BTS: ‘Run BTS’ Episodes 146 and 147

Screenshot of Min Yoongi (Suga) in ‘Run BTS’. Copyright goes to Hybe Entertainment and BTS.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Though episode 146 of ‘Run BTS’ was just as funny as the first and last ones, I figured I wouldn’t post again until we finally figured out who the spies were. And this episode was amazingly hilarious in so many ways. Mostly because of the absolute chaos of them trying to figure out the spy in the final sit-down-and-talk elements of this series of episodes. And, yes you guys, we have finally wrapped up the time travel spy episodes of ‘Run BTS’. They ended this most recent episode back in the present time. I am going to miss them a lot, because these are always so much fun to watch! But I’m excited to see what they’ll do next! I’m going to talk about each member individually as they were throughout the last couple episodes including my suspicions of them and what turned out to be true. It would be really difficult to talk about any of this without MAJOR SPOILERS!!!! Seriously, this is your warning.

Kim Namjoon (RM):

Oh, Namjoon. Definitely the most logical of the boys in trying to solve this and came up with many of the theories the boys ended up running with by himself. Despite this, some fake clues and a couple of confusing hints from the staff made Namjoon doubt himself at the end of it all. Namjoon was unsure that the culprit was Tae because Tae was just doing things that he would regularly do. And he was correct on that front. Namjoon also deduced that Jimin could not be one of the culprits because none of the clues hinted at him. Also correct. But Namjoon was thrown when it was revealed that there may not be three spies, as that was his biggest running theory. After this he remained relatively silent other than trying to break up some of the infighting. Poor Namjoon. I can honestly say that Namjoon was one of the ones that I suspected least the entire time. I think I said last time that Namjoon was one of the members that I would feel really betrayed if he turned out to be a spy because I was so sure of him being a civilian. I was proved correct! Namjoon was completely innocent though very flustered by the end of it all. And he was chosen as one of the four innocents to be teleported back to the present.

Kim Seokjin (Jin):

Jin was one of the members who seemed the most frustrated to me by the game. He often found it difficult to find clues and couldn’t necessarily figure out how his individual mission worked. And there were times where I wondered if this was a little bit of an act. I might have said before that I suspected Jin and Jungkook purely because neither of them have been spies in this series yet (Hobi is too trustworthy). But in the past few episodes Jin was being a bit more playful, probably due to being around other members. Jin and Yoongi walking around together proved how much of a comedy duo they are and I laughed so hard when Tae spoke poetry to them and they just stared at him, confused. Jin also did the typical hyung thing of making Jungkook put him on his back. But in the end he was either quiet during the speaking session or he was extremely defensive. And that clinched it for me. By the end I was absolutely sure Jin was one of the spies and I yelled at the television when they almost chose him as one of the four innocents. I was very glad that Hobi was very adamant on not taking Jin. He had the right idea. In the end the boys were able to snuff him out as the spy, though he did take his time to mess with them before fessing up, in usual Jin fashion. He did not want to be a spy, but he was a damn good one.

Min Yoongi (Suga):

He was the highlight for me this episode. Episode 147 was the episode of adorable Yoongi. If anyone ever tells you that Min Yoongi is not adorable, show them that episode and prove them wrong. After being comedic with Jin, Yoongi spent this episode being one of the most vocal members. (Which was definitely suspicious.) He was very very defensive, though hilariously so, and this resulted in Yoongi being the first to be voted out as a spy. Because of this he had to sit on the side and was unable to speak during the rest of the mafia game. So instead he would put one hand over his mouth and gesture drastically at the other members. He would point to specific members, refer to an imaginary watch to tell them to hurry up, or make hilarious thinking faces. He was like a human emoji. Every time he got up from his seat on the side I would end up laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair Jimin style. He was, of course, a spy. In my last post I said he was possibly the most suspicious of all of them and literally every member of BTS seemed to have the same opinion. Jin even threw him under the bus because he knew he couldn’t protect him. He also spent much of his time messing with the other members and trying to shift the conversation with his antics before he fessed up. He looked way too happy to be the spy again.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope):

Just an over-all cutie and a sweet guy. By the end of all of this, I think Hobi was the member that everyone else trusted the most. Maybe even the audience too. People were sharing clues and theories with him just as much as Namjoon and were even more likely to tell him their suspicions than they were with Namjoon. Hobi in general just gives off this aura of trustworthiness. I think that may be why he hasn’t been a spy for most things on ‘Run BTS’. With Hobi it’s never too difficult to tell when he’s lying because he’s generally too sweet and earnest to be a good liar. Hobi was one of the most helpful members in sniffing out the spies though. In fact he was so adamant that they look at all the clues, he would be the first to point out if a clue might reflect back on himself. In the end I wanted Hobi to choose who the four innocents were because he seemed to have a pretty good gut feeling that I trusted. Like when he said he would take anyone but Jin. Hobi along with Namjoon were the two members that I suspected barely at all through this series of episodes. I was so relieved that both of them were just as innocent as I thought they would be and that they both were chosen as innocents. I guess the moral of the story is trust Hobi and listen to Hobi. He has a pretty good gut instinct and he’ll always have your back.

