ATEEZ: Haunted Houses

Promotional photo of (from left) Choi Jongho, Song Mingi, Choi San, Jeong Yunho, Kim Hongjoong, Kang Yeosang, Jung Wooyoung, and Park Seonghwa. Copyright goes to ATEEZ and KQ Entertainment.

Hi! It’s Annie!

I talked very briefly about ‘WANTEEZ’ in my last post, and I swear each episode gets better and better. The most recent episode from this week is probably my favorite of all of them so far. I don’t know what it is, but KQ loves to send ATEEZ into haunted houses and I absolutely love it every time despite being scared to go into haunted houses myself. This most recent episode of ‘WANTEEZ’ saw the boys going into a zombie infested school and having to figure out how to leave alive while they were all paired up in groups of two. The surprise in this being that one of them was secretly a zombie and they had to figure out who it was before they left. I was absolutely shocked at who the zombie was, especially with how they each have been proven to act in a haunted house. Which got me thinking, which members would be best to go into a haunted house with and which ones would be the worst? So entirely in the spirit of fun (and my desperation for it to already be Halloween), I’m going to go through all the members in order of who I think would be the best to go into a haunted house with for me personally. It’s kind of hilarious that I’m doing this considering most of the members of ATEEZ hate horror.

8. San

I love San. I absolutely love him. But I am absolutely just as scared of horror as San is and I want to go into haunted houses probably just as much as he does. What I’m saying here, is we probably wouldn’t even make it through the door. Who knows? Maybe that’s actually a good thing considering I’ve pretty much sworn off haunted houses! We might have a really nice day blowing off the haunted house and going to do something else! But San is always what I picture myself to be when he goes into a haunted house with the other members. He’s always hiding behind someone, jumping at every small sound, and half crying the next time he goes into a room because he really doesn’t want to. And I do not blame him because I would be exactly the same way. Hiding behind people is important because I don’t think I would be the best person to hide behind. San and I would stand for a while at the doorway, probably both complaining that we didn’t want to go in the entire time. And that would be it. I guess the only reason he’s at the bottom of this list is because we wouldn’t be going in at all.

7. Mingi

This is another one where I’m not sure we’d actually make it in. Maybe we’d get through the door, scream, and then run out the same way we came in. Mingi is another type to try and hide behind other people, though usually the only one he can manage to hide behind is Yunho. In the most recent ‘WANTEEZ’, Mingi kept getting stranded behind doors after running away from the group causing the editors to refer to him as Princess Mingi, and I honestly don’t think I could handle the possibility of losing the person I went into the haunted house with. That is, if we even made it far enough into the house for me to possibly lose Mingi. I’m also way too small for Mingi to hide behind, but I doubt I’d be able to hide behind him either. Mingi is constantly the type of person to jump or run away from a situation, while I’m more the type to freeze if I’m scared. So I can see getting lost very easily. Though I don’t think we’d make it very far, I at least think we might be able to psyche ourselves up enough to get in the door. I don’t think we’d get farther than that though.

6. Wooyoung

Another person who is absolutely afraid and may or may not be hiding behind another person. Again, it absolutely wouldn’t be me because I am not the person to hide behind. I would probably have to be led through the haunted house as fast as possible while I held one hand over my eyes. So Wooyoung wouldn’t be the choice for that. I think Wooyoung would get up the bravery to actually enter the house though, which is more than I can say for some of the others. Wooyoung after a while would probably be more focused on getting through it, but at the beginning of going into any sort of haunted house, Wooyoung is usually at the back behind someone. Which I can relate to. Wooyoung also is one of the most jumpy of everyone which would probably just make me also jump more. The only thing with Wooyoung is that I don’t think we’d be separated. Wooyoung seems like he’s probably more likely to freeze up and go on the offense than run away, so at least the two of us would be completely frozen together. Not that we’d have a great time. I think with Wooyoung it would be more like a quick sprint through a haunted house, which might be merciful.

5. Yeosang

I think there would be a careful discussion about the merits of us even going in there in the first place, but eventually we probably would. Yeosang is usually just as scared as everyone else, but he’s more quiet about it. He also can become more task oriented once he’s actually inside of a haunted house and often jokes away his feelings with sarcasm, which definitely would make me feel a little bit better. Some lighthearted humor always defuses the tension, but I’ll also say that Yeosang always seems to be up to something when he’s inside of a haunted house. He’s been known to be pretty cunning and I don’t doubt he’d trick me in some way. Maybe he’d disappear around a corner and then rejoin me in the next room. But then again, he’d probably be too scared to be alone. Either way, I’ve seen a cunning Yeosang take adavantage of the others also being scared in a haunted house one too many times. But I don’t think he’d be an overall bad partner to go into a haunted house with. Though considering he would also be very scared, he wouldn’t be the best for me either.

