BTS: Weverse Magazine Interviews Pt 1

Screenshot of Min Yoongi (Suga), Kim Seokjin (Jin), Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung (V), and Kim Namjoon(RM) from the “Butter” music video. Copyright goes to BTS and the Hybe Corporation.

Hey! Hallie here!

Weverse Magazine just keeps giving us amazing interviews! This past week we received an interview for each member of BTS released daily. It wasn’t all that long ago that I discussed the last set of Weverse interviews, but I always love talking about them. These interviews always get really deep and the members of BTS always have something interesting to say. The most recent interviews are no different. Even with the last articles being somewhat recent, I felt like each member had updates to everything they discussed last time. These interviews are long so let’s just get into them!


Namjoon went for more of a dark, sporty look this time around and it adds a lot of intrigue to his photos. The most striking thing about his look here is both the way the dark fabric of his suit lays loosely on him, and his newer short haircut, which suits him incredibly well. He started out the interview talking about his exercise regimen, which he said is something he takes seriously even though his diet doesn’t always help the situation. Relatable, Namjoon. All of that lead into his daily routine. All of the members talked about their daily routine in these interviews. It’s interesting to see how much more rest they’re getting due to quarantine. I can’t help but feel that it’s kind of a good thing. Namjoon specifically talked a lot about how stable and clear his schedule feels. Namjoon also mentioned that his current situation is affecting his inspiration to create. He said he draws a lot off of his experiences and, with his life as slow as it is now, there aren’t as many experiences he can draw off of. But I’ll get back to that later. In the meantime he talked about how much he wanted a Grammy but how insignificant it is in the long run, which is a very mature response to everything that happened. Then he discussed how hard he worked for “Butter” as opposed to how easy “Permission to Dance” felt. He even said he enjoyed singing for a change, which makes me want to hear him sing more. Back to inspiration, though, he discussed how “Bicycle”, his recent release, felt like everything he had to say about his life right now. Especially because he feels most free when he’s in his own thoughts on his bicycle. Still, Namjoon feels as though lyrics are much more difficult to write, which halts his entire starting process of creating a song. The new routine is making him question who he really is. And I feel like everyone can relate to that confusing self discovery we went through or are going through while still dealing with the pandemic, as well as the lack of motivation and inspiration. I hope Namjoon knows he isn’t alone.


Jin went for a really laid back feel in his photos. He could be seen lounged on a couch next to a blow-up palm tree. He always looks stunning in white so I have to call attention to his sheer, white, long-sleeve top over his white t-shirt. It adds texture and just looks nice. As for Jin himself, he’s a really laid back guy. Jin actually expressed an appreciation for everything being online right now. Though he said he couldn’t really process “Butter”s success because of the online nature of most of the things they attend, he also said that he feels less pressure because of it. He noted that the pressure he felt over “Dynamite” was something he wound up working through and, as such, is something he feels he can cope with better now. As for his slower daily routine, he said he feels he’s healthier and he gets more sleep. Good. He also talked about “Abyss”. He said he felt relief after releasing the song because he was facing an unknown side of himself and allowing ARMY to see him as a person with natural negative thoughts. He spoke about how high “Butter” is to sing, which was funny considering he wasn’t the only one of the members who discussed this. Similarly “Butter” was difficult to practice but he said he feels he’s improved. He also discussed how the lyrics were difficult to memorize for both “Butter” and “Permission to Dance”. He enjoyed the challenge, though. He also feels he makes up for his poor memorizing skills in other ways. I love how he’s coming to appreciate his own skills. My favorite part about this interview, though, was how much Jin emphasized the importance of rest. He said that sometimes your brain needs to have a day where you aren’t doing much. Those days are productive even if other people tell you that they aren’t. With everyone’s mental health as it is now, this is such an important message. Between that and his obvious care for ARMY, this interview really left an impact on me.


Yoongi went for a full royalty look for this shoot. And why not? He might as well be. I especially liked that his fully decorated varsity jacket and white shorts contrasted with his elegant crown. Yoongi was asked right away about his progress after his surgery. He said he’s doing well and keeping up with his physical therapy! He also said that he’s been trying to find other things to do outside of work, but it hasn’t worked out. Apparently he’s bad at games so people troll him online. I feel bad for finding that hilarious. As for the success of “Butter” he said it hasn’t sunk in. He was also asked about the message of “Permission to Dance” and I feel he captured the message of this song better than anyone else. He said that the song is a message of hope for everyone who keeps watching this situation get dragged out farther and farther. The song promises that there’s an end to it all. With everyone frustrated by the current situation, I really feel like that message is important. He also pointed out that the pandemic isn’t all negative. He’s been spending a lot of time with his family and feels more emotionally stable. I love that he’s feeling so comfortable. However, unlike Namjoon he didn’t enjoy singing as much in “Permission to Dance”. He feels he needs to practice more, though singing wasn’t as difficult for him as English pronunciation. This is a friendly reminder that the fact that BTS releases English songs in the way that they do is really impressive. Overall, Yoongi said that he likes to make music that he wants to make, but that the public will enjoy as well. He doesn’t want to sacrifice his wants, but he’s open to suggestions and compromise. The most important thing for him, though, is that the artist has a say in what they do so they can have fun doing it. Here he brought up how corrupt companies can be when viewing artists as a product rather than as a creative entity. Someone show this interview to the entire K-Pop industry.

I’m going to stop here for now. As usual, I’ll be analyzing the other interviews in my next post, so look out for that! I really hope these posts help narrow down some of the major points! They’re long interviews and they tend to cover a lot of topics so I hope this helps give anyone of any attention span a good idea of what the members are trying to get across in long pieces like these. I love how deeply thoughtful and emotional the members of BTS are. They each teach me something new in every interview. I can’t remember the last time I’ve found this type of connection in a celebrity interview.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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