Marvel: Like Peggy, I Miss Steve

Screenshot of Chris Evans as Captain America. Copyright goes to Marvel Entertainment and Disney.

Hi! It’s Annie!

The first thing that I want to say is that my above statement has nothing to do with one particularly amazing Sam Wilson. Not only do I think that Sam Wilson was a fantastic choice for Captain America, but I also wish that Disney would acknowledge him more. I feel that Disney refusing to acknowledge him as the new face of Captain America is absolutely awful and I’d rather have Sam meeting at the Disney Parks than Steve. What I do mean by the above statement is that Marvel is not even close to what it used to be and, on a weekend where the last thing I want to do is celebrate this country, I love that this character actually stood for the people. Definitely not a pro government character. And I also miss all of the Captain America storylines, including a character that I still consider to be a major breakthrough for women in action films. These are all of the reasons why I miss Steve Rogers. And, obviously, if you somehow haven’t finished watching all of his storyline, there will be MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

Captain America: The First Avenger:

I actually went back recently and watched the first two Captain America movies and one of the things I feel like we’re missing from newer Marvel is the origin stories. Lately Marvel has taken to either jumping headfirst into group movies such as ‘The Eternals’ or introducing major superheroes in non-origin movies. Lately they’ve been attempting to remedy this by having series on ‘Disney +’ as origin stories to varying degrees of success. But I don’t feel it quite has the same impact. A series doesn’t have the same format nor the same general impact as a movie. And a series makes more sense when you give an audience something they are already familiar with when you’re dealing with something like the MCU. ‘Hawkeye’ really seemed to work, but part of that may have been the fact that it was more about the passing on of a name because Clint was there. Steve Rogers was not familiar before this film, but you warm up to him almost immediately. How could you not? He’s basically a golden retriever puppy. But Steve wasn’t just that, he had an influential story and a message to go with him. In my recent rewatch, Erksine’s conversation with Steve particularly struck me. He says something about how only a weak man knows the value of strength and compassion and it hit me that this could be said about anything. From physical strength, to emotional strength, and even to mental strength. While I’m never a fan of some of the propaganda in movies like this, there was already a message that the movie was trying to run with. And I wish we would have clearer messages in the movies we’re getting now. The diversity in Marvel now is by far better than anything we’ve gotten before! But a lot of the more recent movies such as ‘The Eternals’ and ‘Multiverse of Madness’ are completely devoid of heart. This origin also includes the amazing Peggy Carter. One of the first superhero love interests to be actually shown to be capable. Peggy is still one of my favorite Marvel characters!

Captain America: The Winter Solider:

I came to the recent realization that this is probably my favorite Marvel film. Everything from the story, to the music, to the iconic scenes are anything but forgettable. Can we all agree that the elevator scene is one of the best action scenes in any action movie ever? Anyways, when people talk about the best Marvel movies created there is a reason why this one comes up. The way Bucky is added into the story is seamless and the movies is insanely good at character development. This is also the first movie we see Sam Wilson! Yay! I feel as though the movies where Steve appeared in between this movie and the last, we see a version of Steve who at least attempts to appear more put together than he feels. But this really strips him down to how he actually feels in this new time period and it is a gorgeous look into his character. Steve misses his best friend, his girlfriend, and everyone he knew and cared about. But more than that, he doesn’t quite know who he is in the new world. He just knows what he’ll compromise on and what he won’t. And that means having to go up against a large government force. This becomes a thing for Steve. But what I like about this movie the most is how he finds himself through his relationships to other characters. This is the first movie to actually focus on Natasha’s actual character and give her something to work with. We see her just as vulnerable as Steve and no less badass. Another breakthrough. And Sam adds a necessary level of humor and relatability. This movie is practically perfect for a superhero film and I will never be over this. Will the multiverse and everything feeling out of control it’s difficult for Marvel to take accountability for any of their storylines anymore. They can just declare whatever doesn’t quite work to be no longer canon. This movie is all about taking accountability in your story, whether it be with past plot points or current character development, which results in an amazingly well-crafted story.

The Wrap Up:

‘Captain America: Civil War’ is not my favorite of the Marvel movies. I still like the fact that Steve remains firmly untrusting of the government, but this is barely a Captain America film. This is more like an ‘Avengers’ film and has very little in the way of character development to back up many of the characters and their motives. But that’s just my opinion. I personally wish we would gave gotten a little bit more of what ‘Winter Soldier’ started for Natasha as well. I digress. Skipping to the very end, I’m glad that Chris Evans finally got the out that he wanted. Chris Evans was never expecting the fame that went with this role and he very understandably wanted a break from everything that came with this role. It will be difficult to find actors this endearing, but I’m so glad that they passed it on to Sam. I never questioned whether it should go to Sam or Bucky, I think Sam deserves movies to himself. And I hope those movies are so much better than Marvel movies lately have been. I personally haven’t been the biggest fan of Marvel films in the new phase. The last one I really liked was ‘Shang Chi’. Don’t get me wrong, the newest Spiderman movie has it’s good points. But I liked the other Spidermen and wasn’t a huge fan with what they did with Tom Holland’s version. I’ve also been vocal that I think Steve’s wrap up could be better. While I think Steve and Peggy are always cute, I think there are things to consider that makes it feel not as cute when you get into it. I have an entire post about that if you want to check it out! But I don’t hate this ending. And I don’t hate that Steve’s story ended. A good well-rounded story is better than drilling a character into the ground! But I will miss Steve. And with the way things have been going, I have a feeling I’ll be revisiting his story more often than not. Not only for Steve but for Peggy, Natasha, Sam, and Bucky who all got amazing story arcs in this storyline as well.

I’m going to go back to devouring all of the media that goes with Steve Rogers and his storyline. Including ‘Agent Carter’ which still needs far more recognition than it currently gets. It’s the first female led media that Marvel released and it is still one of my favorite series that they’ve ever done, and yes that definitely includes recent series. Because this July fourth weekend, unless something has changed and a certain law gets rightfully back where it should be, I will be wearing all black and mourning my right to choose. So might as well watch a superhero that with every storyline and with every character fought for exactly that. And if you think Steve would at all be conservative, just listen to what he says about project insight and his disagreements with Nick Fury in that scene. Anyways, I miss Steve and Peggy. Maybe they are a perfect match considering how much I miss both of them.

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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