Screenshot of (from left) Kim Geonhak (Leedo), Lee Seoho, and Lee Keonhee. Copyright goes to RBW and ONEUS.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Some of my current favorite comfort watches are variety shows that are made for idols by the companies that those groups are with. I’ve talked before about how shows like this only become more common with the passing years and are beginning to completely surpass general variety shows. From ‘ATEEZ: FEVER Road’ to ‘Run BTS’ to ‘Monsta X Ray’, I’ve talked about a good amount of these types of variety shows. And, because I have neglected to before, I want to talk about my absolute favorite episodes of ONEUS’s ‘ONEUS DO IT’. As usual, my post concert depression caused me to want to watch as much ONEUS content as I possibly could in order to feel close to the experience, so I have now actually watched every episode of this show. And as usual, I wanted to put together a list of the must-watch episodes in chronological order. MAJOR SPOILERS for ‘ONEUS DO IT’ coming up!

MSC Freedom Pt 1 and 2:

This is a two part episode that features only Geonhak, Seoho, and Keonhee and is possibly one of the most wholesome of the episodes. This episode involves the three dressing in traditional hanbok and just exploring a cultural festival together. Unfortunately, it is pretty difficult to find these episodes with English subtitles. (Some of the episodes of this variety show come equipped with subtitles while some of them, particularly older ones, do not.) But I don’t think you need subtitles for all of the episodes of this show to still have fun with it. Through these episodes you see them explore the festival that takes place at a traditional Korean village. There was a small element of it that reminded me of Renaissance Faires that we have in the states. They ate plenty of food, explored shops specialized in hand-made trinkets, and even painted their own masks. The festival looked giant, at points they were crossing large bridges over water. The main draw here is just watching them have fun and laugh together while exploring this festival! They really seemed to have a lot of fun with it.

Grocery Shopping:

This episode is just Seoho and Keonhee and depicts them going grocery shopping for the rest of the members. That’s literally all it is, but I really enjoyed seeing something that felt so domestic. At the beginning of the episode they show a grocery list that Dongju had written for them and you follow them being hilarious as they go in to a grocery store to get everything on the list, like cases of water and paper towels. One of the best parts of this is watching them act crazy in an attempt to embarrass the other, but neither of them ever really get embarrassed so the other one usually just goes with it.

2 Slices of Pizza Please:

This is one of the most iconic episodes of ONEUS do it, so if you haven’t watched it I highly recommend that you do. The events of this episode are still brought up constantly by the members of ONEUS. This episode features Geonhak and Keonhee. The two have some free time during a stop in Milan in Italy where they have been filming. Both hungry, they wander the streets in search of some food with Keonhee on the hunt for pizzas because he really wants to try pizza in Italy. After seeing nothing they can really recognize, and Geonhak not wanting to wander for much longer, they decide to eat at McDonalds until Keonhee finally sees a potential pizza place with a menu that he can understand well. Geonhak relents and they go in in an attempt to order two slices of pizza and accidentally end up ordering two entire pizzas for just the two of them. They end up having a good laugh about it with their staff and eating a lot of pizza, and it’s just a short wholesome watch. It’s nice to watch them wander down streets together and have a good laugh at the pizza.

Xion Vlog in Chicago:

As usual, this only features a couple of the members; this time it is Dongju (it is his vlog after all) and Hwanwoong. One of the most common types of episodes for ‘ONEUS DO IT’ are actually Dongju’s vlogs. He is the most likely member to vlog what he does in a day, so it’s only right to give him a whole section of the variety show to himself. Like a lot of the other episodes that I like, this just features the two of them walking around Chicago for the most part. We see Dongju eating at a restaurant, which is a common sight in his vlogs, and then we just see the camaraderie between Dongju and Hwanwoong as they walk to a giant Disney Store. They look like they’re having a blast and you feel like you’re right there with them.

Xion Vlog- Come Back Home:

This is another casual vlog, but this time it’s a behind the scenes at one of their shoots! He has a few of these throughout, including one that features ONEWE, but this one might be my favorite. We see him eating at the beginning of the day with Geonhak and the adorable teasing. After that we get to see him in hair and makeup and then a lot of actual shots of the forest where they shot the video. My favorite is probably when Dongju goes through the set at night and shows all of the props that they’re using and does a small tour of their location. Overall, partly because they’re shooting in a forest, this is such a gorgeous vlog!

