ATEEZ: Happy Birthday, Wooyoung!

Promotional image of Jung Wooyoung. Copyright goes to KQ Entertainment and ATEEZ.

Hey! Hallie here!

This blog recently went from a BTS ult blog (We are still huge BTS fans and will still be posting about them a lot!) to an ATEEZ ult blog, and that means we’re going to be doing more ATEEZ birthday posts! Today is Wooyoung’s birthday and there are so many things I want to say about this sweetheart. Between his chaotic energy and the genuine enthusiasm he approaches every challenge with, it’s really hard not to be effected by his positivity. And today I really want to shine a light on that positivity because I know that he’s very likely not feeling much of it right now. For those who don’t know, his grandfather passed away directly on his birthday. It’s awful that he has to struggle with this on a day he should be celebrating, and even worse that he won’t be able to go home and spend this time with his family. I genuinely hope that he’s doing alright and will be able to take some time to heal soon. In the meantime, I’m so grateful for the loyalty and love he’s showing Atiny, even now, and how much light he brings into all of our lives. Let’s get into all of the wonderful things about Wooyoung to celebrate on his birthday!

His Sense of Humor:

Wooyoung is one of the most mischievous, hilarious members of ATEEZ. He especially likes to enrage Hongjoong, who is always a mix of annoyed and endeared by Wooyoung’s particular brand of crazy. He’s been known to unexpectedly hug Hongjoong, who likes his personal space, use informal language to irritate him, and recently, on Hongjoong’s birthday, he smashed his face in a cake in front of an entire arena of Atiny. Not only did Hongjoong threaten to send him back to South Korea, but Hongjoong also had to perform the rest of the concert with cake on his face. Wooyoung is also the member to make the most jokes about Hongjoong cracking down on discipline whenever he’s angry, but as always, it’s all in good fun. These two spend as much time as possible complimenting each other; Wooyoung specifically to get Hongjoong flustered. Aside from pranking his captain, Wooyoung is the type to exaggerate his actions just to make the other members laugh. When a member irritates him he’ll give them a long glare until they start to laugh. When he’s scared he’ll yell at the source long after it’s gone to lighten the mood. When he’s frustrated he’ll pout until the members comment on his expression. As much as Wooyoung likes to play pranks, he also loves to ensure the members stay entertained and happy. He’s always hilarious to watch, but also heartwarming in the ways he uses his humor to care for the other members of ATEEZ. And I will never get over his adorable, high-pitched laugh.

His Love for His Members:

Wooyoung is known amongst the members for his strong displays of affection. Hongjoong has said that Wooyoung can bring the members together when they’re apart, and the easy nature with which he demonstrates his friendship has made everyone in ATEEZ feel seen and appreciated. Wooyoung is especially close with San and Yeosang, who he shows fondness for as much as possible. San and Wooyoung do everything together, and just as much as San supports Wooyoung, Wooyoung supports San. Wooyoung offers to cuddle San when he needs help sleeping, talks about how handsome he is to anyone who will listen, and will hug San whenever he thinks San needs it. As for Yeosang, Wooyoung’s known him since they were trainees at Big Hit Entertainment. The two promised to stay together, and when Yeosang left for KQ Entertainment, Wooyoung kept that promise by following him. Their friendship is a bit different, with Wooyoung enjoying pushing Yeosang around while Yeosang responds with scalding sarcasm, but their closeness is undeniable. Wooyoung spends a lot of time praising how much Yeosang has grown since he’s met him and talking about how grateful he is that he debuted with Yeosang. While these members are the two he’s closest with, he shows appreciation and love for all of the members. He supports them, jokes with them, and offers comfort whenever he feels he can provide it. Every member of ATEEZ is deeply important to him and he never misses an opportunity to show it.

His Love For Atiny:

His love for Atiny could never be in doubt. He even left Hongjoong with a message for the Atiny who attended the recent New York fansign, apologizing for not being able to make it and promising them that he would show them his best work at the next concert. He was absent because of his grandfather passing away. He really didn’t have to say anything, and all true Atiny would be understanding if he stayed completely silent at this time. But all Wooyoung was worried about was the Atiny who would feel disappointed that they wouldn’t get to meet him. At the same time I feel horrible that Wooyoung felt he had to do this, the love he has for Atiny blows me away sometimes. Every video I’ve seen of him at a fansign involves him paying back each compliment with a genuine question about the life and preferences of the Atiny who payed him the compliment. He listens intently to everyone who speaks to him and laughs good-naturedly at every joke that comes his way with a genuine smile on his face. He’s even been spending most of his free time learning English so he can communicate better with some foreign Atinys during fan events. He’s open and sweet to Atiny as a whole, and while he is one of the members that will not apologize for setting firm and healthy boundaries, he always makes it clear that he loves spending time with us.

His Amazing Performances:

I can’t finish this post without talking about what this man does as a performer. First off, his dancing is incredible. ATEEZ is essentially a dance crew who started out their careers doing dance covers. As such, every single member is insanely good at dancing and Wooyoung is no different. He approaches each dance with energy and precision. His facial expressions are also on point and perfectly intense for each song he performs. All of this can be seen in his solo work as well, particularly the dance cover he did when he was labelled “Artist of the Month” in June of last year. His dancing there is effortless, his expressions casual but enticing, and his presence is intimidating. I’m not even sure how I survived seeing all of these elements come together live on stage during their concert. Along with his dancing he’s also an amazing singer. Amongst ATEEZ he’s one of the members with a higher range, which suits slower and calmer songs with its sweetness, as well as more exciting songs with the effortless belting he shifts into. The cover of “12:45” that was released on his birthday was such a lovely gift that showed off the beautiful softness and powerful range of his voice perfectly. I love his voice and I hope we can hear more of it as we keep getting more albums.

And that’s it! It was really nice to go through all of the things I love about Wooyoung, but I’m still extremely sad writing this. His birthday came with so much pain this year and Wooyoung doesn’t deserve to have to carry such a heavy burden while he’s so far from home. I hope that the love from Atiny can cheer him up and he’s able to get the rest he needs. I also hope that, if you’re worrying about Wooyoung and feeling upset yourself, that you were able to find some happiness in this post. I know it’s hard, but I want Wooyoung to know how much he’s loved and how much we appreciate him. He deserves all of our love, and if Atiny has anything to say about it, he’ll get it right now when he needs it most.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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