Comfort Entertainment: My Sailor Scout Ranking

‘Sailor Moon’ characters. Copyright goes to Toei Animation.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Lately I’ve been getting really into ‘Sailor Moon’ and pretty much all of the Sailor Senshi, so after watching all of their individual episodes in ‘Sailor Moon: Crystal’ plus more original series footage, I have finally formed an opinion on which ones are my favorites and which ones seem the most powerful to me. This is a really difficult list for me to make considering how much I’ve really started to love everything about this anime and the characters. I only have one exception to that statement, which you’ll see very early on. Though I didn’t grow up with ‘Sailor Moon’, I’m so incredibly happy that this show influenced so many and helped pave the way for other female superheroes. Before I really get into it, this is your SPOILER WARNING! I will be talking about some spoilers but they shouldn’t be too major. Especially since so many are already so familiar with all of these stories! So with that, I’ll just get right into it.

10. Sailor Chibi Moon

She’s probably the most hated Sailor Senshi and I think that’s for a reason. Though I don’t hate Chibi Moon as much as some (she is just a little kid after all), I still don’t like her. Let’s all be honest, her crush on Mamoru is really creepy. That’s her Dad! And she knows that’s her Dad! Why??? But her constantly trying to separate Mamoru from Usagi is always annoying and it happens far too often. It also often makes Mamoru look stupid because he’s so clueless to everything happening with the animosity between Usagi and Chibi Moon. I’ve also found that Chibi Moon is pretty useless to the plot. She often takes screen time that even feels like it was originally meant for Usagi. She even sometimes transforms with Usagi in a joint sequence that always feels just a little cluttered. Her presence didn’t feel like it added much to me and I could have probably done without the future travel and the weird incestuous crush on Tuxedo Mask. None of her powers really seem to be unique or fleshed out either, so she doesn’t strike me as very powerful.

9. Sailor Venus

We’ve now gotten to a point where it’s weird for me to put any of the characters this low down. But I think if I had to pick a least favorite of the Inner Senshi, it might have to be Minako even though I do really like her. Minako is the first to wake up of the Senshi, so we are automatically deprived of seeing that journey for her in the same way that we are introduced to the other four. On top of that, I personally find that her hobbies aren’t as fleshed out as some of the others and the ones that she does have seem to be a bit stereotypical and shallow. Whenever the other four are implied to be enjoying something intelligent, there’s this implication that Minako is incapable of enjoying it. And while she is pretty powerful, she doesn’t really have an element to make her powers look visually interesting. She’s responsible, but sometimes it can come off more negatively such as when she demands Chibi Moon take them into the future. I like her, but I prefer the other Senshi. I love her friendship with Artemis though!

8. Sailor Moon

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Usagi when I first started to watch ‘Sailor Moon’, but she has grown on me very quickly in a very short amount of time. She’s often one of the most powerful of the Senshi, especially in her Super Sailor form, and she has an amazing capacity for empathy. I think one of the things that sold me on her the most was the way she completely understood Haruka, even when her friends were against her spending any more time with them. Usagi does have a little bit of a problem with her possessiveness over Mamoru that can often turn into something almost like obsession. I would love to see more of Usagi that doesn’t revolve as much around Mamoru, as much as I like him too. But Usagi is a fun main character and definitely a great lighthearted lead with an amazing emotional capacity. I have much more respect for her now than I did before, I just like the other Senshi a little more and find some of their traits a bit more interesting.

7. Sailor Mercury

Ami is the smart one and the bookish one, so of course I liked the hobbies they expanded on with her! I think my issue with Ami is probably what most people run into with her. In general she seems to be the least powerful Sailor Senshi and she often doesn’t speak up in group discussions. And while I love a good introverted character, not speaking up in the group can often lead her to having very little time to talk in general. Her singular episodes are always enjoyable at least! Ami is never shy showing off her intelligence and the show isn’t shy about it either! Whether she’s studying every subject, beating the bad guys in chess games, or beating the bad guys with her water powers and science wearing her cool visor, Ami is never sidelined when it really matters. I only wish she was given a little more screen time like some of the other characters. And really, I wish she wasn’t as easily knocked out in battle.

6. Sailor Saturn

Hotaru is a complete badass and so fun to watch. And the way she’s portrayed somehow completely makes up for her being introduced so late into every series. While I’m not always the biggest fan of the cyborg plot line, the show more than makes up for it when it comes to the Saturn lore. The fact that there’s this mysterious Senshi who showed up and brought complete destruction with one movement without having done it purposefully is interesting in itself. When you then see her in battle and how calm and collected she is about being quite possibly the most powerful Sailor Senshi, you can’t help but feel stunned. She’s definitely my favorite of the Sailors to watch in battle and her gracefulness and commanding energy only makes it that much more entertaining. I only wish that we would get more personality from her that feels a bit more in depth. The lore behind her character almost completely makes up for it though!

