BTS: Happy Birthday WWH!

Promotional photo of Kim Seokjin for “Butter”. Copyright goes to the HYBE Corporation and BTS.

Hi! It’s Annie!

I am still very much not ok after that concert. Post concert depression is very real and all I want is to be back at a BTS concert! I literally sat down after the concert ended and just cried. I miss the boys so much already! And I could talk all about that or how much Namjoon absolutely wrecked me this concert. Because I was not prepared for that either. There’s also other news to talk about, like the release of clips from Monsta X’s new album which I can warn you now I probably won’t talk about at all. It’s not really my thing from what I heard. But of all of these things, the thing to really look at right now is Jin’s birthday. I could do a summary of some of his work, but I’ve already done that a couple times. So I’m just going to go over what happened this year for his birthday because that’s a lot of content to cover. Jin’s birthday this year was spectacular, especially because of the mix of BTS’s concert return and the brand new showcase that he released for his birthday. Let’s get into the amazing ways ARMY celebrated this amazing man this year!

The Concert:

The hype for Jin’s birthday was overwhelming even before my sister and I stepped into the venue a couple days ago. There were makeshift areas set up at all sides of the arena for the Moon Project for Jin. Many ARMYs had brought their own from home or were helping to assemble them. And other ARMYs were going up to every person standing in a line and passing out signs with Jin’s name on it in Hangul. Both of these were utilized at different parts of the show and many ARMYs who weren’t even part of the stations for these projects initially, helped in passing out materials for both projects. The concert started out with the signs with his name on it which Jungkook ended up pointing out to Jin. Jin already looked very happy with those signs, but the big project that had been planned for months was the Moon Project. This was the one that ARMYs used when we were all singing “Happy Birthday” to Jin. While the light effect did not go quite as many people had hoped, it did end up being something noticeable to Jin in the end. Jin towards the end of the concert noticed the moons and admitted to ARMYs at being choked up by the gesture. He also said that he had been expecting something from ARMY and thought it was gating rather late in the concert. BTS and staff also pitched in with pictures of Jin in pigtails from a previous concert day and a rainbow banner. Between BTS’s surprise for Jin and ARMY’s surprise, there was a lot of surprises going around the arena. And all of it was aimed at a very happy Jin. Jin also made ARMYs laugh later in the concert by wearing his BT21 character, RJ, on the back of his head and remarking that he felt embarrassed by the thing on his head because of his age. But he then said that he just did it for all of us, which was so cute! His remarks and the RJ on his head later proved to be a lightening of the air after we all sobbed at Namjoon’s speech that recounted many of our shared depression during quarantine. Namjoon hit the nail on the head and then Jin cheered us all up. Very much like them if you think about it. We also saw Jin having the time of his life at the concert for his birthday. Like jumping around with Namjoon or hugging Chris Martin from Coldplay. Their friendship has always been so wholesome. I also can’t express how handsome he looks up close. I definitely freaked out when all of them started moving around the arena on moving platforms that were right at my eye level! Jin was faced away from me and towards the floor seating crowd most of the time, but I still saw enough to tell you that that man glows. He’s gorgeous.

Celebrations After:

As usual, in South Korea there were blocks of Jin banners all around the HYBE building and a completely decorated cafe. But more than that, we also got Jin’s chaotic V-live with a more chaotic candle display than Namjoon’s. Jin lit one giant candle that then opened to smaller candles that played “Happy Birthday” on loop. There he talked about just how touched he was at the Moon Project from the concert and commended ARMY because the boxes were all handmade. He said it was one of the most touching moments of his life, which right away made me teary eyed. There was also a giant multi-layer cake for Jin at the Jingle Ball too. The cake was wheeled out onto the stage which elicited a loud “Wow” from Jin who cutely walked towards it in his large white reindeer antlers. The cake itself was adorable, intricately decorated, and even had the BTS logo on the top. Everyone was celebrating for Jin this year and I absolutely love it! He deserves every bit of it.

“Super Tuna”:

I think everyone knows about the song that’s only about a minute that Jin released. It has been called a cure for post concert depression by ARMY. With a music video set on a beach, the MV depicts nothing but Jin and two dancers doing choreography planned by BTS’s dance team designed after choreography that Jin had done in the past. Jin was too busy with the concert himself to make the dance, but he killed it! Jin took a good chunk of time on his birthday V-live to talk about the creation of “Super Tuna”. Jin noted that he had always wanted to make a song about fishing just as a joke (recently while he was visiting the US he went on a fishing trip), and he created the song with a friend. He was half expecting the song to never be made and said he would have been fine with that since it was a joke. The joke was taken rather seriously by everyone else involved though and the project just kept getting bigger. Jin felt that it was funny, though also very embarrassing, and this was only reflected by the fan reaction. ARMY made the song go viral and started the ‘Super Tuna Challenge’, which hilariously caused Jin to plead with fans on Weverse to stop the challenge twice. First Jin said that it was embarrassing and then he voiced his fear that the company would make him make a second song. I just want to thank all the ARMY that blew up this song, because though Jin is embarrassed, it is very nice to see Jin getting this much attention and love. And the song is a bop!

Jin as well as Jimin and Jungkook are now safely back in South Korea and HYBE has announced that BTS will be taking a well deserved and very much needed break after their busy LA schedule. We know that part of that is because once a person returns to South Korea they must enter two weeks of quarantine. Namjoon, Hobi, Yoongi, and Tae are still in LA for a little longer, though we don’t know how much longer they’ll be here or exactly why they waited behind. Many ARMYs have joked that they’re recording “Cypher Pt. 5′” which would be amazing if it were true. It’s more likely that it’s for safety reasons. But I’m glad that Jin is back and safe after so much celebration around his birthday. I’m glad that because of the concert we were all able to make it a big one for him this year!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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