Theme Parks: Disneyland Immersive Rides

Hi! It’s Annie! I am once again missing my favorite theme parks. I really really want to go back soon. But Disneyland is definitely my favorite and also my favorite for the fall season, so I wanted to do a post specifically for Disneyland. Or at least, Disneyland Resort in California. This post will includeContinue reading “Theme Parks: Disneyland Immersive Rides”

Disney: Adventuring Women

Hi! It’s Annie! Some of my favorite types of movies have always been adventure films. Especially the ones with a vintage feel to them. There’s a comfortably nostalgic feeling about them to me. And some of my favorite parts of these movies is that many of them were the start of the focus on femaleContinue reading “Disney: Adventuring Women”

Disney: Why I Don’t Like Indiana Jones

Hey! Hallie here! I want to make clear that I’m not going to be talking about my dislike for the entire ‘Indiana Jones’ series. Because I don’t dislike it. The movies are (mostly) fun and enjoyable. I do, however, have a problem with the title character of this series. Indiana Jones is an incredibly dislikableContinue reading “Disney: Why I Don’t Like Indiana Jones”