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Screenshot of Jung Hoesok (J-Hope). Copyright goes to BTS and Hybe Entertainment.

Hey! Hallie here!

We don’t always do BTS updates on this blog, but we definitely try to keep up with the boys and give our thoughts on the big things that come up. And we have quite a few big things to talk about this time around. Some news is, as usual, definitely better than others. But I’m going to try to keep it light for the majority of this post. And there’s definitely reason for ARMYs to be excited! So without any further rambling, let’s get to the news!

J-Hope Tested Positive for COVID:

I’m going to start out with the bad news just to get it over with. J-Hope is now confirmed to have COVID. Earlier this week he visited a hospital after experiencing some light symptoms (mostly just a sore throat), and tested positive for COVID. According to the company his symptoms have stayed mild, which they partly credit to the fact that he’s fully vaccinated and boosted. There isn’t much to worry about here, but it’s still never fun to hear that one of the boys has come down with COVID. Especially because J-Hope managed to avoid catching it for so long. Now the only member of BTS who hasn’t caught it is Jungkook, so let’s hope it stays that way.

Jin Underwent Surgery:

Continuing on with the bad news, Jin apparently injured his finger during some unspecified daily activities. The injury was bad enough that Jin needed surgery in order to treat the damaged tendons in his finger. He is currently in a cast. There’s no word on when he’ll be able to take the cast off, but given the severity of the injury, I would be surprised if he wasn’t still wearing it for the BTS appearances in Vegas. Hopefully he’s able to rest and he isn’t hindered too much by his cast in the near future. It’s not that I hope he’s able to perform for ARMYs enjoyment, his health is most important here after all, but I feel he might be disappointed if he can’t perform in his usual way once he gets to Vegas. Overall, I just want Jin and Hobi to get well soon!

BTS Pop Ups in Las Vegas:

Now onto the good news! For those who are lucky enough to go to the Las Vegas concerts, the concerts won’t be the only thing there for ARMY to enjoy! We now have confirmed BTS pop-ups, cafes, and attractions all around Vegas while the concerts are going on. Concerning the events that are less official, there will be Korean restaurants offering deals specifically for the concert, cup sleeve events, raves, and various lunch/photo-op events around the strip. As for more official events, we know that MGM locations will be where the official pop-up shops will be located and though it’s all sold out, MGM hotels were also offering BTS packages that came with merch (such as photo cards) along with rooms. An even larger announcement for some surrounds the BTS takeover of the Bellagio Fountains, which will apparently be the location of some photo opportunities as well as possible themed shows. Also AREA15, an entertainment center that seems like a mall but is actually full of interactive attractions and escape rooms, will have a temporary BTS attraction inside. All of this sounds like so much fun, but it also sounds like the window to get into some of these things is short. Make sure to stay updated on whichever events you want to attend to make sure you can secure yourself a spot!

BTS and Snoop Dogg:

Just today we got the amazing news that BTS will be partnering with Snoop Dogg for a new song! The interview where Snoop Dogg announced this collaboration already has me excited, and not just because of all the times the boys have gushed about Snoop Dogg in the past. In the interview Snoop Dogg expressed admiration for the K-Pop genre as a whole along with the “good music” BTS creates. Given how many people are willing to brush the K-Pop genre off as weird or praise BTS only for the amount of fans they have, it’s definitely refreshing to hear someone treat this subject with respect. It gives me hope that Snoop Dogg will be more like Megan Thee Stallion or Coldplay rather than what we saw with the Jason Derulo incident. I’m sincerely hoping that the days where BTS were used for attention are behind us. Additionally, thank you to all of the ARMYs who are trending BTS In the Snoop on Twitter. I love you guys so much.

That’s all of the news I have for now. This was definitely a shorter post but there’s been a lot happening recently with BTS. And starting next month, we’ll have even more news to talk about between the Las Vegas concerts and the Scammys. So far, I’m just happy that BTS is taking over all of Las Vegas during the Scammys, including selling out the venue they’ll be held in for their Live Play event. I’m so proud of the boys and I hope they have an amazing time in Vegas!

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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