having a good time and you can see he actively tries to contribute to their happiness. The biggest example of this is when Jin played up his World Wide Handsome hilarity when the members were somewhat miserable during ‘The Graham Norton Show’. Jimin wasn’t able to perform that night and Jungkook couldn’t dance because he was still recovering from an injury. And somehow Jin managed to make them all laugh by blowing kisses to the camera. That takes a very caring kind of person.

Min Yoongi (Suga):

Yoongi is a force to be reckoned with. He may seem quiet at first, but when he speaks his deep thoughtfulness can’t be argued. His thoughts on mental health and human rights are poured into everything he does. You can’t help but respect him. But I, like many Yoongi fans, love the softness behind all of it. I specifically love how lenient he can be around the Maknae line. There’s a pretty infamous picture of Yoongi sitting with both Jungkook and Tae piled on top of him, looking kind of pleased all things considered. He’s also begrudgingly let Tae carry him on his back during an episode of ‘Run BTS’ in order to complete a limbo task the episode called for. And when they failed and Tae asked if he could do so again, Yoongi agreed despite his initial hesitation. In a more recent episode of ‘Run BTS’, each member was given a task they had to keep secret from the other members. Yoongi was told to meditate without breaking his meditation. When it became clear that he wouldn’t react to anything, the Maknae line took to carrying him around. The smile he was attempting to hold back while this was happening was the best part of the episode. Yoongi likes to jokingly threaten the Maknae line, but in the end, he’s the first to offer help or support.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope):

There’s too much I love about Hobi. He’s by bias, and beyond that, he’s the light of the entire group. He keeps the energy up in interviews and on set when the other members are exhausted. He actively attempts to bring his excitement and bright attitude to every appearance BTS makes, even when it calls him to speak in a language he isn’t completely confident in yet. However, I also really love how Hobi knows when to be more conscientious, especially as a dance captain. He’s responsible for teaching the members some of their choreography. There’s plenty of footage of him teaching a mini-lesson on location for music video shoots so the other members can feel more confident when they perform the choreo. But he doesn’t ever seem mean. In many of the lessons he keeps the energy light to encourage the members. There’s one specific rehearsal where he’s teaching the ‘Boy With Luv’ choreography that is so giggly and fun, it’s impossible not to want to join in. This and his tendency to check on a member if they’re distressed or discourage goofing off if it gets out of hand, is the reason Namjoon has credited him with being a secondary leader.

Park Jimin:

Jimin is known most for his big heart. Whenever we see behind the scenes footage of a member of BTS struggling with their emotions, Jimin is always right beside them. His sweet voice very much reflects his personality. But Jimin can be equally chaotic, especially when he’s comfortable and in a good mood. And as part of an incredibly chaotic Maknae line, what else did you expect? He once spent an entire episode of ‘Run BTS’ lifting his feet to show off the faces he had drawn on his socks, both to make the other members laugh and also to emphasize his own reactions. He also infamously left a V-Live to go to the bathroom, leaving thousands of fans to wait until he returned to cutely smile at the camera and apologize. His tendency to fall out of chairs is well known now, but who else could have fallen out of a chair during a camping trip and immediately commented on the sky to try to cover his mistake? Similarly, I can’t think of anyone else who would try to race a horse against a bicycle just for the promise of funny pictures. A lot of this can be connected back to his general cuteness. But there’s a chaos behind his adorable actions. Who doesn’t love some adorable chaos?

Kim Taehyung (V):

Tae is one of the members baby ARMYs find intimidating. He isn’t known for talking a ton during interviews, and when an interview is bad you can tell purely because of his facial expressions. On top of that, Tae performs ‘Singularity’. If that sentence isn’t intimidating to you, you haven’t looked up a performance of ‘Singularity’. Past his intimidating side, though, is the baby of BTS. Namjoon once said that when he first met Tae, he knew he was going to be trouble. And Namjoon was right. He’ll pull an adorable face to manipulate the staff into giving him a prize he didn’t win, and the staff, and everyone else, instantly falls for it. Because he’s adorable. Tae will giggle at every compliment. He’ll go from an intense expression to a silly face so fast, he’ll make himself laugh. He’s one of the only people who can pull Namjoon out of leader mode simply by making puppy dog eyes at him. He doesn’t seem like one of the mood makers when you first look at him, but his pure silliness gets the entire group to start dancing in the middle of a concert rehearsal. Tae is unmistakable cute, and though he can use his abilities for evil, such as obvious trickery for his benefit, he also knows that it helps the other members let go and enjoy themselves.

Jeon Jungkook:

Jungkook is the golden Maknae. He’s an excellent singer, a great artist, and just a nice guy. He’s so emotionally intelligent that the other members of BTS have noted that, at times, he acts like the oldest member. But Jungkook, as the youngest, can be a pure menace. As is absolutely expected of him. He once walked up to a spread of ice cream set up for the members of BTS, put as many toppings as he could reach on top of his own ice cream, and mixed it all into an unappetizing pile of mush just to gross out the other members. He also made Namjoon choke while brushing his teeth by telling him that he looked like an egg. Jungkook is known for other, more common instances of mischievousness. Whenever the members are tasked with giving a speech, he always avoids the microphone. He’ll even run from one side of the group to the other simply to avoid being handed the mic. Namjoon has tried to subtly chase him down, but he never succeeds. He also constantly pokes fun at Jin’s age and picks lighthearted fights with him, as the youngest is bound to do with the oldest of the group. One of Jimin’s lives suffered from one of these events, resulting in Jin saying a line I quote often, “Hey, Stob it”. Thanks is owed to Jungkook for giving us all this craziness.

There’s so much more I could have written about here, but I didn’t want to go on for too long. I specifically decided to keep to the traits I love that I didn’t initially expect when I was a baby ARMY. There’s something about the surprise I felt at seeing these different sides to them that sucked me into this fandom further. Because of that, I’m pleased to share them with anyone I can. I hope this post inspired both new ARMYs and veteran ARMYs alike to look up compilations and get sucked in the same way I constantly do. I could never claim to know the members of BTS personally, but what I do know about them brings me joy. I can’t thank them enough for that.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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