BTS: ‘Run BTS’ Episode 145

Screenshot of Kim Taehyung (V) from episode 145 of ‘Run BTS’. Copyright goes to BTS and the Hybe Corporation.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Finally ‘Run BTS’ is back! I can’t even describe how much I missed this show, though I was really glad that the boys got a bit of a break. And when ‘Run BTS’ comes back, it always comes back with a bit of a bang. Last time they took a little break, we were treated to the pool episodes where the members were dunked with water. Those were some of my favorite episodes they’ve ever released just because they were so funny! This time we got a continuation of BTS Village, which is one of my favorite game series they have ever done on the show. This storyline started out in the modern day at an indoor mock-city for kids, then continued in an eighties detective style, and now we’re going all the way back to the Joseon Dynasty for the most recent episodes. Of course, this is a storyline that is always several parts long in whatever way they do it, meaning we still don’t know who the spies are. Though most of them seem so genuine this time around, that it’s pretty difficult to tell who it is. This was seriously such a fun episode and I, of course, can’t speak much more about it without MAJOR SPOILERS!!! Be warned if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

Kim Namjoon (RM):

Each member was given a specific role within this village, and Namjoon’s was the district magistrate. This involved going around and finding small rolled up notes of rules for his individual mission. If a member completed their individual mission they gained an ability, which was essentially a clue to aid in attempting to figure out who the spies are. Namjoon ended up not doing super well with his mission considering how many other members picked up his clues, but Namjoon also was super helpful. He spent most of the time walking around with Jimin and helped Jimin just as much with finding his items as he spent trying to find his own. He was always open to giving any member any item that he had found that he knew was part of their mission. He barely kept anything for himself. He even helped Jimin when Jimin was caught by a guard. Because that’s also a thing that can happen in this game. Namjoon was one of the most outspoken and logical at trying to find out who the spy was. Namjoon was a spy last time, and something tells me he won’t be this time. But they always reel me in and then surprise me, so I’m prepared to be wrong.

Kim Seokjin (Jin):

Jin ended up with the role of physiognomist. Which apparently has to do with the psychological study of facial features. Jin didn’t really seem to know exactly what his role was either. But Jin was absolutely hilarious to watch in this particular episode. Though he always is. While other members were out there working hard to complete their individual missions, Jin, Hobi, and Yoongi sat and ate for a while. Jin was the last person to get up and the most unwilling to do so. He didn’t succeed in finding as many puzzle pieces because other members had already found them. And he also tried to get a clue too early without having enough pieces, which he laughed a lot about. As he usually does. Jin mostly spent this episode making the staff laugh a lot and walking around in these really adorable glasses that I can’t get over now. Seriously, he looked so good. While he did seem the most unwilling to complete his mission, that still didn’t make me suspicious. Because he was just being very funny and very Jin. I’m not sure this seemed entirely out of character for him.

Min Yoongi (Suga):

Yoongi always gets the most adorable roles and I love it every single time. The first time he was a florist, next he was a photographer, and now he is the village teacher. So cute. He did spend the beginning of this episode eating with Jin and Hobi, but that was only after being kicked by Jimin for stubbornly refusing to do Jimin’s ‘Run BTS’ calling idea. Why is he always so relatable? Despite the fact that he also took a while to get going, he was much less nonchalant than Jin. He was actually being pretty quiet and strategic about attempting to complete his mission. And, to be honest, he was a little suspicious. Many of the members called him out for being the most suspicious of the bunch this episode. And it really didn’t help that Jungkook got a clue after completing his mission that said that “Many people are likeminded with Suga”, though Namjoon thought that this meant the majority would agree with him which would make him not one of the spies if there were only two spies. Though we don’t actually know how many spies there are. Namjoon could be totally correct; but that suspicion is still getting to me.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope):

Hobi got the role of secret royal inspector who is also a nobleman. So much power! He definitely walked around with all the swagger of someone in power too. Though he did get a late start eating with Yoongi and Jin. Hobi was one of the major players strategically hiding pieces he got from other members missions. Though his search for completing his own mission was halted when he was found out by the royal guard. Hobi had respectfully taken his shoes off to enter an indoor area, so he ended up running away without time to put his shoes back on. He spent much of the rest of the game trying to dodge the guard and he was also one of the members most accused when they all sat down to talk. Though Hobi defended himself by saying that he couldn’t possibly be a spy considering he ran with such haste to get away from the guard and it made his feet dirty. But I’m not sure, Hobi was also one of the ones most suspicious to me too. He didn’t seem as concerned with the mission as others, which I don’t generally associate with Hobi. Or maybe he was just really into his character.