Chuseok Kitchen Battle:

This actually has all of the members of ONEUS in it, separated into two teams and cooking for Chuseok in order to win maknae Dongju’s favor. I think we all often forget that ONEUS is one of the groups where nearly every member is really good at cooking. The only member who doesn’t cook as much is Dongju, which is why he is the host and judge of this episode rather than on one of the teams. I won’t reveal who won, because that’s one of the reasons to watch it! I will say though that it’s absolutely hilarious to watch host Dongju terrorize the other teams while they’re attempting to cook. Also, the end products look delicious and now I’m hungry. I want them to cook for me, just once, please.

Halloween Mafia:

This is the version of the game where they play a drawing game and a mafia game at the same time. The costumes here are on point. I mean, Geonhak dressed as a vampire with his hair in a ponytail is just incredibly not fair. But what’s really not fair is that for the umpteenth time, Geonhak gets accused of being the mafia while a member dressed far more adorably (I won’t spoil who) is the real mafia. Don’t judge someone based on appearance, kids! The loser of the game has to give out candy to the producers while doing a sexy dance which, as you’ve probably guessed, ends up way more hilarious and chaotic than it does sexy. All in all, just some hilarious and wholesome Halloween fun.

Xion Vlog-Brothers:

For a ONEWE performance, the members of ONEUS stepped in and this meant an adorable collaboration performance that featured partly just Dongju and his fraternal twin brother Dongmyeong. Yay, fraternal twins! Hallie and I are also fraternal twins so it’s amazing to see them in the K-Pop industry! This vlog depicts the two practicing their choreography before the performance and also just sitting down laughing and talking. You really get to see the bond between the two of them and also how amazingly well they work together. In the end you get to see them actually film the project, and the end product is so good. I’ve watched this video several times because their collaboration work is just so damn good!


This is an episode that features all of the members of ONEUS as they equip themselves with boxing gloves and challenge each other by remaining calm while the other says something that bugs them about that person. It’s all really hilarious and about mostly small stuff. After all, the stuff that most people argue about is the small stuff that honestly doesn’t really matter. But it’s hilarious to watch them do it. This features the Tom and Jerry duo, Geonhak and Seoho, challenging each other while the others watch in half laughter and half terror. They probably go the longest of everyone along with Dongju and Hwanwoong who are really nice about roasting each other. They all end on good terms though, so that’s what counts! But it’s funny to see the terror on the faces of those in the back who are unsure how this is going to go.


You know that if a video starts out with a warning about how chaotic it will be; it’s absolutely going to be good. This episode has all of the members passing around a balloon “bomb” that could go off at any point. They must pass it to each other and ask a question that must be answered before it is passed again. Those who are out have to put on angel halos and can help the others by grabbing a person and holding him in place in the hopes that the “bomb” will go off on him. The funniest parts of this for me were probably that everyone wanted to get Seoho out and couldn’t succeed even when they held him in place and that several people were too afraid to go after Geonhak, which made him feel left out though he was still laughing hysterically. It’s an adorable and chaotic episode and they looked like they were having so much fun.


This episode has only Geonhak, Dongju, and Hwanwoong and is the most adorable of all of the episodes of this variety show. They bring in this adorable tiny puppy and have the three boys take care of it and play with it for a good amount of time. At the end they have the puppy run towards them while they are all calling it, so that the puppy can choose who it likes best. Dongju is basically a human puppy, but gets really tired out with the puppy’s energy very quickly. The puppy also knocks Geonhak over, who is laughing, to try and lick his face. And jumps all over Hwanwoong who seems to have the same amount of energy as the puppy. When the puppy eventually chooses Hwanwoong in the end, Dongju jumps into Geonhak’s arms as his puppy instead. So really everyone is a winner!


Last year they had each of them do an individual episode all by themselves to release in rapid succession based off of their individual interests. Geonhak was the first to release his which was an instructional cooking video, Seoho came next with a video of him playing VR video games, then Keonhee doing an ASMR mukbang, then Hwanwoong working on some marker art, and finally Dongju building a gingerbread house. Each of these is adorable and lets you know a little more about the members considering these are all activities they chose to do themselves!

