BTS: Concert Etiquette

Promotional concert image of Jin. Copyright goes to BTS and HYBE.

Hi! It’s Annie!

It’s really unfortunate that so many ARMY have to talk about what should be common sense right now. But I’ve made a fan-sign etiquette post in the past, so I feel it’s at least in my wheelhouse to also address concert etiquette. And while this post will be specifically referring to BTS, any of these points could easily be used for any concert. Really, all of this is common sense for any artist and any venue. We all need to remember to respect the people around us, the artists, and all of their safety as well as our own. It is no secret at this point that the concerts in Las Vegas have seen what is quite possibly the worst fan behavior from any BTS concert ever. And while I did see firsthand some of the issues on the first day, the second day was reportedly so much worse. At this rate, who knows what the last two days of this concert will look like with some of the safety measures they may have to take. And I, like many others, wonder if this will mean BTS may not come to Vegas on any future tours. Future tours that may be sooner than we think depending on the release of their new album and the decision about their military service that is reportedly coming sometime this month. So, if fans want them to ever return to Vegas, we all should be careful to follow these pretty obvious rules.

Don’t Throw Things:

My sister covered this a little bit in her post about the concert, but I’m going to go into more detail. Because this is really important and almost deserves a post in itself. At the LA concert someone threw a single flower at Jungkook which he caught. For some reason, this inspired hundreds of fans going to the Las Vegas concert to want their singular moment with the boys. The one flower inspired so many people to be delusional at the concert and put other people, including the boys, in danger in the hopes of getting noticed. Now the moving platforms used for ‘Telepathy’ are being covered in flowers. Flowers that the boys constantly step on and the boys could easily slip on. And for those of you with the hope that the boys would keep your gift; think again. The flowers sit on the moving platforms until the end of the concert, where they get cleaned up and thrown away by staff. There have been a couple of instances of the boys catching bouquets and taking them with them; but this only happens when the boys give that specific fan gestures consenting to the gift. Jungkook on day two even did the opposite, and attempted to gesture to fans to stop throwing things. This was an issue on day one, but it was even more of an issue on day two. This was because fans threw much more than flowers on day two. The boys got giant bouquets and things like headbands and plushies chucked at their heads. Jin and Yoongi were caught on video dodging quite a few. And Hobi got an ARMY bomb chucked at him. He posted a photo of himself after the concert where he appeared to have a bruise on his neck, though we don’t know for sure what it was from. Many fans assumed that the flying lightstick might have been the cause, but I wouldn’t recommend jumping to conclusions. Still, the possibility that it could be due to that, is a little terrifying. I’m going to make this clear. You aren’t an ARMY if you’re willing to sacrifice the safety of the boys for a glance. I would recommend not bringing anything to throw. Even though a couple fans did get consent to throw their gifts; it’s much safer for everyone to assume that you won’t be one of them. Also remember that Jin is in a cast. Throwing anything at him could risk hitting the cast and hurting him even more. Exactly why I say, I don’t consider you an ARMY if you put the boys in danger.

Don’t Crowd:

Speaking of the moving platforms, there’s another major safety concern that may mean we get the moving platforms removed from the rest of the tour and any tour after. People said that this also happened in LA, but I actually didn’t see this in my section when I was at the concert in LA. I did, however, absolutely see it during the concert in Las Vegas. People rushed to the railings or the sides of the floor when the boys were on the moving platforms. This created dangerous crowding, pushing, and could have easily lead to trampling. Not only that, it prevented other fans who were actually following the rules and staying in their seats from seeing them. I followed the rules of the venue and remained in my seat, and though I was closer to the moving platforms this time, I could see them far more clearly in LA when people weren’t crowding. In Vegas, I could barely see them when they were right in front of me. But I wasn’t going to be disrespectful to the boys or any of the other fans by leaving my seat. And I commend any other ARMY who also knew enough not to leave their seat. Please remember that this also could effect fans with mobility issues. Especially because some ARMY even crowded in the section for fans with mobility issues. Which is still a sentence I can’t believe. It’s not what the boys would want, and I guarantee the boys wouldn’t want to have an ARMY moment with someone who’s being disrespectful to the people around them.

Don’t Force Signs:

The other big issue that was reportedly even worse on day two. If you hold your sign over your head during the concert, you’re being disrespectful. This should be common sense. The people behind you have paid just as much money as you did, and blocking their view is never ok. Again, you are ruining the concert for another person for a glance. Do you think the boys would actually be happy about it? If you’re going to hold up your sign, it needs to be at chest level or over the railing if you’re in the front row of a section if the venue allows it. If you are at all blocking the view of someone else, please rethink the way you’re holding your sign. Especially if you’re sitting floor because there’s absolutely no way to see over a sign in that case. I know you want the boys to see your sign, but that is never more important than the experience of the ARMY sitting behind you. Ever. On top of this, it’s always important to bring an appropriate sign. If you wouldn’t show the sign to your entire family, you shouldn’t bring it. I guarantee, it will not be appreciated by any of the boys. Also, if you bring a sign dissing any member you aren’t an ARMY. That’s solo stan behavior. Even if you’re concerned about them, let them have their private lives. It isn’t your business.

I know that Las Vegas pushes the ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ mantra, but ARMY and BTS have worked hard to make the concerts a safe space for everyone. The maturity of ARMY is one of the things that I’m most proud of and one of the things that prove to people who disrespect BTS that their fans are mature by following the example of the boys. The issues that we are having in Vegas not only give us a bad name, but it also reflects badly on BTS themselves. If BTS have to avoid coming back to Las Vegas after this, or if it makes it in the news that they had to stop using the moving platforms for safety reasons, it’s going to make all of us look bad. And we especially don’t need that while such an important decision as their possible military exemption is being made. All of that on top of the terrifying lack of regard for general safety. We all knew that the Las Vegas crowds were going to be crazier than say, in Seoul or LA, but this is still ridiculous. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the boys decided not to go on Vlive after day two, even though they did every day after the concerts in LA. Let’s continue to show others that BTS concerts are safe spaces and that ARMY is respectful! My experience in LA was amazing, and even my Aunt who had been to several concerts admitted that the fans were the nicest and most respectful she had ever seen. Being in Vegas should not nullify this great reputation we have going! Let’s do it for the boys!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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