Star Wars: Should Tech Come Back in Season 3 of ‘The Bad Batch’?

Hey! Hallie here! I’ve been talking a lot about ‘The Bad Batch’ recently. It’s, in my opinion, one of the most imaginative shows in Star Wars right now with some of the most fascinating storylines I’ve ever seen in the franchise. But if you’ve kept up with my posts on the show, you know thatContinue reading “Star Wars: Should Tech Come Back in Season 3 of ‘The Bad Batch’?”

Star Wars: ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 2 Review

Hey! Hallie here! Before I talk about this at all, I want to acknowledge the huge misstep taken by the Star Wars social media accounts yesterday. As a response to the finale of ‘The Bad Batch’, they interviewed Omega’s voice actor, Michelle Ang, to talk about the shocking events that occurred during the final episode.Continue reading “Star Wars: ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 2 Review”