ATEEZ: Possible ATEEZ Comeback Storylines

Promotional image (from left) Kang Yeosang, Jeong Yunho, Choi San, Choi Jongho, Kim Hongjoong, Park Seonghwa, Jung Wooyoung, and Song Mingi as Halateez. Copyright goes to Ateez and KQ Entertainment.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Just like every Atiny, I’ve been absolutely floored by the pictures released in the last few days. How are they expecting us all to survive the daily attacks??? But one of the major elements in all of these photos and all the posters we have seen so far makes one thing abundantly clear; this is most likely the most we’ll see of Halateez as part of a storyline since the ‘HALA HALA’ era. And with the many storylines we’ve gotten so far from Ateez involving Halateez, including the bit involving them on ‘Kingdom’ that seemingly killed them off, I’ve been really curious as to what’s going to happen with them in the Ateezverse moving forward. Just like every Atiny, my brain has been spinning out of control with possible theories and every little bit we get only makes me theorize even more. So this post will be entirely made up of all of my weird and wild theories over how and where the Halateez storyline might be going. This is your MAJOR SPOILER warning for all of the MV storylines and ‘Kingdom’ storylines Ateez has crafted so far. If you haven’t been following their MV storylines, I HIGHLY recommend that you go and do that right now. No other group creates stories and immersive performances like Ateez! They could seriously make movies if they wanted to. In fact, I really wish they would. I would drop everything to watch that!

‘Rhythm Ta’ and ‘Kingdom’:

I’ve talked a little bit about how this comeback album seems to be following the concept that Ateez presented on ‘Kingdom’ for their performance of ‘Rhythm Ta’. I don’t think I will ever be able to fully explain how excited this makes me. I was all over the concept and the full ‘Rhythm Ta’ performance when it first came out and hearing that their entire comeback would be based around this concept sent me into a small frenzy. To explain this concept, it takes place in a kind of alternate reality where men dressed in white and masks are controlling general society by outlawing art, human expression, and human emotion. Ateez (or perhaps Halateez) is the resistance that is rising up to fight them. The current prevailing theory of the storyline in ‘Kingdom’ was that the Ateez in ‘Rhythm Ta’ were actually Halateez to begin with. In their performance of ‘Answer’, it featured both Halateez from the alternate reality and Ateez the pirate crew fighting the men who wore the white masks. And based off of the small video we’ve gotten of the white masked man that we’ve seen at the end of Ateez MVs and in ‘Kingdom’ repeating that “There is a disease in the heart of man. The disease is human emotion.” from ‘Rhythm Ta’; they are the main villains in this comeback as well. So this means that the Ateez we see in this comeback could very well be Halateez and that this is the alternate reality in ‘Rhythm Ta’. And this might even be a greater storyline that ties into ‘Kingdom’ that could end with the two alternate Ateez’s fighting the white masked men and taking them out at the cost of the lives of Halateez. I hope you’re all still with me after all of that! So the first theory that I have is that this comeback will expand on the far too brief storyline we saw during ‘Kingdom’ with a bit of a prequel. But there are other possibilities to consider here.

“Eyes On the Sky”:

Though we know that Halateez features prominently here, we also know that the secret message being promoted for the comeback is “Eyes On the Sky”. Ateez’s prevailing persona is that of a pirate crew, specifically on a flying pirate ship. So I think “Eyes On the Sky” is probably in reference to the Ateez pirate ship. I think this could have two possible meanings. The first is that we might actually see the events of ‘Answer’ from ‘Kingdom’. We could see two alternate versions of Ateez, both Halateez and the pirate crew, battling against the men in the white masks. Both versions of Ateez would then be present in the form of the main resistance and the pirate crew swooping in to help. This could even involve an explanation of the men in the white masks hopping realities to affect every reality. Which could mean the end of Halateez and the men in the white masks for any future Ateez storylines. This would be a major change for Ateez, though I wouldn’t say something like this would majorly upset their storylines. As I said before, Ateez’s main persona is as the pirate crew. They are known as the pirates of K-Pop. So, though Halateez has been a major focal point for concerts, performances, and MVs, it is absolutely safe to say that the pirate crew Ateez would remain unaffected. We would just get more stories about the pirate crew specifically. Which would be so much fun! Or, the comeback could feature the pirate crew more obviously than any of us are theorizing for the most part.

The Pirate Crew:

The other possible storyline we could see here is no alternate reality Ateez at all. We might even see a full integration between Ateez and Halateez. The Ateez pirate crew could sweep into this reality after having picked up their Captain and pirate ship in the ‘Don’t Stop’ MV. After Ateez sees the state of the world in ‘Fireworks’, they possibly split up for a while and then reunite in ‘Don’t Stop’. They finally find the pirate ship and the whereabouts of Captain Hongjoong, who now wears an eyepatch. Now back together, they would swoop down to fight the masked men banning art and create a resistance, taking on new personas in order to protect their identities or even to promote specific images for propaganda. This theory could see something we’ve never seen before, which is a reality where Ateez and Halateez aren’t separate. Even in concert footage we’ve seen Ateez interact with Halateez completely separately. It would be interesting if it was more of a figurative separation and the storyline took a route which actually made them all one in the same. While I feel this is the least likely of the theories, I still feel as though it would be a very interesting take and a completely understandable way to take the story.

So will this comeback feature purely Halateez, a combination of pirate crew Ateez and Halateez, or reveal that they’ve all been one in the same the entire time? Who can tell? And it could be that all of the theories I’ve written above are completely incorrect and there’s something entirely different that they’re planning. I know for certain that even if one of the theories I’ve written above is even semi correct, there’s probably something that I’m completely missing. Ateez never fails to pull something exciting out of nowhere to surprise Atinys and all of their other audience. None of us expected all of the intricate storylines in ‘Kingdom’. And when Ateez announced that they would be releasing ‘Don’t Stop’ as a single, I don’t think any of us expected an MV to go along with it that’s so integral to their main storyline. Ateez is THE group to surprise everyone with a plot twist, so I’m fully expecting the unexpected. And I am ecstatic to see it! But it’ll be fun to come back after the comeback and see how correct or incorrect I was with my theories. Seriously, this comeback couldn’t come soon enough! I’m currently on break from work, but Ateez is making me want the month to be over so that I can be fully in the middle of the Ateez comeback!

Update: The trailer for the comeback came out today and only Ateez would make an entire cinematic trailer like this. I’m so freaking excited! And the trailer also directly referenced ‘Rhythm Ta’ several times, including both the title and the blimp featured in the performance. Though there’s no hints on whether any of my theories will be anywhere close to the actual story, I’m already beyond excited!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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