4. Seonghwa

I can already hear other Atiny asking why he made it so far on this list. The real answer to that question is because of a quick thing that happened on the latest episode of ‘WANTEEZ’. When all the other members (except for Yunho and Jongho) were afraid of the turned zombie in the chair at the beginning of the episode, Seonghwa stepped in front of all of them to protect them from the zombie. This is probably the most brave thing I’ve ever seen Seonghwa do in a haunted house situation, but most of them aren’t brave at all in haunted house situations so I’ll take it! Which again, I can’t blame them for because I can’t even watch a horror film. Seonghwa would be just as terrified as I would be, and once again it would be a difficult time trying to psyche ourselves up to go in. At least I know that I could hide behind him and he wouldn’t mind. I see a lot of screaming and sprinting, much like Wooyoung, but at least I wouldn’t have to see as much of it behind someone else’s back. I also feel like there would be a lot of half-frightened out of our minds laughing. Which is at least laughter of some kind!

3. Hongjoong

Finally we are to the last person in ATEEZ who also hates horror and, like me, would do very poorly in a haunted house. This is a group after my own heart, and I love it even more that they embrace haunted theming despite not liking horror. Because I’m often the same way! Hongjoong is the master villain of ATEEZ’s haunted themes and the leader of the demon line. But he’s also terrified in a haunted house to the point of being the type to fall on the floor. There would probably be some hauling him up at times. But, when he wants to get out of a place, he will become very determined to get out of that place. He’d psyche himself enough to walk in and has the head on his shoulders to make sure that he and whoever he went in with would get out as soon as possible. Maybe he’d fall down at a couple of jump scares, but I feel like helping him back up might help cut some of the tension. Though he probably wouldn’t be the person to hide behind the entire time, I think he occasionally would let you. Definitely the type to grab someone’s hand and run the hell out of there. And I think all of these things together might be a great pair for me, who would just want to get out of there.

2. Jongho

I know a lot of Atiny would be surprised that he isn’t first on this list. I think we all know that Jongho is the bravest in any haunted house situation and is the most ok with horror and horror themes. He has always let other members hide behind him when they wanted to and is never fazed by anything. He doesn’t even jump. He would absolutely go into that haunted house and he would absolutely be your human shield if you wanted one. The only reason why I place Jongho second is, like Yeosang, I wouldn’t completely trust him inside a haunted house. Jongho has been shown to find the others getting scared pretty funny. He would absolutely be the type to suddenly disappear only to reappear in the next room to jump scare you himself just by standing in the corner. But if he really knew how afraid you were, he probably wouldn’t. Most likely. Otherwise Jongho is the perfect person to go into a hunted house with if you’re scared. His bravery would probably inspire at least some bravery in myself. But overall, I don’t think he’d be the first person I’d trust to go into a haunted house with me. There’s only one person who I think would be better than Jongho at protecting me in a haunted house.

1. Yunho

Yunho is the only other person in ATEEZ who is unfazed by horror. Though he isn’t as completely stone faced as Jongho, the others always rely on Yunho when they’re part of his group. Yunho has the ultimate tall stature to hide behind and is absolutely the soft hearted puppy who would jump in front of you and protect you. He has no complaints when other members grab the back of his shirt and he’s slowed down by them walking so slowly while having a grip on him. So I feel like he would be absolutely ok if I decided that I had to close my eyes and be led out of the rest of the haunted house. Yunho isn’t really the type to pull pranks or anything else and is absolutely the type to just be the hand to hold if you need it. Yunho is usually the one standing in front of the group or leading when anyone else is scared. His reaction to being scared is either emotionless or laughing and I feel like his tendency to laugh at things would make going through a haunted house feel a little more lighthearted. I would absolutely trust Yunho the most if I were to choose someone to go through a haunted house with. Though I may be just a bit biased because he’s my bias.

As I said, I’ve pretty much sworn off going into any haunted houses at all ever. I think one of the only things that might make me break that rule would be the impossible situation where I was somehow offered the chance to go through one with ATEEZ. But since it’s not going to happen, it’s fun to imagine! While this is my list of who I think would be the best going through with my type of fear in a haunted house, I’m sure everyone is different. If you’re the type who likes to be scared, you might want to go with someone like Wooyoung who would be scared with you. Or someone like Jongho who also seems to thoroughly enjoy it, even if he’s not the type to be scared. But this is just my list as someone who is an absolute and complete scaredy cat. I’d love to know who you think would be the best ATEEZ partner to walk through a haunted house with!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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