BTS: Happy Jimin Day!!!

Photo of Park Jimin at the ‘Sowoozoo’ concert. Copyright goes to Hybe And BTS.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Yay! It’s Jimin Day! This amazing man has been my bias for so incredibly long and I get the immense pleasure of writing about Jimin’s birthday right after I got to write about my bias wrecker, Namjoon’s, birthday. Jimin has been with me through so much now. And still he’s been with me through so much continued stress. This man is a constant comfort to me and a constant comfort to so many. I still cry when I hear ‘Promise’. I’m glad to see that we’re all doing really well in celebrating Jimin’s birthday, but he is a member of the maknae line so that’s to be expected. But I want to go over some of his more meaningful and comforting moments for me, both small and large. Even some behind the scenes stuff! So let’s go through some of the stuff that really solidify this man as my bias each day!

Jimin Birthday Incident:

Can we talk about about when BTS was performing overseas during Jimin’s birthday? Because that entire scenario was adorable. And absolutely entirely appropriate to talk about during Jimin’s birthday. On that day, all of the other members secretly decided to learn “Happy Birthday” in another language just to surprise Jimin. And when Jimin heard it he immediately wondered why he hadn’t heard the song or practiced this, so he tried to sing along. Only to realize half way through that it was “Happy Birthday” and they were singing it for him. He proceeded to laugh at himself and then do a lap around the entire stage. His bewilderment at the fact that they were singing to him is adorable and something that still lives rent free in my brain.

Three Cute Faces:

I couldn’t do this post without talking about the ‘Run BTS’ from today. After all, it is the last episode they will be doing for a while and we don’t know when it’ll be coming back. This most recent episode recapped a bunch of the most famous moments from all the ‘Run BTS’ episodes. (Which makes me think it won’t be back for a while.) Including the photo episode where they had to time their jumps in order to take a photo based on a prompt. In their revisit of this game Jimin was wearing a hoodie with two black pom-poms on the bottom, which made it look like he was wearing three mics. But even better, they were required to do easy mini games to get more food for dinner. Jimin chose an aegyo game where he built up on one cute face until it was almost unbearably adorable. I don’t think there is a single person out there who can resist the Jimin pout.

Jimin’s Love For ARMY:

For this I’m specifically going to talk about a moment at the ‘Map of the Soul: ONE’ concert that has recently been expanded upon by the behind the scenes for the concert that was just released. Jimin throughout the behind the scenes footage talked about how much he missed ARMY and how he had much less energy without us there to perform for. You could tell that the lack of ARMY discouraged him more with every single rehearsal, but he still talked about his troubles with a smile as he usually does. I think we all know by now that he actually cried at the end of the first day of the concert. I’m not going to delve into that too much because I feel like that’s a very private moment for Jimin. But afterwards he revealed the cause for his emotion, which was that he didn’t know the footage of ARMY on the walls was live. And actually getting to see ARMY live was overwhelming for him and made him miss us even more. I hope he knows that we miss him a lot too!

Jimin With TXT:

Since late 2019 we’ve been getting more and more footage of BTS with TXT, which I absolutely love. We know that BTS are people that TXT look up to massively and they also serve as mentors for TXT because they’re in the same company. I personally love both groups and think that they shouldn’t be compared as much as they are. TXT are their own group and are not trying to be like BTS, but I digress. Anyways, in one adorable clip, TXT attended a BTS concert and then surprised BTS afterwards backstage. While many of the members were giving the members of TXT advice, Jimin was more concerned about their seating arrangements. Evidently, TXT were sitting in one of the top boxes of the stadium and Jimin just kept asking them if the weather was comfortable and if they were too cold up there. It makes me smile every time I see it. Jimin also cleared up a vocal practice room early so that TXT could use it. I love hearing about how much BTS looks out for the members of TXT.

Jimin and ‘Serendipity’:

Jimin has had a lot of solo songs, and I love every single one of them. His performances are insane and his songs have amazing vocals, dances, and are definitely earworms. More recently, I rewatched the concerts where he performed ‘Serendipity’ and this performance sticks out for me for several reasons. Firstly, the video that accompanied this solo song before the performance was amazing and so very Jimin. It depicted Jimin with a beautiful sky blue background wearing beautifully flowing clothing that moved with him as he danced. And adorableness with a pastel yellow blanket. The performance itself is just Jimin also. It’s a flowy but regal costume for his dance, lighthearted with bubbles, and it suits his amazing light vocals perfectly. The pastel look in the photoshoots with his pastel pink hair makes it look all the more colorful. It’s definitely one of my favorite Jimin looks and concepts.

Jimin and Littles:

I have to mention this because it’s adorable. Jimin went viral around Christmas a couple years ago for carrying around a little girl they were performing with. The photos that released of both of them smiling and laughing still succeed in making my day better. On top of that, when going on an American show, Jimin met two younger fans. He was bewildered because the little girl he met, who immediately hugged him, asked him if he was ok. Which was a question that he didn’t understand why she was asking him. But he thought it was adorable nonetheless and actually got on her level to give her a big hug. Most recently, both he and Tae worked with child actors for the “Permission To Dance” MV who got down on their knees every time Tae and Jimin also tried to get on their level. Both found this very cute and just accepted it. Seeing Jimin with kids is always cute. And really the same goes for dogs. Jimin is known for jumping around with dogs. He’s got the kids and puppies thing covered.

I love Jimin so much and I can’t wait to actually see him in person for the concert. I still can’t believe that is actually happening. That I’m seeing one of my far-off comfort people is insane to me. That I’m seeing seven of them is even more unbelievable. Jimin is one of the reasons I smile every time I pull up almost any app on my phone. So a very happy birthday to our Jiminie! I hope your day is amazing and I can’t wait to see you from afar at the concert!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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