K-Pop: N.Flying

Photo of Seo Dongsung, Kim Jaehyun, Lee Seunghyub, Yoo Hoeseung (Hweseung), and Cha Hoon (Hun) from N.Flying. Copyright goes to FNC Entertainment.

Hey! Hallie here!

The k-pop section of this blog is taken up by BTS more than anyone else, partly because BTS monopolizes most k-pop news and partly because we adore them way too much to complain. But I do love to spotlight other groups I love, so thanks to a friend of mine, I’m talking about the k-rock group N.Flying today! N.Flying is definitely one of the least well known of the groups we’ve covered, but last year their cover of the intro to ‘Demon Slayer’ got them some well deserved attention. Meanwhile, their song “Moonshot” has become my newest obsession. I can’t stop listening to this song and whenever I’m not listening to it, it’s playing on repeat in my brain. So, as usual, I’m going to highlight each of the members and all of the things that will make you fall in love with them just as fast as I fell in love with them! Note here that I won’t be talking about the controversy with former member Kwangjin because I don’t know enough about it to write a fully formed opinion. Let’s go!

Lee Seunghyub:

Seunghyub is the leader of N.Flying as well as one of the two lead singers and the sole rapper. As the leader he’s one of the more responsible members of the group, though he isn’t one of the most talkative in interviews. He does very obviously try to keep conversations going between members though, and he’s very good at checking in on the Maknae. This is probably because the Maknae of the group has changed multiple times, and the two last Maknae’s of the group have been members that were added on after debut. But I’ll get to that in later member’s sections. As for his performance as part of the group, he’s the lead singer with the slightly deeper and more husky voice. His voice isn’t incredibly deep, but it does give him a unique sound and lends itself well to his rapping, which he is very passionate about and it shows. For him I would highlight the song “Lupin”, as that song gives you a good mix of his faster-paced rapping as well as his amazing vocals.

Cha Hoon (Hun):

Hun is the lead guitarist and one of the backup vocalists. Additionally, he’s rightfully known across k-pop circles for his good looks. He’s probably the quietest member, though he’s not as quiet as you might expect in interviews. The other members describe him as cat-like in that he’s sometimes cute, sometimes very serious, and values his privacy at times. But don’t let his intimidating persona fool you. He’s best friends with the goofiest member of the group, Jaehyun, and the two have a YouTube channel called 2IDIOTS where their chaos is there for all fans to see. He’s also one of the biggest rock aficionados in the group because of how many lead guitarists he looks up to. He especially loves the group Guns N’ Roses, which makes my eighties rock-loving heart very happy. On stage he’s very calm and cool, which suits his badass persona. The song I would highlight for Hun is “Video Therapy” just because of the more unique and crazy things he does with his electric guitar in the song.

Kim Jaehyun:

Jaehyun is the drummer of the group as well as an occasional backup vocalist and my sister’s bias! He’s also the most popular member because of the sheer amount of charm radiating off of this man. He’s the biggest goofball you could find. Offstage he’s the most talkative member in interviews. He’s always the first to pick up a conversation and invite others to join in. He’s also the first to start cracking jokes. I’ve died laughing at an interview segment where he mimicked Voldemort from the ‘Harry Potter’ movies. He’s also up to do most crazy things, including spontaneous choreography. It’s clear why the other members refer to him as the energizer. It’s hard to imagine anyone creating as much chaos with Hun as Jaehyun. On-stage, Jaehyun is eye-catching. He approaches drumming with childlike glee, and his cute smiles and flirty winks assert his stage presence extremely effectively. For Jaehyun, I’d recommend the song ‘Hot Potato’ because the drums are fast paced and fun in this song.

Yoo Hoeseung (Hweseung):

Hweseung is the other of the two lead vocalists and my bias. He’s also a former Maknae of this group. The Maknae situation in N.Flying is complicated. The first Maknae was Jaehyun, but in 2017 FNC decided to change some things up by bringing in another lead vocalist to compliment their first one. This was Hweseung, who’s voice is one of the most incredible voices you’ll ever hear in your life. At that point he became the new Maknae, but the newest member of the group has sent that position into chaos once again. But back to Hweseung. Hweseung is incredibly sweet. He isn’t as vocal as Jaehyun, but most interviewers have found him easy to talk to and he always has something very nice to say to the fans. His humor is also very quick, which has caught me off guard multiple times. As for his stage presence, he’s extremely energetic and, as I said before, his voice is unmatched. He’s gone on Korea’s ‘King of Masked Singer’ and blown the judges away, and he also does musical theatre. Which makes sense once you hear his crazy belt and range. The song I recommend for Hweseung is “Moonshot” because of how addictive his vocals are throughout it.

Seo Dongsung:

Dongsung is the bassist, background vocalist, and new Maknae. He only joined at the beginning of 2020, which has been rough on him due to the slow year and the daunting task of catching up to the other member’s popularity. But he’s taken it all in stride with a stunning smile and a very cute personality. Dongsung is quiet, but his kindness always shines through. All the members have also rightfully expressed how adorable he is. His politeness betrays how professional he is as well, since he came into this group after another group he was part of, ‘HONEYST’, disbanded after only two years. In that group he was the oldest and the leader, which he felt fit for him since he’s the oldest child in his family. However, he enjoys being the youngest for once now that he’s part of the group. I think he’s an excellent fit and it’s always a joy to see him jamming out on his bass. For Dongsung, I’d recommend the song ‘Oh Really’ both because of the bass and because of how much fun he has playing it.

That’s N.Flying! I hope this post gave you a good idea of who each member is as well as some song recommendations you can get addicted to! I love this group and I’m still learning more about them, so I can guarantee you that there will be more content to come about the band here on our blog! For now, I’m going to keep making my way through their discography and downloading all of it onto my phone.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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