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Hi! It’s Annie!

After a little while of silence from BTS, we’re starting to get some new information for Fall activities after the whirlwind that was Jungkook’s birthday. And most of the news we’ve most recently gotten is news regarding the several BTS related shows that are currently somewhere the in the making. I’m excited for all the projects, though the updates on some of them unfortunately don’t really come with good news. I hope that all of the projects pan out though and I’m really excited for literally any new information for all of them. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!


This is the K-Drama that is being created around the storyline created for the music video for ‘Run.’ For those of you who aren’t super familiar with it, I’ll just say that it isn’t a very happy story. Though, BTS’s brand has changed so much from when that MV dropped that I can’t imagine the show will be completely dark. I created an entire post about the drama’s basic storyline, the casting, and the characters storylines if you want to check that out! I think the part I’m most looking forward to so far might just be Yoongi and Jungkook’s connected storyline. But I’m sure they’ll all be interesting and I would be surprised if I didn’t come out of this show crying at every single plot point for all of them. Anyways, this is the show that unfortunately doesn’t have much good news to report about. Filming for the show halted because of quarantine and then after they were given the all clear filming was halted again. This time because the original script had the boys’ real names in it as the character names and many fans were uncomfortable with this. I, personally, don’t see the issue. I don’t think it’s the show’s problem if fans can’t tell the difference between a true story and a fake one, and for the show to have considered using their names in the first place the boys would have had to give their consent. They aren’t babies, they can make their own adult decisions. But I also don’t see the need for the characters to have their names. The show was originally slated to come out the end of this year but we haven’t heard anything about a change of date. Supposedly they got back to filming after they decided to change the names in the script to fake ones. But now rumors are circulating that they might just cancel the project altogether. This isn’t surprising, especially since we’ve heard no concrete news about the show for quite a while now. I personally hope that this isn’t the case. BTS has been known for creating rich storylines within their MV’s, especially some of their older ones, and I think this deserves the K-Drama treatment. It would suck if this was cancelled, but honestly it’s not looking too good guys.

‘Friends must fly out!’:

In an unexpected but not unwelcome turn of events, BTS has been confirmed to have paired with ‘Lotte Duty Free’ (yes, as in the concert) for the release of a sitcom starring the boys. And while I never pictured them actually coming out with a full sitcom, they’ve done enough sitcom-ish merchandising and skits on ‘Run BTS’ for this to make sense for them right now. Of course, this isn’t exactly a full series. As I said in my full post for ‘Youth’; we can’t expect BTS to act in any full series because they definitely don’t have the time for that. Especially after being named the Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture in South Korea! (Congrats guys!) This is just a “movie” that’s going to be released in theaters. Unfortunately this isn’t what you think. This is actually supposed to be really on the line of an advertisement shot like a sitcom. Which they’ve done before. Just a little bit longer than what we’ve seen. So don’t get your hopes up too high! But I think, at this point, we all thoroughly enjoy whatever the boys put out. I’m really excited to see it! Even if it isn’t exactly what I expected from all the headlines about a sitcom.

‘BTS: In the SOOP 2’:

Not long after the festivities of Jungkook’s birthday, we were greeted with the amazing announcement of ‘BTS: In the SOOP 2’. This is, of course, the second season to what we got last year to replace ‘Bon Voyage’ since BTS (and really everyone in general) can’t travel during quarantine. It’s described as a ‘reality’ show, but if you live in the US your thoughts of what a reality show is probably wildly different from what this actually is. BTS stays in a house on the lake and does some fun and cute activities. Like fishing and painting. But for the most part you just watch them cook. And this is definitely one of my comfort shows. It’s so calming and you just want to cook with them! ARMYs have been desperate for a season two announcement ever since the final months of summer rolled around. Honestly, I was hoping that if they didn’t film it, that they at least got some sort of break. I still hope that they got some sort of break during all of this. But I’m absolutely in love with the idea of a season two. I can’t wait for another season of my comfort show and another season of more healing. And also of adorable bare-faced Yoongi because I don’t think any of us are over Yoongi in the first season. Though they were all amazingly adorable and beyond attractive during the entirety of that show. I guess we’ll just all die from the adorableness and then be healed again by the relaxing and fun nature of the show. It’s coming out just around the corner in October! Hopefully just in time for Jimin’s birthday!

So it looks like we have a lot to look forward to! And even if ‘Youth’ doesn’t end up getting made at all or gets shelved for now, I’ll still be excited to see any new information about it at all. And, yes, I did almost cry with relief when the announcement about the second season of ‘In the SOOP’ came out. Can you blame me? October needs to come faster! And I hope that the silence we’ve been seeing from the boys means that they actually are getting a bit of a break. But considering all of their projects on top of Jimin’s Vlive where he said they were filming stuff that would be released soon, I highly doubt it. I just hope that the holiday season isn’t as hectic for them and that they felt just as healed filming this second season of ‘In the SOOP’ as we will feel watching it.

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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