5. Sailor Pluto

One of the most interesting and powerful of the Senshi, I always love when Setsuna’s on screen. She’s the tallest of the group and also this amazing combination of intelligent and incredibly stylish. Seriously, all of her outfits win. Sailor Jupiter probably has the most informative introduction of all of the Senshi. We meet her before she even actually wakes up in the main timeline, when she’s practically guarding time itself. One of the things I love about the Outer Senshi is that they all feel like these mysterious, mystical, powerful beings and it works in making each of these characters so much more interesting. Her connection with time and the edge of the universe, as well as her being the leader of the Outer Senshi, makes her have a feeling of importance that none of the other characters can match. I also love that she’s introduced as a scientist. Yay women in STEM!

4. Sailor Mars

Rei has some of my favorite powers and they are some of my favorite to watch as well. Her fire powers are always the most explosive of all of the other Senshi, which makes them far more noticeable in most cases. When a battle begins with Rei and a streak of fire across your screen is the signal of the beginning of the battle, you know that things are about to get at least a bit brutal. And Rei also has one of the most interesting backgrounds with her role as a Shrine Maiden. Her connection to her spirituality doesn’t just serve her personality either, it also gives her a different set of powers. One that often feels on par with the Outer Senshi. Rei has the ability to see into the future sometimes through visions; something that she often uses to help everyone else in times of trouble. I also love that she named her birds Deimos and Phobos. I can’t imagine more badass names for pets. Rei has a sense of humor that often isn’t found in the others as well and I always appreciate good sarcasm. It’s really difficult to dislike her in any way.

3. Sailor Jupiter

Makoto has always been the most eye catching of the Inner Senshi to me. I don’t know if it’s the green mixed with the matching pink bows, the ponytail, or just how she towers over the other four; but she’s always stood out among the line up. And while watching I’m happy to say that she stood out just as much to me there as well. Though it is really difficult for me to choose her over Rei, I think she wins by a slight margin partially because of the dichotomy of her personality. She’s this mix of tomboyish and girly that proves that women don’t have to be one or the other. That was something that immediately popped out to me about her as well as her diverse hobbies in cooking and taking care of plants. She even makes her own tea for crying out loud! And she’s got the power to back up her promise of leaving her opponents numb. The electricity and lightning she uses always makes for a fun effect to watch during battle. And don’t even get me started on her unwavering loyalty. Snap your fingers and she’s there in a second if you need her.

2. Sailor Uranus

Haruka is cool. They are the absolute epitome of cool and nobody can convince me otherwise. When we’re first introduced, we see this guy who’s kind of flirty and definitely confident in himself and who he is as a person. Knowing that this confidence and protective nature is part of her personality as a Senshi only makes them that much more of a deep character. Constantly worrying about the mission at hand, it feels as though Haruka may just feel that burden more than anyone else. And this is not something she ever takes lightly, even though her playful personality often makes it seem as though responsibility is not the first thing on her mind. I also always love a badass with a sword and Haruka is the only Senshi to wield one as this is the talisman they have claimed. Haruka couldn’t be a more perfect and badass Senshi, with all the power to back up her promise to defend anyone they choose to take under their wing. Which ends up being far more people than she probably originally anticipated. (If you’re wondering why I jump around with pronouns, I explain more in my other post. Haruka seems to use all of them at one point so I also use all of them.)

1. Sailor Neptune

If you saw my last ‘Sailor Moon’ post, you probably already knew that this was coming. I fell absolutely head over heels for Michiru’s design before I even watched any of the series. I’m a sucker for nautical themed anything and her wavy hair also stole me right away. But I think what really made this character for me was the introduction and badassery of the duo. You can’t have Neptune without Uranus. While Haruka was busy messing with “bun head”, the mysterious aqua haired girl set her sights on Mamoru. Which was interesting because before this moment we had never seen a main character who could be on par with Mamoru in any way. Michiru has this eternal gracefulness about her with a hint of mischief, making you just that much more excited to learn everything you possibly can about her character. And I defy you to find a character dynamic as cute as Michiru and Haruka’s. You can’t help but completely get behind this couple. But while I love Haruka, it was the quiet gracefulness and the witty nature of Michiru that eventually won me over. Not to mention that water is my favorite element, and her water attacks just look so much stronger in comparison to Ami’s. It was nice to have a little more fun watching some of the water attacks.

Well, there you have it! As always, these are only my opinions and by no means a definitive list. This involves very little facts and mostly opinions! Please understand that I really do love all of the Sailor Senshi! (Except for maybe Chibi Moon.) With the aesthetic and the female superheroes, this show is so far in my wheelhouse that I still have no idea how I didn’t consume this content in at least middle school. But I’m glad that I found it now! Now I just have to do a little more to catch up in the merchandise department. Sorry wallet!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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