Park Jimin (Jimin):

Jimin was dressed all in pink and was given the role of charming bachelor. He’s that adorable character you see in a lot of dramas who skips around cutely while simultaneously wooing many potential romantic partners. This is, obviously, perfect for Jimin. Jimin’s mission was also adorable, as he was set to collect a bunch of flowers that he then tucked very cutely into his belt. He walked around a lot with Namjoon; keeping him company while Namjoon found most of his flowers for him. Tae also found several flowers for Jimin that he was very willing to give Jimin in exchange for Jimin ripping his beard off. (I’ll get to that later.) Jimin played the carefree role very well, which didn’t make me all that suspicious. Just like Jin, this didn’t really seem out of character for Jimin. Though many of the members suspected him because Jimin doesn’t have a clear role within the village as the bachelor character is often unemployed. (It’s not his fault that he’s unemployed!) Jimin also set out to break the tension in arguments between members by either skipping around or reminding the other members that being kind was more important than finding the spy. A sweet bean. Though he’s tricked me before so I don’t completely trust him. Jimin was one of the only members to get caught by the guard, but it didn’t last long.

Kim Taehyung (V):

Tae was absolutely hilarious this episode. Tae was given the role of warrior, which he took the most seriously of everyone else. Tae wore a fake mustache and beard for much of the episode to get into character and talked in a deep voice. He also carried around a sword that he couldn’t always cleanly get back in the sheathe again, which made him practically laugh off his mustache several times. Tae even decided this episode that he was going to give his camera staff servant names, Dolsoe and Pandong, and asked them to refer him as master. Oh, Tae. Tae, needless to say, took his individual mission very seriously. He was in character with whoever came up to him, and he originally felt that his character would keep all the items he found for other members. But he was quick to give up the items as soon as he saw those members. Except for Jungkook, who he hid from. When he saw Jimin, his mustache and beard was coming off, so he very in character asked him to take it off. Tae joined the later meeting with members by having his staff announce him before he walked in. And he stormed out in a very drama-like huff that he felt would suit his character when he became one of the centers for suspicion. Though to me it was difficult to figure out whether Tae was suspicious or not because he was acting so in character.

Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook):

Jungkook got a role that suited him very well, which was village painter. His individual goal was to find several different colored scarves that had been tied to trees, and he probably took his individual task the most seriously of everyone. Even though Tae ended up finding half the scarves. His hard work was only proven by the fact that he was one of the only members who got a clue in the episode. The other was Jimin, who Namjoon did most of the work for. Jungkook was also the most willing to share his clues with everyone else. There was a moment where he walked around and goofed off with Jimin that was very cute, but Jungkook tried very hard this episode to figure out who the spies were. Because of his lack of reluctance in sharing everything that he had found out, he was probably one of the least suspected by the members. And he didn’t really come off as suspicious to me either. While many might say that Jungkook was trying very hard and that could be suspicious, I think that was just Jungkook’s natural competitive side. But I haven’t really absolved him of suspicion just yet, either.

I seriously can’t wait for the next episode of ‘Run BTS’. These types of episodes have always been my favorites along with the travel themed and amusement park themed ones. I just love the mystery! And these boys are scary good at making themselves seem not suspicious at all. I have literally felt betrayed when someone ended up being the spy that I wasn’t expecting at all during these games. I just love them so much and I’m so confused as to who the spy is now. Or even how many spies there even are. I bet whoever it ends up being will not be someone I’m expecting.

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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