Disney: The ‘Star Wars’ LGBTQ+ Couple That Should Have Been Canon

Hey! Hallie here! We haven’t made a post for Pride Month on this blog yet, so happy Pride Month! While I feel like we should be celebrating the LGBTQ+ community all year round, it’s still nice to have a month dedicated to all the amazing people in this community and the way they embrace themselves!Continue reading “Disney: The ‘Star Wars’ LGBTQ+ Couple That Should Have Been Canon”

Disney: ‘The Bad Batch’ Episode 4 and 5 Review

Hey! Hallie here! Last week I skipped doing a review of ‘The Bad Batch’ in order to group two episodes together this week. I’m not sure if this will be my new posting style, but if we keep seeing so many disappointing episodes in this series it might be. Because honestly, these last two episodesContinue reading “Disney: ‘The Bad Batch’ Episode 4 and 5 Review”

Disney: ‘The Bad Batch’ Episode 3 Review

Hey! Hallie here! I finally got around to watching the latest episode of ‘The Bad Batch’ and wow. This episode got kind of dark, especially with how cute the storyline between Omega and the other clones was. There isn’t much I can say here without SPOILERS, so here’s your warning for the review ahead. IContinue reading “Disney: ‘The Bad Batch’ Episode 3 Review”

Disney: Why I Prefer Talking About Animated Star Wars

Hey! Hallie here! I’m sure many of you noticed, but since ‘The Bad Batch’ released I’ve been looking towards more Star Wars content to fill the void Marvel is leaving while I wait for the Marvel Disney+ shows to return. This May has actually marked the most I’ve talked about Star Wars on this blog.Continue reading “Disney: Why I Prefer Talking About Animated Star Wars”

Disney: ‘The Bad Batch’ Episode 2 Review

Hey! Hallie here! I just talked about this show when it aired on Star Wars day, but given that episodes for this series will be regularly released on Fridays, they decided to release ANOTHER episode this week to line up with their regular schedule. This episode was satisfying to watch and definitely exciting at parts.Continue reading “Disney: ‘The Bad Batch’ Episode 2 Review”

Disney:’The Bad Batch’ Episode 1 Review

Hey! Hallie here! I’m a pretty huge Star Wars fan and I’m especially obsessed with ‘The Clone Wars’ series. So when this spin off was announced I was extremely excited. I really enjoyed getting introduced to Clone Force 99 in the last season of ‘Clone Wars’, so I definitely wasn’t mad that these characters wouldContinue reading “Disney:’The Bad Batch’ Episode 1 Review”

Disney: Why You Can’t Ruin ‘Star Wars’

Hi! It’s Annie! May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars day everyone! Of course, Star Wars day means that everyone is going to once again talk about their controversial ‘Star Wars’ opinions. These days it really feels like every ‘Star Wars’ opinion is controversial in some way. There’s always something to disagree aboutContinue reading “Disney: Why You Can’t Ruin ‘Star Wars’”

Twins in Media (Round 2):Luke and Leia vs. Jacob and Evie Frye

Hey! Hallie here! We’re back with a bit of a late entry to round two of Twins in Media. This time we’re putting some of our action/adventure twins up against each other. With the field narrowed, that means Luke and Leia from the Star Wars franchise are going to be battling it out against JacobContinue reading “Twins in Media (Round 2):Luke and Leia vs. Jacob and Evie Frye”

Disney: Ahsoka Tano in the Mandalorian

Hi! It’s Annie! I haven’t talked much about Star Wars on this blog yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. I love the Star Wars franchise, but no part of the franchise, with a possible exemption for the Original Trilogy, is as important to me as ‘The Clone Wars’. Before we ever sawContinue reading “Disney: Ahsoka Tano in the Mandalorian”

Superheroes: The Most Frustrating Female Representation

Hi! It’s Annie! I know this also isn’t a Christmas post, but I promise I’ll get back to those soon! My sister and I have recently been talking about female representation specifically because of a really good episode of ‘Inside Pixar’ on Disney + where a woman received an award for coming up with algorithmContinue reading “Superheroes: The Most Frustrating Female Representation”