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Screenshot of Alfred Enoch and Devon Murray behind the scenes of ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. Copyright goes to Warner Bros, Heyday Films, and Patalex IV Productions Limited.

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About a month ago I posted some of my opinions on the most popular ships in ‘Harry Potter’. Let’s just say that my opinions of couples fans have put together is more positive than my opinions of most of the couples that are actually in the series. But there are definitely couples I didn’t really have time to include and couples that I forgot about entirely. So armed with more deep dives into fanfiction websites, and admittedly some resulting trauma which I’ll get into below, I have an entire new list of ‘Harry Potter’ ships to discuss! Let’s get into this!

Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour:

I completely forgot about this canonical couple when I discussed the couples Rowling put together in my last post. I actually do like this couple. This is the only couple Rowling wrote that I genuinely support. It kind of comes out of nowhere, especially if you’re only familiar with these two in the movies, but given that the readers don’t know much about Bill and Fleur’s day-to-day it isn’t necessarily strange that the two got together. And I like their relationship. I like how devoted Bill is to Fleur despite how much Molly disapproves. I like how Fleur is unafraid to stand up for herself against Molly as well, especially when her love for Bill gets called into question. The moment where she insists that she doesn’t care that Bill’s face was marred by a werewolf and notes that she has good looks enough for both of them despite Molly’s insults, is probably the most romantic scene in any of the books. Plus their wedding is pretty. So while I may criticize the books and movies for every other canonical couple, this one, while not often focused on, does get a pass.

James Potter and Lily Evans:

Another canonical couple! This one isn’t bad. It just isn’t developed or explored. ‘Harry Potter’ fans know that James was a bully during his school years and that Lily didn’t like him because of it. But, at least according to Remus and Sirius, James grew out of it. Had he not, Lily likely wouldn’t have ended up with him in the first place. Does that make them a good couple? I have no idea. All I know is that they loved each other and they loved Harry. In the very least James wasn’t obsessive like Snape was, so there’s that.

George Weasley and Angelina Johnson:

This couple makes me want to vomit. Genuinely. This is one of those ideas Rowling had after the books came out that is considered canonical by some and just another of Rowling’s bad after-the-fact additions to the ‘Harry Potter’ universe by others. I’m on the team that believes the latter. Because this couple is so offensive and wrong in so many ways. It perpetuates the stereotype that twins are so similar, that the other people in their life find no significant differences between them. Obviously this is completely untrue. Twins, as we have stated on this blog before, are completely different people with different personalities. But on top of that, the only reason why Angelina ends up with George, according to the awful author, is because she’s mourning Fred. So not only does Angelina decide to date George because he’s “close enough”, but the entire time she’s also wishing he was Fred. How is that healthy? In the least bit? Reason number 1001 why Rowling needs to stop talking.

Hermione Granger and Fred Weasley:

We’ve officially made our way out of the Rowling-made couples and into the fan-made couples. Hermione and Fred is a relationship that gains and loses popularity sporadically throughout the ‘Harry Potter’ fandom. Most people began to like the couple because of a scene in the books. In the scene, Hermione accidentally comes across an invention by Fred and George that punches her in the eye, leaving a dark bruise. When Hermione approaches the two with said black-eye, Fred expresses immediate guilt, gets her something to take care of the bruise, and ensures that she’s alright. This act of kindness felt more meaningful to some than anything Ron ever did for Hermione. Because Fred doesn’t share an unhealthy relationship with Hermione in the way that Ron does, many fans also see Fred as the solution to the Ron problem. Hermione still gets to be a Weasley, and she can be in a relationship with someone who has the potential to respect her more. I like this ship for that reason. I also really appreciate that Fred has none of the problematic implications that other characters often shipped with Hermione do (Draco and his racism, Snape and his everything).

Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas:

This is a very popular ship in the ‘Harry Potter’ fandom. These two are always seen together. Even when Seamus and Dean reach a disagreement in their beliefs about Harry they still spend all their time together. Dean even attends the Quidditch World Cup with Seamus and his mother. They clearly have a very close relationship, so it makes sense to take this chemistry and turn it into something romantic. Especially because Rowling was so bad at creating any kind of representation at all in ‘Harry Potter’, let alone LGBTQ+ representation. The fact that Seamus spends most of his final year at Hogwarts missing Dean because it’s too dangerous for him to attend due to his parentage, only to run to hug Dean when he shows up for the Battle of Hogwarts, is adorable. And the best part? Their actors are friends in real life and have vocally supported the ship. It’s no surprise that so many people like this couple.

Percy Weasley and Oliver Wood:

This couple was only recently brought to my attention, but it has a decent following and is admittedly pretty cute. Most people have put these two together because, as they were in the same year at Hogwarts, fans discovered that they must have shared a dormitory. Also because, as I said before, there is no LGBTQ+ representation to be found in ‘Harry Potter’. They don’t interact at all in the books or movies, but they do have similar motivated mindsets. I also like that many fanfic authors have used this couple to help Percy strive to be a better person, which many of us wish for both the sakes of Percy and the Weasley family. There’s a lot of space that fans have found to be creative with this ship, and I appreciate that.

Harry Potter and Severus Snape:

Why are people like this? Why must they traumatize me in this way? This ship has a lot of the same issues that the Hermione/Snape ship has. Namely, many fanfic writers don’t age up Harry, making him a minor in these stories. A good chunk of supporters of this ship also use Snape’s interest in Lily as a means to make Snape interested in Harry. Which is clearly, very disgusting. There is no reason for this couple to exist and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

That’s it! This group was definitely a mixed bag but it was interesting to go through! There were even some ships in here that I didn’t know existed! As of now I feel this post will probably be the last in this series. While there are many other ‘Harry Potter’ ships, including cross-fandom ones, there are way too many to talk about. I’ve also covered all of the major ones I’ve heard of. But if I do find more couples to talk about, count me in! I have a lot of fun looking into ‘Harry Potter’ ships and fan created content!

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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