ATEEZ: ‘Paradigm’ and MonTEEZ

Promotional image of (from left) Choi Jongho, Jeong Yunho, Jung Wooyoung, Park Seonghwa, Kim Hongjoong, Song Mingi, Choi San, and Kang Yeosang. Copyright goes to KQ Entertainment and ATEEZ.

Hi! It’s Annie!

This is the comeback that we were all waiting for after it started becoming apparent that there were more releases on the way from ATEEZ. Oh my god, it did not disappoint. It seems like ATEEZ has recently been making more of an effort to embrace the sexy vibes that became extremely popular especially after the release of “Deja Vu”. Of course, their recent performance of “Cyberpunk” more than embraced those vibes, and everyone’s (rightly) obsessed with it. So the clean cut suit vibes that cut to the darker aesthetics are exactly the escalation of this that I wanted. But obviously, all the music that comes out of ATEEZ is unique and amazing. Some of the most underrated and amazing songs ATEEZ have released have been on their Japanese release albums. This is no different from the brilliance of any of those, so I’m going to get into it! I’m only going to talk about a few of the new releases, so this won’t be a review of the entire album. And I did want to include another announcement that made me so so happy this week!


After first hearing the snippet of music in the teaser, I had a similar feeling to when I first heard the snippet of “Deja Vu”. Though not as intense; it was still the overwhelming feeling that the song was going to be awesome and unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. This songs is the perfect mix of hard hitting beats and lyrical melody. The first few times I heard it, I couldn’t absolutely piece it together because it felt like I wasn’t expecting the equal amount of hype throughout the song. There’s so much going on at the same time it fits together so perfectly. And I love seeing ATEEZ continue to make things so even among all the eight members. While Yeosang still lacked some sung lines for this song, I didn’t feel as though he was lacking much considering their dedication to continuously giving him other lines whether they are sung or whispered. And they also have been using Yeosang reliably in other ways that I’ll get to later. This is the perfect mix of beats and a showcase of vocal ability; I just think everyone would have a better week if they listened to this song.

The MV:

The sharp dressed members of ATEEZ go in between a dark and a light setting for this MV, with red in between. This isn’t like “Don’t Stop” where we got some more ATEEZverse story. This MV actually reminds me more of “HALA HALA” because it’s a dance showcase more than anything else. Yeosang is centered for a lot of it and, as we all know from “Cyberpunk”, pulls off these sexy themes very well. Mingi absolutely slayed me in his glasses that I was not expecting them to put him in. I love how Hongjoong gets his arm band into every outfit, it’s such a badass calling sign for him. Seonghwa’s light shift “shhh” in the video took all of us out. San continues to put us all in our graves with his facial expressions. How did they get Wooyoung to look so damn intimidating? Jongho looked like the romantic CEO of a company here. What did I do to deserve that Yunho hair flip and oh my gosh he looked so suave when he started out the MV. Nothing about any of the members in this MV was fair. And they continue to show everyone that when it comes to dancing, no other group is as technical and fluid with it as they are. The flashing between aesthetics in the MV matched the song by giving the impression that so much was going on. It was kind of difficult to keep track of everyone, so it forces you to watch the MV time and time again so that you can catch absolutely everything. But who’s complaining? We’re all trying to stream this one anyways! They are once again making this song into a dance challenge. I wonder if other groups will be up for the amazingly intricate choreography this time around. We’ll have to find out!

“Intro: The Siren”:

I loved the way this intro sounded partly because it reminded me of the hype of the concert. There’s something very profoundly like introducing the audience to the show in this piece. I kind of wonder if the person talking is all Hongjoong, a collection of various ATEEZ members, or even someone else entirely. But I think this piece is such a great introduction to the corrupt government in the current ATEEZverse, and I loved how much story, importance, and gorgeous music such a small piece still packs.


For those of you who haven’t been following the series of videos labelled ‘MonTEEZ’ on ATEEZ’s Youtube channel, now is the time to do that! I am ecstatic that it looks like we’re actually getting some ATEEZ designed plushies. This is where so many K-Pop groups hit me in the wallet the most. I am very susceptible when it comes to plushies. Like San, I just love a good plushie so much. So, I always knew that when ATEEZ announced that they would be releasing literally any kind of plushie, I was going to be all over it. And I love that they’re going with several versions of Yeosang’s original Hehetmon design. I am already in love with all of the final product designs and now it just feels like a matter of time before we get the official announcement. I’m just hoping that they release these new plushies in a wide variety of places, because I can’t afford the shipping for the KQ Entertainment Store website. But, I’m going to be honest, I already know my money is forfeit. These new designs include; Hongjoong’s which adorably has his own Hongjoong bangs and definitely bears a similarity to his designer, Seonghwa’s who stays true to the original Hehetmon design with some new touches and a star on his head, Yunho’s who is very cheesily giving two thumbs up with a large thumbs up on his head as well as an adorable tooth, Yeosang’s which is the original Hehetmon design but with a new and improved hat, San’s which consists of two friends holding hands with different outlooks on the world, Mingi’s who has a clover on his head and looks very chill, Wooyoung’s which consists of two vastly different friends in what appear to be teacups, and Jongho’s which has lots of purple and a look of adorable determination. There’s something for everyone here and I just can’t wait to see the final plushie designs any day now. I love how original these designs are and how they stem from something that’s been fan loved for years now. Thank you to Yeosang for the original design that now got us these cuties!

I’m going to be completely honest, I’ve been having a really tough and exhausting week. And none of that is in a good way by any means. My week has been pretty bad. The release of ‘Paradigm’ and the announcements surrounding MonTEEZ have put me in such a better mood. And Seonghwa and Yunho recently did a live as well! These ATEEZ releases have been keeping me from spiraling this week and give me something amazing to look forward to every single day. I am absolutely in love with all of these! I will be listening to “Paradigm” every day and staring at pictures of MonTEEZ until they finally are for sale. This is exactly what I needed to help me through the week. I just want to thank ATEEZ for working so incredibly hard and being in the business of making the days, weeks, months, and even years for so many of us so much better.

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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