Park Jimin (Jimin):

I’m going to be honest, I was pretty sold on Namjoon’s theory that there were three spies. So while I did correctly guess that Yoongi and Jin were the spies, I did not correctly guess that they were the only spies. For the possible third slot I ended up being equally suspicious of two people and one of them was Jimin. While Jimin was a lot more carefree in the first episode, as soon as that second episode came along he became much more intense. He constantly pulled other members aside and told them his suspicions of other members, which created even more distrust between everyone else. It honestly made everything even more funny! Jimin was also quick to tell just about everyone that he was suspicious of them. When it got to the actual choosing of the mafia, Jimin was possibly the most vocal member. He was the first to declare himself innocent and had a difficult time choosing whether or not Tae or Jungkook was also innocent. In the end it was only Hobi’s reluctance towards Jin and openness towards Jungkook that won them the game. Jimin almost chose Jin because he was so in between. Seeing Jimin this intense was a little unusual, but so much fun! And of course, he was still giving all the members big hugs. Jimin was not a spy, because there were only two, but I’m going to have to watch out for him in other games. It seems like he’s a bit more sly when he’s a spy.

Kim Taehyung (V):

This poor man just wanted to prove his innocence. In the second episode Tae spent much of his time hanging around a cat which made everyone else really suspicious because he wasn’t doing anything. That was only when he wasn’t memorizing poetry and reciting it to the very confused members. He didn’t get as much into character after that first episode, mostly because he became determined to prove his innocence. This determination made me suspicious (he was the one I was suspecting along with Jimin), but in the end I just felt bad for being suspicious of him at all. He really was just trying to live his life, pet some cats, and prove that he wasn’t a spy. Namjoon was completely right that Tae taking time for the cat was just him being Tae. In the end Tae almost swayed Jimin into choosing him as one of the innocents, but the only person he really ended up swaying was Namjoon. Who also seemed to feel bad by the end of it. He was not one of the four innocents chosen at the end. But people were quick to point out that Tae thought the spies were Yoongi and Jin from the second episode. He solved it! And he also got big hugs from the members after asking them if it was wrong that he liked animals since they were all so suspicious of him after the cat incident.

Jeon Jungkook:

Another poor man who just wanted to prove his innocence and also got clowned so hard by Yoongi and Jin. Jungkook was one of the hardest working members when it came to his personal mission, something he pointed out several times while trying to defend himself. He literally ran everywhere trying to find those navy scarves in episode two. Trust me, his camera man would absolutely agree with that. Though by the end he seemed pretty worn out and quiet. And his quietness is what initially made the other members suspicious of him. And something he was doing with his eyebrows, probably because he was nervous. The members received a fake clue saying that a shy member was a spy, which made many of them turn on Jungkook. But in the end Hobi reached for him after rejecting Jin and he was proved an innocent member. Kind of. Yoongi and Jin decided to mess with the members and say that there was a third secret spy who didn’t know he was a spy. Jin succeeded in making Jungkook raise his hand when asked who the spies were, though Jungkook was so confused. The staff ended up telling him that it wasn’t true, but it was a hilarious moment. Jungkook was one of the ones I really wasn’t suspecting by the end of it. He was too earnest and he had worked too hard.

There you have it! Aside from a pretty sad part where a key broke in one of the locks and the camera director got stuck in a cell. They did show him getting broken out of the cell a couple minutes later, so it ended well! I was glad to see that he got out. And the boys were all so concerned about him too. Though it was kind of a funny moment with Jimin and Tae trying to bargain with the camera director for the clue inside the cell and Jungkook’s face when he figured out that he was stuck. I always love these mafia episodes and trying to figure out who the moles are. And I think we as a fandom are getting better at figuring it out! Though I fear we’re all saying that too soon. In the first ‘BTS Village’ I was absolutely taken by surprise, so I don’t doubt that will happen again. And also, Jungkook and Hobi are barely ever spies. With Hobi it’s difficult to choose him as one because he’s not a great liar, but we haven’t seen Jungkook put in many situations like that before. This is really making me wonder how Jungkook would be as a spy in one of these episodes. Jin hadn’t been a spy before in ‘BTS Village’, but he was a spy several times in other iterations of this game. I definitely want to see Jungkook as the spy in an episode soon!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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