Video Games: Would the ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Love Interests be Good Partners? (Pt.1)

Hey! Hallie here! The ‘Dragon Age’ fandom has recently been deep in an argument surrounding the best romance options in ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’. Many of the romance options in this game are proving themselves very controversial, with arguments either expressing complete hatred for a character or undying loyalty towards them. As I’ve gotten some distanceContinue reading “Video Games: Would the ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Love Interests be Good Partners? (Pt.1)”

Comfort Entertainment: ‘Critical Role’ Campaign 3 Character Changes

Hi! It’s Annie! I started watching campaign three when it first started airing, but quickly fell off because of things getting busy in my life. I couldn’t always watch the four hours every week; but more and more has encouraged me to actually catch up and start again with this campaign. Of course, one ofContinue reading “Comfort Entertainment: ‘Critical Role’ Campaign 3 Character Changes”

Video Games: Romances That are Better Than Cullen’s

Hey! Hallie here! Dragon Age Day just happened and the fanbase learned a few important things while it was happening. One is that some of the lead writers, such as Mark Darrah, decided to retire from BioWare. Another was that Cullen’s voice actor, Greg Ellis, is a complete jerk. Not only did he attack MarkContinue reading “Video Games: Romances That are Better Than Cullen’s”