BTS: Happy Birthday Jungkook!

Promotional photo of Jeon Jungkook for ‘Proof’. Copyright goes to the Hybe Corporation and BTS.

Hey! Hallie here!

We got so busy over here that we nearly let Jungkook’s birthday slide by! But we’ll never miss out on wishing one of the BTS boys a Happy Birthday! I have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to each member of BTS. BTS almost single-handedly got me through one of the toughest years of my life and each member played a huge role in that. But Jungkook turning 25 means he gets all the praise for this post. We’ve gone over some of our favorite Jungkook songs and moments in past posts, so today I’m going to focus on some of the things about Jungkook that I really appreciate about him. Whether it’s based on his performance or based on his personality, ARMYs have a lot to admire. So let’s get into this wholesome Jungkook post!

His Childlike Enthusiasm:

This is one of those things that pops up regardless of what Jungkook’s doing, but can most easily be seen on episodes of ‘Run BTS’. He always gives 110% to every task he’s given. Whether it’s small, like mimicking how his dogs greet him when he gets home, to a bigger task, like bungee jumping, Jungkook’s never reluctant to take on something challenging. He approaches any challenge with a fearlessness that’s enviable. But it isn’t just fearlessness that I admire. It’s his excitement. Jungkook embraces every new situation with both an open mind and a giant smile. The gleam in his eye before any obstacle course or even before swinging upside down in a canyon, feels so genuine. Even when he’s doing something ridiculous, like wearing an outfit Jin designed, he approaches it with confidence and enthusiasm. There’s something so infectious about how much fun Jungkook is constantly having. It’s really hard to be upset when you’re watching Jungkook roll with the punches with as much gleefulness as he does. It really makes me want to embrace the scary parts of life with just as much joy.

His Stage Presence:

Jungkook is widely regarded as one of the best centers in K-Pop and it isn’t hard to see why. First off, his voice is amazing. He’s given a lot of the most powerful vocal pieces in BTS songs and he always delivers and then some. Hearing his interlude in “On” gives me shivers every time, even more so when I get to hear it live. And the fact that he sang his solo song, “Euphoria”, live while swinging above the audience’s heads? He couldn’t be more impressive. His dancing skills are just as powerful. If they weren’t, he wouldn’t be a piece of the 3Js, or the three members of BTS who are known dancers: J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook. If you want to see him dancing solo though, I highly recommend the piece he did to “Save Me”. It was made even sweeter by the fact that it was done just before one of the most epic K-Pop performances ever seen (The 2019 MMA “Dionysus” performance is what I’m referring to here and should be considered essential viewing for any ARMY. It’s so good). Beyond these skills though, he’s really entertaining to watch. He brings a professional focus to more serious songs, but he also knows when to let it go and just have some fun. Jungkook is one of the members of BTS who likes to goof off the most and it’s so fun to watch onstage. Often times he’ll pair up with Jin to make the most chaos on stage, so it’s always worth keeping track of the proximity between these two whenever you watch a BTS concert. Jungkook is insanely talented, but beyond that, he’s a showman who feels authentic in everything he does. You can always feel how much he cares about his craft and about ARMYs fulfillment too.

His Confidence:

I talked a little bit about this earlier and I feel like there’s more to discuss here. Because there’s layers to Jungkook’s confidence. There’s the confidence he displays whenever he approaches something new, even if it’s an absolutely crazy outfit designed by Jin. But there’s also the confidence he displays in his work. On stage he knows his strengths and plays to them, especially when he’s given more free rein like in a solo performance. “My Time” is an excellent example, combining the confidence he has in his voice, dancing, self-image, and the message he’s trying to convey, to give a hypnotizing performance. This can also be seen in his solo photoshoots. We all were just blessed with a vampire Jungkook photoshoot that radiates the sort of dangerous seduction he seems to like to play with in recent photoshoots, along with a quiet confidence. Whether he’s embracing a bad-boy-biker look or a creature-of-the-night look, his confidence is what sells these darker concepts. And then there’s the confidence he goes into every task with. We all know he’s the Golden Maknae, but part of the reason why he’s so successful is because he doesn’t go into anything expecting failure. He always seems to believe he’s capable of doing whatever he needs to do, and he persists with the same amount of belief in himself even when he doesn’t get it right on his first try. This confidence isn’t ego. Jungkook himself has talked about how he struggles with believing he’s ever at his best. But he walks into everything with the confidence that he won’t have to give up on anything he tries. He knows he’ll succeed eventually, and it inspires me to push aside my fear of failure and believe the same of myself.

There’s so much more I could talk about here. I could talk about how much I adore his selflessness or his goofiness. I could talk about how much I love his openness with ARMY and the other members. But I’d rather talk about the things I don’t know here. Because the truth is, Jungkook might be open with ARMY, but we still don’t know everything about him. We still can’t really know what he’s like in person. And that might be something I appreciate about him the most. He’s a human being with even more facets than I’m aware of. He’s a complicated person who’s been through more than I could (Or should) know, and yet he’s still put himself out there as a beacon of light for all us ARMYs. He’s still dedicated so much of his time to bring joy to the members and the fans who take up so much of his life. I’m just grateful that I live in the same era as this amazing man, who somewhere around the world is living his own beautiful life and still takes the time to bring some joy to mine. Happy 25th Birthday, Jungkook. I know it’s a bit late but I could never express just how much I appreciate you.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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