Marvel: We All Need a Mobius

Screenshot of Owen Wilson as Mobius in ‘Loki’. Copyright goes to Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios.

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I recently went back through some of the Disney+ Marvel shows for my ranking of Phase 4 shows, and ‘Loki’ managed to grab my attention again. It isn’t because this is my favorite Disney+ show, in fact I have a lot of problems with it, but there are so many things in this show that I fell in love with all over again on my recent watch. Mobius was definitely at the top of that list. I vividly remember being extremely skeptical when Owen Wilson was announced as a lead actor for the ‘Loki’ series. While Marvel definitely loves its comedic moments, Owen Wilson’s reputation tends to cover comedies of a completely different level. Especially paired with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, I wasn’t sure how that would work for the series. But here Owen Wilson walked the line between dramatic and comedic, all while selling a character whose wit is just as prevalent as his caring nature. Mobius is just a genuinely lovely character who treats Loki with nothing but respect and concern, and as a result gives off some of the biggest green flags in the MCU. This post is dedicated to the parts of Mobius’ character that are the biggest green flags, because we all deserve to have someone as unfailingly there for us as Mobius is for Loki.

No Judgement:

The first thing that strikes both the viewer and Loki about Mobius is how much he absolutely refuses to judge Loki for anything. And Loki’s done a lot of things he could be harshly judged for. Mobius even drops a joke about Loki brutally removing a guy’s eye during the events of ‘The Avengers’. But Mobius never once rubs Loki’s bad behavior in his face. When he’s discussing Loki’s past, Mobius only comments that what Loki did in the main timeline led mostly to his own failure and unhappiness. Whenever Loki attempts to manipulate Mobius by scaring him with his dangerousness, Mobius brushes it off without taking offense. The fact that Mobius met Loki’s insistence that he wanted to rule over all of space with genuine follow up questions blew me away. And when Mobius finally manages to convince Loki to look further into why he does the more nefarious things that he does, he offers gentle encouragement. Loki’s revelation that he doesn’t enjoy hurting people gets a soft “Explain that to me,” as Mobius’ response, and he even praises Loki for knowing himself. These are all examples from Loki’s first real talk with Mobius, but it’s definitely a trend that continues in the series. Mobius faces down every instance where Loki does something against Mobius’ wishes with simple acknowledgement, only ever snapping at Loki when Loki’s antics repeatedly get in the way of Mobius’ work. Likewise, whenever Loki decides to share either theories or personal beliefs with Mobius, Mobius always keeps an open mind, even when Loki’s irritating him. Mobius is the king of keeping a cool head and an open mind, and the lack of judgement that results from those things is so refreshing to see in a character.

Sincere Support:

At the end of Mobius’ first major discussion with Loki, Mobius immediately shuts Loki down when he calls himself a “villain”. His response is “That’s not how I see it,” and those words wind up giving us a huge hint as to how Mobius will treat Loki for the rest of the series. Mobius advocates for Loki to his superiors, sometimes lying to Renslayer’s face just so Loki can get the chance to prove himself that Mobius feels he deserves. Mobius doesn’t just think Loki can be helpful in his current case. Mobius thinks Loki can be morally good, and he gives him multiple opportunities to be. When Loki comes up with a lead Mobius gives him every chance to chase it. He goes as far as attempting to give Loki back his knives for a field mission, though it’s probably best Hunter B-15 took them away. Mobius only pulls his support from Loki after Loki betrays him by following Sylvie. But immediately afterwards Mobius tells Loki directly to his face that he believes Loki’s capable of anything, including being a good person. Mobius’ constant support of Loki has a very obvious effect on the way Loki develops as a character throughout the series. Loki’s self-confidence grows the more Mobius listens to him, understands him, and supports his attempts to change. One of their most memorable interactions in the entire show is Loki hugging Mobius in thanks, something that Loki would never have done to anyone before he met Mobius. We all deserve to have someone as unfailingly supportive as Mobius, and Loki certainly demonstrates that he benefits from it.


If there’s one thing I admire about Mobius, it’s this man’s patience. Working with someone who’s constantly trying to undermine, upset, and manipulate you sounds like a nightmare. As much as I love Loki, I would rage quit if I was in Mobius’ shoes. Mobius keeps calm and stays patient at all times, not just for his own sanity, but because he has so much faith in Loki. In some of their first words to each other Loki accuses Mobius of mocking him multiple times, but Mobius very calmly brushes off Loki’s accusations and pays Loki a real compliment. When Loki steals Mobius’ salad to make a point and ruins his lunch, Mobius very obviously takes a moment to let his irritation go so he can understand Loki’s point better. He also gives Loki way more attempts at being helpful during the mission than literally anyone he works with wants him to because he feels it’s worth it. Mobius shows time and time again that, even when he’s being constantly disappointed, he’d rather wait for Loki to show him that he’s capable of being better than just shut Loki down and abandon him. And what makes this even better is that we do see Mobius completely lose his patience. After every instance of Loki betraying him his agitation and desire to quit is always very loud. But despite that, Mobius always makes himself slow down and rethink giving up. And that makes all the difference.

Mobius is kind in one of the healthiest and most realistic ways I’ve ever seen in media. He isn’t just generally respectful and nice to everyone all the time. In fact, I think seeing the moments where he struggles to keep his kindness are the most telling. There are many moments where he’s harsh with Loki, especially when it comes to Loki’s relationship to Sylvie. But Mobius always makes the conscious choice to put his frustrations behind him and just be there for Loki. He goes out of his way to make sure Loki never feels uncomfortable around him, never feels like a waste of space, and always has someone to lean on and talk to. He easily matches Loki in intelligence and wit, but he only ever uses it to challenge Loki and never to make him feel stupid. And, to Loki’s surprise, he’s never affected by Loki’s tricks despite how infuriating they are. Because Mobius isn’t easily shaken and feels Loki’s opportunity for growth is much more important than his own anger. I only hope that all of us can meet or have met a person who treats us with this amount of genuine care, because it always steals my heart every time I watch ‘Loki’.

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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