BTS: 2022 Season’s Greetings

Screenshot of Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) in the ‘Star Turned Villain’ concept for ‘2022 Season’s Greetings’. Copyright goes to BTS and the Hybe Corporation.

Hey! Hallie here!

Yesterday we were gifted with a first look at two different photoshoots set to be part of BTS’s ‘2022 Season’s Greetings’. It’s all everyone has been talking about for the last twenty four hours, and with very good reason. Both concepts are amazing looks we don’t get to see these boys in often. Especially because both looks are darker in theme than what BTS has been going for lately. There’s really so much to gush about, so let’s just get right into these concepts!

‘Star/Idol Turned Villain’:

These villain concepts made for the perfect reveal on Halloween. Each member has a different costume that matches the type of villain they’re portraying for the photoshoot. First we have Namjoon as a mad scientist. This pretty obviously matches Namjoon’s personality. The only “plain” part of this outfit are his clear goggles. His white lab coat is covered in multicolored words and patterns with ‘Persona’ seen written on both his sleeves. His red tie is similarly messy, in a very charming way, with letters of varying sizes and teddy bears taking up the pattern. This whole look, including the chalkboard in the back, is very clearly a call back to “PERSONA”. Jin’s next with the shadow hacker character. This character came out of nowhere for some, but Jin’s obsession with video games made this a bit more obvious to me. Either way, it’s a really cool look on Jin. We don’t get to see too much of his outfit from anything released so far, thought the baggy black ensemble really serves the careless look they’re going for. But really, I’m in love with just the messy hair and glasses look alone. Next is Yoongi as the gray pianist. A lot of people weren’t really sure what this character idea even means. I think they were trying to go for the tortured/obsessed artist feel, but it definitely isn’t an obvious pick for a villain. Pairing Yoongi with a piano wins, regardless. You can never go wrong with a good puffed sleeve look underneath a black vest. I also liked the green paint splatter details on the sleeves. Closing off the Hyung line is Hobi as a “mystic strategist”. He’s a pirate. This one was a pleasant surprise. The look walks the line between modern and old fashioned. He has a typical bandana around his head that is sometimes covered with a black pirate hat. He also has an extremely gorgeous red and black coat with striking gold buttons. But along with this we see a more modern black, floral pattern on his button-up shirt. The black tie he wears and gold chains attached to his jacket also feel more modern. And topping it all off is the most adorable scar I’ve ever seen.

Onto the Maknae line starting with Jimin! The villain for Jimin is called “alley cat”. It’s essentially an elegant thief. Some are comparing the concept to Catwoman, which is pretty accurate. We get it all here. A really nice suit with a black sweater instead of a black tie which, in my opinion, makes the whole look sleeker. We get some gorgeous necklaces and chains to emphasize the glam theme of the look. And we get some short, black, leather gloves. It all looks gorgeous on Jimin. Taehyung is a “fate reader” or a fortune teller. This isn’t typically a villain personality, but I don’t see why it can’t be! And wow, Taehyung looks really good in this. Firstly, we have to talk about his black hooded robe. It’s floor-length, with gorgeous gold embroidery that turns more intricate, with tons of beads, when it gets to his shoulders. But that’s not all. When he takes his hood off, we also get to see him in a gold and purple crown with some sparkle going down his eye as well. It’s breathtaking. Finally, Jungkook is shown last as the “action-taker”. This villain role is pretty much just the “bad boy”. Between the black leather and the motorcycle, it’s pretty clear this villain concept isn’t that much of a frightening one. But it’s still really fun. We get more scarring here, like we saw on Hobi, but we also get a full black, leather harness. The harnesses are always, always dangerous to behold. I also really like that this black shirt, seeming to be of mostly sweater material, only has one sleeve. It makes the shirt visually interesting. Even more interesting, the sleeve is tied together and turns into a leather material as it goes farther down. And, of course, who can forget those leather pants? These looks are all top-tier. I’ll be watching this promo video over and over from now on.

Rock Style:

For this look we’ve only seen a few photos, but all of them are badass. This rock style leans more towards the punk rock feel. It’s graphic t-shirts, patterned pants and jackets, chokers, and guy-liner. What more could you ask for? Namjoon and Taehyung both have acid-washed pieces. Namjoon’s leather jacket makes the texture of the acid-washed piece stand out while Tae’s seems to accent the distressed look of his shirt. Jin also has an eye-catching leather jacket, his with two white patches on the sleeves that match the scrawl on his shirt. Meanwhile, Jungkook’s shirt takes distressed to a new level with an organized pattern of squares cut out of it. Plaid patterns always add to any punk look, and I’m especially appreciative of Jimin’s plaid pants paired with the texture of his red shoes, which look like it might be suede, as well as Hobi’s plaid jacket, which I would personally like to steal for my own wardrobe. Lastly, I really want to take a moment to appreciate Yoongi’s beret with all the pins lining the rim. It’s the coolest beret I’ve ever seen. I love this punk theme and I love that they went for a darker theme this time around.

And that’s it for what we’ve seen of the ‘2022 Season’s Greetings’ so far! I can’t wait to see the rest of it when it comes out. It all looks incredible so far. I’m pretty obviously biased toward the villains concept because character concepts always manage to make for my favorite photoshoots. But the punk look is a style that’s inspired my own wardrobe and I love seeing the boys in it. Starting out 2022 with both of these photoshoots makes me very curious for what we’ll see them do next year.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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