ATEEZ: Happy Birthday Yunho!

Promotional photo of Jeong Yunho. Copyright goes to ATEEZ and KQ Entertainment.

Hi! It’s Annie!

It is officially Yunho week! And also the week that marks the release of “Limitless”. Overall, just a great week for Atiny. But, more importantly, it gives me the absolute best excuse to gush about my ult bias, the man who stole my heart from the get-go, Jeong Yunho. The bear retriever of ATEEZ and the dance captain of a group that’s so dance heavy that it makes the title just that much more impressive. Yunho has to be one of the sweetest people to have ever walked the Earth; I mean, they call him the bear retriever for a reason. He’s part teddy bear, part golden retriever. I have never in my life seen a man this simultaneously huggable and boyfriend material and I doubt anyone else has either. Just watching him smile brightens up my day so much because it’s so contagious. So in honor of the birthday of my ult bias, I’m going to go through some of my absolute favorite things about Jeong Yunho!

Main Dancer:

I’ve gushed about this before, but I’ll never get tired of it. Yunho is about 6’2” to 6’3” depending on who you ask. Either way, it is notoriously more difficult for taller, and especially more lanky, dancers to move with the same concise skill level as smaller dancers. Especially if you are in a group and everyone has to be perfectly in sync. What’s funny about ATEEZ is that two of their major dancers from the beginning have been the Tower Twins. If you’re not as familiar with the ATEEZ fandom, the Tower Twins is a term that has come to describe the two members who are over six foot; Yunho and Mingi. Yunho, however, is the person in charge of most dance practices. He learns choreography uncommonly quickly. To the point where someone showed Yunho a complicated TikTok dance and by the second time he watched it, he could perform it perfectly. His dance moves are incredibly clean and all of the members have said that if they have an issue with the choreography, they go to Yunho. If you watch behind the scenes dance practices you might hear Yunho speaking, as he usually leads the practices as well as monitors his own and the others choreography during shootings. Hongjoong has personally thanked him on camera several times for his contributions when it comes to choreography prep; whether it’s for an MV or a concert. Yunho has been cited many times to be a very patient teacher and an integral part of ATEEZ’s complicated, choreography-heavy, performances.

Mood Maker:

Yunho has also been called one of the mood makers of ATEEZ by other members on multiple occasions. He’s well known for usually sporting a smile and often is one of the first members to crack a joke or do something completely meme based, like wear a plastic horse head on his head during a fansign. He also is very cuddly. He’ll cuddle with members in front of the camera, has said before that he doesn’t mind snuggling with members while sleeping, and will even carry other members to and from bed. He once bridal style carried San out of bed because San didn’t want to get up. And his kindness is so apparent on multiple levels. Semi-recently, Jongho posted a video of Yunho attempting not to fall asleep as Jongho was attempting to keep him up long enough to see one of his performances on television. This also continues in his constant attempts to calm down the members who need it, break up fights, and otherwise just take care of everyone. Mingi has said that Yunho is integral in keeping him calm and helping him through tougher times. This man truly cares for everyone in his circle. This is even more piercing to me because of how Yunho has been saying lately that he struggles telling the other members how he’s been feeling. Being that much of a mood maker takes an incredible amount of strength! I hope that he feels more free in reaching out to his members in the future!


Yunho has very unique and very close relationships with each of the members of ATEEZ. Lately, he and Hongjoong have been very close. They always shared a room whenever they went on tour and have always had a close relationship. They were the first two trainees in KQ after all. But after doing Idol Radio, they have been inseparable while on tour and even more frequently participate in the Painted Man campaign together. A campaign where they paint one of their nails in order to raise awareness to the violence committed against women and children. Seonghwa and Yunho have a very compassionate and helpful relationship with each other where they look out for the other, except when Yunho steals one of Seonghwa’s legos. Yunho and Yeosang are extremely chill when they’re together and are either super sweet or extremely deadly with their dances. Yunho and San are the adorable roommates who quite frequently cuddle together and are hilariously sweet; such as when Yunho buys San more plushies or when San agrees to play games with Yunho when he’s pouting. Yunho and Mingi have known each other forever and rely on each other, they even have their own adorable head twist thing. They’ve been inseparable since their school days. (That is, when Yunho is not betraying Mingi’s moral loyalty.) Yunho and Wooyoung frequently poke fun at each other, including their laughs and dance styles, and have a very playful relationship. And Yunho babies his adorable maknae and makes Jongho do Ho brothers content for Atiny. Just general wholesomeness all around!

Serious Yunho:

I’ve already talked about this a little, but Yunho has an uncanny ability for peace-keeping within the group. Atiny have started making compilations of Yunho stepping in and trying to aid Hongjoong when the rest of the group starts getting a bit too loud or difficult to handle. This even included a time where he hilariously screamed during an ATEEZ debate that involved Captain Hongjoong himself. Yunho is also a sore loser, something that San has said before. Atiny have barely ever seen Yunho get frustrated, but when he has it almost always was because of his competitive nature. San could be seen trying to get him to breathe and calm down at the Idol Olympics when archery wasn’t quite going Yunho’s way. Yunho is good at almost everything and is incredibly good at playing basketball, video games, Twister, and even at guessing in strategy based games. Yunho’s serious side isn’t seen too often and it is a glorious thing to behold when it is. He’s also the absolute best at playing horror games. In the most recent zombie game they all played, Yunho was very serious and strategic the entire time, including protecting San who is incredibly afraid of horror while Yunho isn’t really afraid of anything. I made an entire post about this once before but, as someone who also can’t stand any level of horror, I think Yunho might be one of the only people on the planet I would ever consider going into a haunted house with.

My Yunho Story:

Because he’s my ult bias and it’s almost his birthday, I figure I might as well share my own personal story with Yunho. I won’t say that Yunho was the first person that I noticed in ATEEZ. That was probably a generous mix of San, Hongjoong, and Mingi. When I was originally going about the very difficult task of choosing a bias, I really had no idea where to start. As soon as I got into ATEEZ, I familiarized myself with all of them and then had almost an impossible time trying to choose a bias because I loved all of them so much. I went back and forth between pretty much all of them and didn’t really settle on any until I watched more of their videos that showed more of their personality. And only after Hallie said that Yunho was my type did it hit me full in the face just how much that was true. I honestly don’t know how I didn’t choose him earlier because I’m never able to tear my eyes off of him. And I have no idea why he isn’t the bias of more people. Once Yunho became my bias I was absolutely floored and knew that I wasn’t going anywhere. And pretty quickly Yunho became my ult bias. He was my one of my ult biases even before ATEEZ became my ult group and pretty much everyone knew it. It’s really difficult for me to stop talking about Yunho, as you can probably tell. His vocals on “Still Here” drew me to the song and I connected to it so hard that I absolutely cried when I saw him perform it live. I am so incredibly happy to have this man in my life in the way that he is! Even if that might mean I never meet him. He’s already made such a huge impact on my life! I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone else ever being my ult bias. Yunho just…fits. He’s the comfort that I need on a bad day or the reason I find myself uncontrollably smiling at my phone when just moments ago I was completely overwhelmed by anxiety. I hope that he has the absolute best day and I hope that he gets back just some of that love that he gives to all of us.

Happy Birthday Yunho! I know he’ll never read this, but I am so incredibly happy to have discovered ATEEZ and to have discovered him. He once said that he wants Atiny to lean on him during rough times and that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do. He’s always there for me when I need him most. Yunho is an underrated member who deserves the absolute world and I hope his birthday is the best and most wholesome day for him!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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