Chuseok Game:

All of them play a game for Chuseok. I’ve seen a lot of idols play this game, but this is the first time that I watched it where I felt like I could understand it! This game involves moving board pieces while also throwing these long plush sticks on the ground to see what word you’re given that will determine how you can move. But this time there are also forbidden words involved that can send you back to the beginning if you say them. Here, the parts that make it are the fact that the team that has Geonhak, Dongju, and Hwanwoong decide that one of the words for the other team will be a word that’s part of the game. The other team keeps rolling this word which always sends them back to the beginning, causing everyone to practically die laughing. At one point Keonhee tells Seoho to use a wish that he got as a reward in previous game to make them reveal the forbidden word. Seoho doesn’t understand so instead uses the wish to make them kneel to him, which causes the other team to practically die laughing while kneeling. I laughed so hard watching this episode that my stomach hurt by the end.


All of the members dress in their pajamas and one person answers “most likely to” questions without the others knowing the question. So by knowing the member that is given as the answer, they have to guess what the question could have been. Chaos ensues. A lot of their opinions of each other are revealed through these questions and they end up having a few deep conversations as a result of things that come up because of them as well. So so many accidental compliments and insults! We also learn all about their sleeping habits here and see them hug plushies and toss them at each other. Watching Dongju step on all of them in order to turn off the lights at the end and the rest being so used to it that they don’t say anything is priceless. It just makes you want to get in your jammies and feel cozy watching it before bed.

Haunted House:

In this one they all go to a small amusement park in costume for Halloween and are just told that they will have to do a task. When they arrive they finally realize that this task is actually making it through a haunted house. Inside they will have to collect candy and whoever has the least amount of candy at the end has to ride one of the scarier rides at the park. Dongju and Seoho both seem completely unfazed by everything and nothing seems to scare them. Hwanwoong and Geonhak are both a little scared, but not so much that they can’t make it through. Keonhee however is a huge scaredy cat and gets scared by literally everything. It’s so much of a well known fact, that Seoho and a bunch of the staff also worked together to try and scare him. But he was inside for so long being scared that he collects the most amount of candy and wins. The losers don’t really feel like going on the ride so instead Keonhee, Geonhak, and Seoho go on and have an amazing time while Geonhak films. They laugh the entire time, it’s just so adorable!

Universal Japan:

This is the episode that I probably watch the most of all of them. In this one you see all of them visit Universal Studios in Tokyo on a particularly hot day. Keonhee, who must be crazy, is wearing a green sweater and thus declares himself to be Luigi in honor of Super Nintendo World. Hwanwoong, Keonhee, Dongju, and Seoho all absolutely geek out at Super Nintendo World. Which is great because for some reason Seoho isn’t in a lot of this episode. Dongju and Hwanwoong look like they’re having the time of their lives despite the heat. Geonhak, on the other hand, has couple dressed with Dongju and keeps saying that he wants to go home because of how hot he is. Throughout the video he blames Dongju for making them all go to Universal in several hilarious bits. The end of the video even gives us a sunset shot courtesy of Keonhee. It makes you feel like you’re at the theme park with them, which is one of the reasons why it’s a comfort watch for me.


This is one of their most recent ones and I have to say it’s probably the most hilarious of all of the episodes they’ve released. In this they do singing and dancing challenges as well as celebrity challenges while they are all dressed like either Santa or a reindeer. Cue a lot of Geonhak squinting while looking at pictures. I think my favorite part of this episode though is either Keonhee bending so far backwards it looks like he’s snapping in half or Seoho dancing to ‘Nude’ by (G)-IDLE because he’s dressed as a reindeer and reindeers are, well, nude. This has to be the funniest episode because of how genuine and hard their laughter is. They laugh so hard that all of them nearly cry at multiple points. I almost cried laughing watching this because of it. Almost no one is fully sitting up by the end of it.

These are all just a few examples of the variety that is actually in this variety show! And I absolutely love and recommend every single episode. But if you wanted a master list, this is probably what I would go with as my absolute favorites. I just love watching variety shows like this. It makes you feel like you’re with them in a way, because you’re often laughing with them or just as invested in what they’re doing as they are. Any of these episodes could be the absolute perfect comfort watch at the end of a bad day. These have been my most recent comfort watches! If you haven’t checked out this show yet, go do it! They’re all on Youtube and they are all so different. It never gets boring because they always switch it up between daily vlogs, theme parks, games, and exploration vlogs. You really see them do a bit of everything here!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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